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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Is Capital F 'Freedom' of Choice Obtainable in Our Society

~ To buy the dark blue, light blue or the red - this is not true freedom

When most people think of a political chart, it is simply a horizontal line from left to right with a vertical line in the middle

And in this simplistic chart, the left represents the Democrats with more extreme elements of liberalism as you move more leftward while Republicans are to the right and radical elements of that party in the right-side direction..

The center of course being 'centrist' or moderate
It is extremely inaccurate for many reasons but mostly because it makes the assumption that America is a free society with very minimal controls or restrictions

The US like every other government on Earth is actually quite constrictive to the Individual spirit and soul but because it is a bit freer than other nations, it appears to be capital-F 'Free'

It is not.

Below is a much more accurate and detailed political compass chart so let's take some time to look at it:

First thing is to notice that both the concepts of Federal Republic and Federal Democracy are politically on the right side of the chart.

The keyword is 'Federal' as in the Federal government is control of everything and makes all the rules and laws while the people are expected to comply

The vast majority of Democrats and Republicans embrace this which is why election upon election, one President after another and there's no genuine actual Change!
Now the four pieces of excrement Congresswomen who hate America, whites, men, Christians, Jews and everyone else who doesn't look like them would be socialists which is represented in the top left quadrant of the chart

They make a lot of noise and the media give them lots of attention and free airtime but in American political circles, they are extremists because most other Democrats from Pelosi to Schumer are really right of center

They all are wealthy, believe in making as much as humanly possible without limits and paying as little taxes as possible - deep down no different than Republicans.
When the nation was first conceived in the 1780's it was a hybrid of Federal and Traditional Democracy somewhere just north of Tribalism based on the political compass chart.

Then over time it became more Federal and central government controlling

Back in the 1860s when the southern states seceded to form the Confederacy, they were sick of the government control of every aspect of their lives and sought to create a nation in the form of a Confederate republic, located in the bottom right quadrant

Government would have a place in society but the states and really the individual mattered more then a centralized powerful all-encompassing Federal Union with the south's motto being 'Live and let live...'
Many seem to think America is like that today but no, far from it

Government must track and know all your movements at all times; constant surveillance from security cameras on every corner to tracking credit card purchases as they make it impossible for a cash user to survive in this society

The system constantly tinkers in society especially social engineering so the inferiors are made to feel superior and those at the top are shoved to the bottom and to be happy about it if they want to financially survive and be viable hireable employees.
The system is also set up that no everyday Joe or Jane could ever realistically think he/she could become President, much make changes to the status quo

Trump by the way was no outsider..  No billionaire can be..

And the fact that he had business dealings and moved in the same social circles as just about every politician and insider in Washington for many years before running for office attests that Trump was no everyday man

Even Lincoln was no commoner - he was an attorney who served in the US Congress, then lost the bid for Senator of Illinois in 1856 then worked and built a reputation within the then fledgling Republican Party..
So America is a nation where pretty much you gain power and control through a political blood line and that is as far from true democracy and freedom as one can get on the chart and in reality

If A&G was to assign ourselves a position on this chart, it would be Confederate Republic close to the border of Tribal Confederacy (bottom right quadrant) since we believe in the balance between very limited government intrusion while still retaining a useful function and maximum individuality

No wonder Republicans aggravate us as much as Democrats
So while you have entities who want to take this nation toward the top or bottom left or top right based on the chart, few to none want to direct this nation to become truly freer with the most minimal government possible

Which is why most people are slaves to the system - because freedom and liberty does not come from consumption or possessions or the ability to travel anywhere in the world (which of course one can only do when getting a government issued passport subject to background check and approval by said government so your global footprint can be tracked/monitored)

Freedom and liberty is having true pro choice (not the BS of aborting human life) and not be worried that the decisions one makes will have financial or criminal penalties associated or other societal punishments

We're not there yet..  Not by a long shot, thus we are not Free in reality; only in mere illusion.