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Monday, July 8, 2019

US Women Win World Cup.. SO the F WHAT!

~ More empty seats at the Women's World Cup then people..

As the headline states a collection of (mostly) dyke women representing the US but refusing to visit the White House because Trump is President, won the World Cup

And every liberal news source from coast to coast is trumpeting this as some kind of big deal and game changer when it comes to how Americans see women's sports, gender pay equality and every other social progressive identity politics issue these God Damn liberals can think of

Truth is the vast majority of people absolutely positively do not give a shit for a few reasons:

1)  It's soccer

2)  It's women playing soccer
That's the unvarnished truth that no one seems to want to report

They mention it set attendance records in France?

Did it?

According to the Washington Post back on June 11th in an article entitled "Empty seats are on full display at the World Cup, and fingers are pointed at FIFA" it was written:
"Back on May 7, exactly one month before the Women’s World Cup kicked off in France, FIFA’s official Twitter feed for the tournament made it seem as if tickets for the event were going fast, announcing that “you can still buy tickets for a few matches.”

But the FIFA President seemed to contradict that tweet last week, announcing that only “20 matches or so” of the 52 matches had sold out. 

And on Tuesday, after five days of visuals showing chunks of empty seats at nearly every stadium used thus far in the tournament, world soccer’s governing body revised that number down even further, saying in a news release that tickets were no longer available for only 14 remaining matches."
If Europeans don't give a fuck about women's soccer and that continent absolutely Loves that sport then how can anyone believe for a moment that Americans were/are excited about seeing some repulsive butch lesbians playing it!

Never in our lives have we seen such a meaningless, inconsequential sporting event overhyped to such an extreme as this

The media keeps mentioning its the most watched women's World Cup ever as if its dominating the ratings and American viewers are glued

On average, Nielsen ratings show it is getting 0.9 nationally which is about 3 million people in a population of +320 million Americans

For perspective, even with NFL's ratings in decline last year, on average 25.3 million people watched every Sunday

Why the constant empty hype?  Simple, because it connects to identity politics that is all liberals care about

Overall Americans do not care about women's sports and nor should they - it is an inferior product compared to athletics played at the men's level

The only exception to this we concede is professional tennis
There is a reason there is no professional women's soccer league in this country that has survived more than 5 years much like there is a reason there is no professional women's baseball league

So many other entertainment options out there.. who wants to waste their time watching women try to put off being worthwhile members of society i.e. wives and mothers so they can keep playing children's games as long as possible

And as written before, the only reason the WNBA exists is because it is bankrolled by the NBA who willingly loses millions of dollars annually in the hopes a league of black dyke amazons will draw enough female viewers to watch the Real version of the sport.

The NBA's commissioner Adam Silver stated last October they lose on average $10 million a year over the last two decades keeping the WNBA afloat
Unlike in high school and college where schools are Forced to provide women athletic opportunities even though absolutely no one care about them and it loses a ton of money, in professional sports the marketplace makes the ultimate determination

In the case of the women's World Cup, it is a harmless diversion during the dead of summer in a non election year and will be quickly forgotten by everyone by mid week

Just so glad that completely Worthless non-event is over..
Tired of seeing masculine lesbians get so much constant attention and their deviance glorified while young impressionable girls watch and think that's the norm for women or something to strive to be

Tired of rotten female sports journalists using this non-event to push their pathetic feminist agendas;  Women only deserve equal pay to men when their labors are equally profitable to men

Tired of watching people pretend that something matters that does not actually
Americans should not feel any pride with this team of bitches but rather embarrassment and shame

The last time a group of female athletes acted so crass and classless was the USA Olympic softball team whose act was so repulsive, the IOC decided for a decade or so to stop having women's softball as a medal event so the US women wouldn't degrade the Olympics with their arrogant spectacles

And we see how much or little Americans give a shit about softball in that there's no professional league..

And never will be.

Just something about the world.. it just gets Worse and Worse all the time socio-culturally and nothing anyone can to to turn the tide back to how it was and should still be.