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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Is Trump a Modern James Buchanan?

When historians are asked who was the worst President in US history, by and large the consensus is one individual..

And it's not Nixon

It is our 15th President, James Buchanan (1857 - 1861)
Why is that?   Well, glad you asked..

The reason he is so attacked by historians is because it was clearly apparent by the early part of his one term in office that the south was tired of the north and wanted to leave badly

The political air was toxic from both sides and Buchanan did nothing either to put his foot down that secession would not be tolerated or to tell northerners to back off their constant abolition harping

Buchanan basically sat and did nothing
Maybe if Buchanan had acted like a real President; a man, he would have put the south down before the conflict turned to bloodshed much like Andrew Jackson did when South Carolina threatened secession in the 1830s

Or maybe Buchanan could have led the way to get Congress to pass a law protecting slavery especially in western territories under the Missouri Compromise line to the Pacific Ocean

But he did nothing even though it was clearly known by all that something was going to happen but the only real unknown was the powder keg
And this long introduction ties in to Trump who is becoming in our eyes another James Buchanan because he absolutely Refuses to deal with liberals as the danger which they are to the stability and prosperity of this nation

It is all a game to the President and he sees them, especially those minority bottomfeeder cunt Congresswomen as mere noise to use to rally his base just enough to re-elect him in 2020

Except liberals today are not like any time in recent history

Maybe there is some connection to the radical liberal socialist hippie and Black 'power' scum of the 1960s, who also should have been violently put down but were not because Nixon was really an insecure coward who cared too much of legacy which as we know now is very ironic..
The political far left is not focused merely on elections - they want dramatic change that society is really ill-prepared for if their schemes become a reality

They really want an upside down world where blacks and every other non-Caucasian group is in charge of the nation and whites at the bottom where to them, they belong

Sorta like a 100% real version of Planet of the Apes
And remember this point because it is so important - social progressives Never Stop...

Never Ever Ever..

Constant change.. Constant tinkering and meddling in all aspects of society always because to stop altering the lives of others is akin to cutting off their air supply

These evil monsters i.e. those on the left have been dramatically altering society for the worse for over 50 years but did it very slow and incremental
Look at the definition of 'family' over that time as an example - used to be for thousands upon thousands of years that 'family was a heterosexual two parent home with a mother and father, both of same race and religious views

Then the definition altered where one parent taking care of kids was 'family' followed by a white and colored couple with caramel colored children, followed by different race and ethnicity and religious mixes

So many Jewish people now inter-faith marry because of self-hate and loathing for who they are that most offspring have absolutely no clue they're half- Jewish (if the mother is Jewish, the child is 100% Jewish no matter how much they deny it)

So sad - those people survived so much persecution and their ultimate destruction will be inter-faith family
Then family became same sex couples and the absolute bullshit which is gay marriage, the ultimate middle-finger 'Fuck You' to organized religion and those of strong faith followed by tranny couples raising kids

One day 'family' will probably include adults and children or adults and Great Danes cohabitating in bed..  Nothing would surprise us where the liberals are concerned

And Trump does Nothing..  Not a fucking thing to stop any of this

Maybe he'll tweet something meaningless or say something in a rally like he did with the NFL but never backs it up
In the case of the NFL, the barnyard animal players along with white cuck compatriots still kneel at the national anthem and the league is wealthier thanks to Trump assisting the NFL with them showing games in Canada as part of the larger new trade deal with them and Mexico

Such a bullshitter sometimes..   We barely stomach it from liberals..

Why should we tolerate it from someone who is supposed to be on our side?

We believe this danger from the left will ultimately come to a head and be properly dealt with but certainly not with this President
Everyone just hides from it.. too politically scary to address

To deal with the danger from the far left, its not about going after individuals and certainly not anything involving 1 on 1 violence..  never ever

It is about the government and conservative leaders getting some guts and passing laws to greatly restrict the power of the social progressives to keep contaminating this society

And it is about us as everyday people to fight back as much as possible both with our wallets/purses and to verbally confront, debate and if need be shout out the enemy to make them feel as tense as they make us
Liberals are truly an Enemy of the State in so many ways, we barely could scratch the surface here

Best understand this and fight for your right to exist and to raise your family on your own terms because on this, no one in Washington or your state capitol is fighting for you