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Monday, July 22, 2019

What's worse.. Fake News or Fake President

If there's one thing we here at A&G hate most, even more than political correctness, social progressivism, identity politics and collectivism its this...


We don't mean fake as a throwaway term like 'fake news' but rather on a human level i.e. insincerity, phoniness, disingenuousness, friendly for a strategic purpose i.e. networking, politics...

It's probably the one area we continually criticize Trump since policy wise we're in practical agreement with his positions

But his absolute fakeness is so jarring and constant, it is so hard for us to ignore
Everyone who agrees with him is a 'good friend' until he/she doesn't and then he attacks them like a child would until that person comes around and is a special person again

And people he attacks are often people he deep down likes

We first noticed it when throughout his 2016 campaign into the present he keeps stating especially among his supporters at rallies that Hillary Clinton needs to be locked up for all her illegalities from Sec. of State to candidate

Which of course she does though putting a closet dyke in a white collar women's prison isn't much of a punishment
But right after he was elected, he did a TV interview on '60 Minutes' and when asked, Trump stated he would not pursue criminal charges because he wanted the nation to come together..

So which is it.. Lock the lesbian up or allow the wife of his dear friend and former golfing buddy Bill Clinton to get a pass?

Can't have it both ways..

Of course Trump sure does try - no sincere desire to punish Hillary yet get the loyal base into an excited tizzy at the possibility that its soon coming
Then there's his constant defense of that rotten bitch Nancy Pelosi

The same woman who denied him the opportunity to go to Congress to give his State of the Union, delaying by two weeks until Trump gave in to her and ended the government shutdown

The same woman who on the House floor declared Trump a racist and had to be reprimanded when she would not take back her comments or apologize, and who has publicly come to the defense of the four ultra-liberal cunt Congresswomen for attacking America

The same woman leading the fight to prevent Trump from passing any legislation dealing with the illegals at the border, an infrastructure bill, dealing with medical coverage, etc
This evil, despicable rancid woman Trump constantly comes to the defense of

We don't care why he does it..   It should not be done

Trump probably deep down likes the ugly woman..

He sure has liked Democrats in the past - enough to have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrat candidates and causes in the early 2000's
We found the following in a 2015 article on

"Topping the flamboyant former TV celebrity’s roster of Democratic benefactors is scandal-plagued New York U.S. Rep. Charlie Rangel. Records show the Harlem-based Democrat has received $26,250 in Trump cash since 1989. Trump Jr., has given heavily to Rangel as well.

New York Sens. Kristen Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer have received $7,950 and $7,900, respectively, in Trump money. And two liberal lions, former Massachusetts Sens. John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, received $5,500 and $5,000.

Trump also arguably helped enable Obamacare — albeit before the health law was a twinkle in any liberal’s eye. Trump supported two of its most ardent supporters in Reid and New York U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner. 
He donated $7,400 to the Nevada Democrat. Among those contributions is $2,400 Trump gave Reid ahead of his contentious 2010 run against Sharron Angle, a tea party favorite.

Trump also gave $4,300 to Weiner, a dogged supporter of Obamacare who was forced to resign his seat following a sexting scandal."

Weiner was married to Hillary's lesbian lover and 24/7 "personal assistant" Huma Abedin

Trump also donated often to Hillary Clinton and other Clinton family endeavors. giving the bitch more than $4,100 in 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2007, records show.
Trump Jr. gave the former first lady $6,100 in 2006 and 2007.
Those donations pale in comparison to other support Trump has given the Clinton empire where he gifted the illegal Clinton Foundation at least $100,000, according to the Clinton Foundation website.

Trump’s donations to high-profile Democrats isn’t limited to those on the national stage. Not included in the Center for Responsive Politics’ database is a $50,000 contribution Trump gave in December 2010 to former Bill Clinton and Obama White House official Rahm Emanuel for his successful Chicago mayoral bid.
How the FUCK can any person with any integrity attack entities and people that one donates thousands of dollars to?!

And This right here is why there is so much chaos throughout his Presidency and why liberals are so emboldened

They hate Trump but he does not hate them because he once was one of them and who knows, in a way is still so

Not only does he not hate Democrats but feels overall very positive toward them as people which in running a nation, is the kiss of death
We do not accept that to be a President you have to be a phony, untrustworthy fake fuck bastard - we didn't accept it from Clinton, Bush Jr or Obama..

Why should we accept it from Trump?

We supported the President for many reasons back in 2016 but at its core was the belief the he more than any other Republican nominee would make the lives of Democrats both in Congress and around the nation an absolute living hell
We voted for Trump so he'd put uppity people back in their place, even if just a teeny-weeny bit to show they did not run the country like they were allowed to believe under Obama; we didn't vote for an idiot who keeps referring to those damned people as 'Af-Am..' (we can't stomach typing it)

We wanted a President who did no pandering at all.. Not to blacks, not to women, not to anyone; someone with the mindset that says your success or failure is entirely up to you and stop clinging onto identity crutches like race and gender

We wanted a President that declared gay marriage to be absolute bullshit and would seek to repeal it - not pretend it was OK

We wanted a President to financially cause as much pain to liberal corporate entities like the entertainment industry, Silicon Valley, and corporate media; someone who would take down the advertising industry, professional sports and any other aspect of society that pushed black exceptionalism and superiority over Caucasians
Boy were we wrong

And because the evil Democrats will nominate an identity politics panderer who will try to appeal to the far left as much as possible, it forces people who are not blind Conservatives to get into the Trump camp once again even though he's such a god damn fake phony, it makes the head ache

Maybe politics has always been this way..

Just another reason we deeply admire our 10th President John Tyler
He was strong, resolute, didn't care if you liked him or tried to make the effort, hated his political enemies and crushed the banks in his day (which is enough for him to be Mt Rushmore worthy)

So basically we've had political phonies in the White House since 1845

And the streak continues..