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Friday, July 19, 2019

Why Apollo 11 is So Special and Important

A rare second posting in one day..   Here we go..

Everyone is figuring how to attach special meaning and significance to man landing on the moon as we approach the 50th Anniversary this Saturday

Some have it correct..  most others do not

Every group under the sun wants to claim some part in the event; even saw a YouTube video where Canadians were patting themselves on the back as to their contribution which was even more pathetic than the video we saw earlier of the Brits doing the same

Others figuring out how to attach every social progressive ideology they can scrape from the bottom of a crusted toilet bowl from one-world no border society to the fiction of global warming
So we are going to very briefly summarize why the Apollo 11 landing was so important and special

1)  It demonstrated to the world that America was (as it is now) to be Superior to the rest of the planet

Superior in technology..  Superior in desire..

No other nation on earth had anything to do with our success in reaching the moon..  Not Britain or France or anyone...

They were bystanders and observers to America's awesomeness.
2)  It demonstrated to Americans then as in now what can be achieved when we work together, are unified and stop putting petty political beliefs and deep hatred of this country aside to achieve great things

If NASA and those who worked in the space program in the 1960s had the same loser mindset as the hippies and those black zealots who were disciples of King and Malcolm X, there wouldn't have been a moon landing

They were socialist-communists seeking income redistribution and a society where the inferior ruled over the superior while those who work and seek to achieve greatness are punished while those at the bottom of the intellectual food chain prosper

Basically what we see from the left from Obama's Presidency to the present

NASA and the space program on the whole was about achieving the impossible and making dreams realities through hard work, dedication and a financial commitment necessary to succeed.
3)  Lastly, the moon landing was so important because it was the very first baby step in what will ultimately be the fate of people on Earth i.e. colonization of another planet(s) to keep the human race from extinction

This ultimately is many centuries away but there will come a time through necessity or as part of a global business model, where people will be able to travel to far off destinations through the cosmos as we travel from LA to NYC or Miami without a moment's concern

And whatever knowledge and technology makes that future a reality will have its origin from the space program in the 60's and specifically the moon landing...
Everything else is one injecting their social, political and cultural perspective biases into an event based on little to nothing actually real

So we celebrate the event with all the respect and admiration those astronauts deserve and look forward to seeing the US go back there again

Hopefully it will not be a multi-cultural and multi-national enterprise and that it occurs during a second Trump term in office..