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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Two Front War - Fighting The Good Fight & Burnout

You may (or may not) have noticed that we don't post as often as we had in the past

If up to us, we'd continue to write every single weekday but we have one hard fast unbreakable rule: We don't write simply to write

And honestly.. What is there in the news to write about?
Can't write about all the scum vying to be the putrid rat who will represent the Democrat nominee next year

Everything they say is a complete lie, its still another 6 months until the first primary in New Hampshire and for all the absolute bullshit they sling at one another, everyone knows all the losers will fall in line behind the winner and passionately support him (please Lord, don't have it be a her) vs Trump

We could write about some super wealthy guy we never heard of before yesterday who had sex with girls under 18 but really, so what?
It doesn't impact everyday people in any way and besides, while it would be disgusting if he had sex with someone under say 16 years old, if it was with girls around 16-17, then really what's the big deal?

For most of human history from Biblical times to just a century ago, it was both normal and legal for teens to have sex or marry and start families..  Now its horrifying and disgusting

Yet two gay man sucking and swallowing each other off or Bruce Jenner turning himself into a woman so he can attract men to fuck his anus isn't?!

Go figure..

Damn right we're blunt..  Who else is going to be telling the 'Emperor' he has no clothes on?
The women's World Cup (thank goodness its over) was one of the most absolutely unimportant, meaningless, completely inconsequential events the press has covered since... well, the last women's World Cup

But they're women and dykes (mostly) and hate Trump so... you know

We covered it only to show why others made a big deal of it but trust us, we see Arena Football as more valid a sport and far more newsworthy then lesbians kicking a soccer ball for 90 minutes
What else is there to write about of any importance?

In terms of news, really nothing.

We do try as hard as we can to get it through the noggins of our readers how important it is to embrace and/or fiercely protect your Individuality, to stop looking at life through a collectivist prism and question Everything

But we can't write on this daily - we hope it would sink in by now

More importantly we would assume those who read daily and agree with us would spread the word and help to wake up others
The economy may have dramatically improved over the last 3 years thanks to Trump but its still a deeply rotten cesspool of a nation; morally and ethically bankrupt thanks to the combination of liberal social progressives dominating both pop culture and the educational system while Conservatives including Trump do Nothing to combat it..

But once again, how often can we keep writing on something which should be so obvious

Progressives never stop..  Ever and we mean EVER!
They are a cancer.. A tumor - they keep eating the host and eating and eating away until there is nothing left; always change for change sake and no amount of compromise or accommodating will satisfy this nation's political-social virus

Makes one want to just stop - give up.. quit.. 

Let the rottenest rot of this nation just indoctrinate the populace, especially the young with liberal social progressive, PC poison

But we will not...

We Can Not..
There is absolutely nowhere else in the entirety of this vast commercialized Internet which will speak in blunt unvarnished truth about where we are and where things are going

And regardless of which political party is in power, we're still travelling down the spiritual and moral garbage chute.

So we may not write as often for the time being but we're not going anywhere - gotta keep fighting the good fight and hope you spread the word about here to others so they wake up as well..

And when something of genuine importance occurs, we'll be right on top of it as always..