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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Is it Too Late For Us To Run for 2020 GOP Nomination?

So at one point this afternoon during a lull, we watched the President speak to the media and answer questions for a few minutes before boarding Air Force One

One thought kept rolling through our minds as we listened..

We voted for this fuckin' guy??!!
It was absolutely brutal..  We think Trump said the complete bullshit fake hyphenated term 'Afr-Am' at least 40 times in 15 minutes to describe those people

You know there was a time back in the 1950s and 60s where they Demanded they be called 'black' as a term of respect and dignity..  not 'nigger', not 'negro', not 'colored'...

Black..  as in 'Black is Beautiful and 'I'm black and I'm proud..'

Now they convinced every ignorant imbecile, black and white to call them that fucking patronizing term 'Af-Am' (can't even stomach typing it)

Trump says it..Fox News uses it..  Absolutely disgusting..
So there was that..

Also Trump talked about the economy and was mad at the Fed because they were raising interest rates and not doing more quantitative easing

For those who don't know, remember or understand, QE was a policy enacted by the Fed during the Obama Presidency where around $75 to $100 Billion a month was pumped directly into the stock market to inflate the values of the stocks and make the rich richer

This cost the taxpayers over $1 Trillion a year because what was spent became part of the National Debt
In other words when the National Debt grew by $9 Trillion under Obama, it wasn't he spending $9 Trillion on social services or what not; 50% of that added on debt came from the God-Damn Federal Reserve

And we're watching this guy express in 15 minutes the exact Opposite of what we expected from him and why we voted Trump in 2016

It sure as shit was not to help blacks economically

Right now they have the lowest unemployment rate in the history of the Bureau of Labor Statistics keeping stats and those damn people don't appreciate it - worthless as can be, they still vote lockstep Democrat like the slave mentalities they still possess 150+ years after emancipation
And in the process Trump continually ignores and disrespects the voting bloc that got him elected.. White Males with high school diplomas and two year degrees...

We also did not vote for Trump to do everything humanly possible to make the stock market as large a fake financial bubble as he can

All bubbles go Pop!   Every single one.. 

This will too and everyone who is not extremely wealthy will suffer for it - suffer if government does nothing and suffer if it's proactive because in the case another 2008, it would mean more funding of banks and wealthy individuals and more trillions pissed away so everyday people can know their hundreds in their checking accounts is secure
Politics is so Frustrating..

Every 4 years a bunch of absolutely worthless bitches and bastards throw their hat in the ring, and we're forced to pick the lesser of the garbage in the hopes we're not duped

When we hear Trump speak, we have absolutely no idea why those fucker Democrats hate him so much..

He is Them!

Oh they will never admit it.. Evil, rotten fake American maggot people which liberals are never ever concede anything
But Trump socially is liberal because no genuine conservative would waste a second of time or thought worrying on blacks in poverty especially when as a group, they vote liberal at a 95% rate on average per election

One of the reasons we and so many others voted for Trump was so he'd basically tell those people 'Look. the gravy train is over!  No affirmative action.. no special benefits.. no more handouts.. Learn to survive on your own, damn you!'


Guess that was too much fantasy
Aggravation.. Aggravation..

Wasn't that the purpose of electing Trump - to stop feeling the endless tension felt when that lil chocolate monkey Obama was bouncing up n down in the White House tossing his football?

Is it too late to run for the GOP nod in 2020?