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Friday, July 5, 2019

What Would 2nd Civil War Look Like? It'd End Quick & We'd Lose

I was reading an article yesterday where the topic was what would a modern Civil War look like if fought in 2019

Now while it was based on the premise of North v South and quite honestly was quite silly and boring a read, it did make me think what would it look like today if the Civil War was between Democrat and Republican

First thing I realized is the good guys n' gals i.e. the Conservatives would lose badly because we as a political group have shown no fight or passion in the last 4-5 decades to combat the social-intellectual progressive poison which began with the 1960s hippies

Think of all that decent, moral God-fearing people have lost since the 1960s
Women can have abortions whenever they want for any reason or no reason at all; can have it once.. twice.. twenty times if she wishes.. Can dispose of a human life like it was a bowel movement and the cunt can say 'My body, my choice'..

She also has the pill so for those who believe life starts with the sperm hitting egg, she can extinguish that as well..

Homosexuals can adopt and raise children and pretend to be married (just because the law says its so, does not mean it is) and push their repugnant sexual deviance into every facet of mainstream society and the classroom to indoctrinate children - not a damn thing can be done to stop them
Blacks are allowed to pomp and prance like power peacocks continually playing their fucking race card which makes all Caucasians shudder and pee on themselves as those other people take more and more power and control

Islam in America is promoted continually as a beautiful religion of peace and love when it is really a barbaric bestial fake religion; a cult faith of deeply backward people who still act and dress as if it was the year 1019 while Christian society is scared shitless to confront the scourge

So Conservatives all these decades did Nothing and we mean NOTHING to fight social progressivism, political correctness and the complete takeover of the worst aspects of humanity
Thus if there was a true Civil War, we'd probably all surrender in a matter of days

If we as a political group are scared to death to fight the Fake Americans with words and deeds, why would we suddenly find courage and strength in war

We all are so damned lost..  Can't see the forest for the trees

As for myself, I made the decision a few years back I simply could not stomach liberals.. family, friends, romantic relationships, work colleagues...   Didn't matter

As soon as any of them opened their mouths to speak politics, especially on Trump, I wanted to spit on them in mid-sentence
Its one thing to have to listen to a completely worthless liberal idiot spout CNN & MSNBC talking points as if there's a spoonful of brains between their ears but to hear the propaganda regurgitation of lies uttered so smugly..

How can one not want to severely hit a liberal across the face?

So had to cut a lot of ties but really no regrets.. Who wants to surround themselves with trash

Wish others had the guts to do it as well but that's an individual decision that each has to ultimately get to on their own...
I know if there was an actual Civil War, it would be a total mess and everyone would be affected

It is nice however to daydream a scenario where the good guys win and we punish Democrats the way the Union punished the South during Reconstruction and destroy their financial lives the same

That is a pleasant thought.

It is amazing how few on our side see the threat from the left to completely destroy this nation from within using elections and its laws much the way Hitler did when he came to power in Germany

Our side just doesn't care
Nike pulls shoes with the American flag on them to honor the 4th of July because that insipid monkey Colin Kaepernick is offended and our response is we're going to boycott Nike

Yeah right..

Like how we boycotted the NFL?   They sure caved didn't they
Colored people.. now they know how to boycott..

The slightest pretend offense and they get swamp rats like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson out and send mass emails to all the colored and white-guilt and shame liberal members to converge for protests and sit-ins and marches and demonstrations

Conservatives.. We vent under our breath and allow the barnyard animals to continually take more and more power from us

There will never be another Civil War so don't worry..

We're too impotent and they're so successful, they are quite content keeping their continual winning streak alive through non violent means like passing laws, the media and entertainment industry.

Maybe one day we'll wake up..   Doubt it but.. Who knows..