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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

United We Fall.. Divided We Stand

Is America a divided nation?

Of course..

Here's the more important question - have we ever not been?

Nope..  Never..

And we mean Never Ever..
We were divided five years ago.. twenty-five years ago.. sixty years ago.. as back as the inception of this nation

But how can we say that, you exclaim...  What about 9/11

No, we were not united.. only told to be

Also were told that Muslims were good people (No) and that Islam is a beautiful religion of peace and love (coughs 'Bullshit')
If we were a united nation, why did authorities openly say they'd go after anyone who sought revenge for the attacks?

Also there were some who believed that America was not victim but rather it was cause/effect for decades of Middle East policy and our relationship with Israel

We don't agree but others felt it strongly and that's not an example of a united nation is it
What about the Apollo 11 mission.. That was a united nation feeling pride in such a wonderful accomplishment, yes?

No..   There were some (mostly radical colored people trying to emulate Dr King) who actually staged picketed protests at Cape Canaveral back in 1969 because they were angry so much money was being spent on space exploration and not on their needs

A lot of people back then were against the space program on the whole because they wanted the money to be used to fight liberal-socialist issues and not to boost American confidence in what they saw as a needless space race
OK, you say..  Pearl Harbor everyone was united right?

No..  not at all

After Pearl Harbor, half the nation that really wanted nothing to do with WWII saw themselves forced to agree with the other half who were hungry to fight based on the attack on a naval base on a US owned territory..

Those who hated the idea of war were peer pressure forced to keep their mouths quiet but no, there was no sincere uniting of the populace
Even Lincoln did not truly unite the nation unless by 'unite' you mean by military force

You know, at the barrel of a gun or cannon or through starvation of local southern populace so we'd all be geographically as one like a forced shotgun marriage where one says to the other 'I will maim you rather than let you go' then brainwash a people over generations how to look at 'nation' and blacks their way..

Lincoln was a real piece of shit..

Historical example after example
The fact that we have election after election and no matter how good or bad a President is, half those who bother to vote choose the opponent shows that no one agrees on anything or sees the nation the same

Some people truly love this nation; others deeply despise it and want it destroyed from within

Some put the needs of the nation before their own and others put their identity politics bloc first

Amazes us that any President, Dem or Rep would even bother to try to unite and its so painful to the ear and brain to hear someone say its their goal
If yours truly was President, my policy goal would be to do everything possible to please my voting base and make their lives better; the ones who got me into office and the political opposition could basically fuck themselves

No compromises.. No concessions.. No polite discourse..

Any groups of people who voted for me, I'd work hard to make their lives better..  Groups that attacked me and voted lockstep with the opposition, well to paraphrase Marie Antoinette, let them eat 6 week old rancid cake!
Absolutely no idea why Trump does not deal with fake American liberals this way..

They're going to hate him and wish him dead no matter what so why try to be nice and respectful or release passive-aggressive tweets?

Just go all the way and express what liberals are.. despicable.

So if you ever hear someone say we're a divided nation as if there was a time we were One and basically implying Trump is the reason for the discord, just laugh at them or spit on them or ignore altogether.

Isn't it wonderful how America is a nation of choices?