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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

True Individuality Starts With Fighting PC

For today's post, yours truly is going to address language, word choice, political correctness and fascist control of the Individual and greater society

But to do so, I'm going to start with a true story from a few weeks ago that for the most part has nothing to do with that..

Don't worry.. it will make sense
So I am at the skin doctor's office to have something checked and while in the waiting room, I observe a mildly obese woman who looks really worn out - she appears short of breath, sweating, etc

It was a hot day and the doctor's office really wasn't much cooler so she is trying to get circulation by loosening her top, taking off her watch and eventually she takes off her shoes

Now this doctor's office for some really fucked up reason had security cameras in the waiting room so I guess they saw her doing this, and a guy comes out to tell her she must put her shoes back on without caring why she did it
Most would comply..  She didn't

She then took off her socks, walked around the office barefoot, didn't care that others in the waiting room were appalled, and when the guy came out again, she said loudly 'Go Fuck Yourself!' and left with shoes and socks in hand

I had such a deep admiration for this woman.
People generally think they are free spirits with individual will but really they're not..

With enough pressure both from peers and external forces, they will acquiesce to anything

I see this time and time again when it comes to the political correctness of language which has suffocated this society for now three decades
There is a specific reason we at A&G use very inflammatory and sometimes hurtful language when communicating here and it is for the same reason that woman took off her socks and walked barefoot around that office

Terms like 'black' and 'Indian' and 'midget' are perfectly acceptable language - been used for decades, and when certain people or groups demand what is unreasonable and unnecessary i.e. language that makes them feel exceptional or superior to others, well..  we go the other way..

Group identity names are like nicknames..  You don't get to pick them
Now if someone says something bothersome, a person has the right to say he/she doesn't wish to be called that and if the other refuses, one simply does not ever interact with that other again

Otherwise the person does not get to decide what they're called

A couple decades ago saw the creation of hyphenated names for the purposes of standing out as better than others and/or to celebrate where one's ancestry came from as being superior and more important than being American

And white guilt/shame liberals encouraged this to become the norm
I am not that way and thankfully neither is anyone else who contributes to A&G so we don't use that phony, patronizing language

It's actually disrespectful to use those pretend terms though for those who desperately cling to group identity to feel better about themselves, they aren't all that worthy of respect.

Interesting little story on hyphenated words, specifically American Indians vs what some want to be called now..
Indian activist Russell Means had done an interview in Penthouse Magazine back in the 1990s and the white guilt/game interviewer asked him about his thoughts on being called 'Indian' and how offensive it must be

Means corrected him instantly saying he was very proud to be called Indian because it is a derivation of "Indios" which means 'children of God' and there was no more beautiful term to be called then a child of God

How many absolutely Worthless politically correct liberals or even Indians know and understand this?!
In terms of the word 'black'. back in the 1960s they fought very passionately in speech and in violence to be called 'black' rather than colored, negro or Nigger


So why magically in the early 1990s was 'black' now considered racist?  And why did white America allow those people to invent a new term for themselves?

The fear whites have of offending blacks is absolutely sickening!
I read last night that Nike had planned on releasing a special sneaker commemorating the 4th of July with the original US flag, the one sewn by Betsy Ross

But that monkey Colin Kaepernick said the US flag is racist and since they pay that bastard a lot of money to help sell their products to urban black kids who really can't afford it on a welfare check, Nike being the PC cowards they are, pulled it

That's 100% true..

So the barnyard animals have taken over the Animal Farm and have more power and control then you even realize
The most incredulous example of language control is the word 'Nigger'..  Whites can't say it but blacks can and of course liberal whites mock other whites who get upset by it

Everything is a slippery slope in life..  everything

It's not that Nigger is such a wonderful word or necessary to say but once control is ceded where one group of people get to decide what can and can not be said and by who and in what circumstances, then you have fascism and thought control.

Blows my mind how few people understand this..
Maybe its because people are just so used to conforming and fitting it and not being targeted that its a knee jerk reaction to obey

Working is a good operant conditioning for this -  you must come to work at this specific time and sit at this cubicle on that chair and can not have drinks at your desk and must park in this designated spot and can only smoke or eat lunch at this set time and must wear a red polo shirt and beige slacks and.. On and On and On...

So how is it different really to an average person's brain when some 'authority' says you must call blacks 'Af-Am' and show them deference and exaggerated respect and must celebrate gay 'pride' and embrace inclusivity and midgets are 'little people' and Indians are 'native'...
It is so very tiring to fight it all..  I get it

But that's exactly why you must because political correctness and social progressivism Never stops..  It needs constant social engineering to survive and continue to give fake power to secondary people

I will never use political correct terminology ever..  Not in public, not in private and certainly not in the contributions written for A&G

There has to come a point when people as groups and individuals toughen the Fuck up and embrace the motto taught in Kindergarden:

"Stick n' Stones may break my bones but words will Never hurt me!"