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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Are We Currently Headed for Recession? In a Word, No..

Today being the last post before the end of the Labor Day weekend, we thought we'd take a couple moments to talk about the economy..

Specifically, all the fear mongering by the leftist media about impending recession, economic doom and all the other economic realities they ignored while their piece of feces Obama was in office..

So let's start with a simple question..

Is the nation heading into a recession?

Answer:  No
Officially a recession is defined as two successive quarters of negative growth and the end of a recession typically is two quarters of positive growth (a 'quarter' is a period of three months; Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, etc..)

2Q for 2019 had the US GDP at +2.1% growth so in order for there to be a recession, there would have to be negative growth for this quarter ending on Sept 30th and the last quarter ending Dec 31st..

Next question:  Is the economy slowing?

Possibly..   Possibly not..
A lot of Trump's economic success is due to him putting all his faith and chips on a soulless greed-encouraging stock market and sociopathic traders and capital-I Investors to keep pushing the market up to infinity and beyond, to borrow from Buzz Lightyear

In simple terms, Trump economic success is based on an economic bubble created and artificially manipulated since that black bastard Obama was in office because he didn't actually want to fix any of the problems that caused the 2008 crash

But all bubbles break, and the larger the bubble, the harder the 'pop' and the more everyone feels its effects..

So the economy could be slowing..  Or it could be a summertime lull.. 
Next question..  Will there be an economic crash once more between now and the election?

We believe so..  Quite surprised it hasn't happened yet

Absolutely nothing was learned by the last one and except for Bernie Madoff who really was a small potato, no one on Wall Street got sincerely punished, and the 1% and everyday folk alike are still greedy as hell and house flipping and daytrading and doing the same things as before to make a quick buck

Crashes are unpredictable, they don't take much to start investor and trader panic and they're hard to control once in free fall..
Honestly, we expect one to occur next autumn right before election in a similar manner than was done in 2008 which was no accident in terms of timing and give credit to despicable liberals in media if/when it happens who want millions to suffer bad if it means their fucking guy/gal wins, whoever that rotten Democrat ends up being

The financial powers behind the scenes wanted Obama to win because he's a globalist who believe in a one-world new order which is the ultimate goal of economic chaos- take away confidence in US dollar as reserve currency and push the world into one-currency cashless society

So if there's any realistic chance that Trump has of winning in 2020, they will tank the market again next early-mid September

Of course things can happen that are even beyond the reach of national and global financiers but our prediction stands.. if there's another crash, it will occur in 12 months right around the GOP convention as before..
So in summary, the economy is very good overall, certainly better than that Democrat prick who served before Trump

But economics like markets and weather is not constant.. It changes quick and often unexpected, though sometimes its with the underhanded dealings of power-mad liberals craving an election win

But for now just relax, drink beer and get a good tan..

Plenty of time in the future for tension.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

So Much 'News' and Only One Thing Lately That Was 'Newsworthy'

~ Isn't adulterous lesbian love just um, 'lovely'..

Everyday people are bombarded with 'news'..

On politics, finance, social issues, sports, entertainment, etc...

Ever notice how very little of it is actually newsworthy?

For instance the President has been in France for the G-7 for the past couple days, met and talked with various world leaders and agreed to a trade deal with Japan which is nice but really 99.9% have no clue what the specifics of the deal are or how everyday Americans benefit..

As if any deal ever benefits everyday people
But what about this G-7 is newsworthy?

Trump might ultimately meet with Iran with a sit-down talk..  Uh huh..  And we at A&G might have Secret Santa at this year's office Christmas party

Or we may not, just like Trump may not have that meeting

All conjecture and possibly-maybe, probably not..
Absolutely nothing newsworthy about the G-7 just like most things the putrid liberal media cover involving the President

Now they will still report then decide for you how to think/feel and manufacture 'news' to keep the eyeballs of Trump haters and lovers alike glued in long enough to see the ads for erectile dysfunction and flatulence...

Newsworthy.. nah..

The only thing that has happened in the 'news' in the last week or so that we find interesting in terms of a social-cultural bigger picture is white gutter trash (to make the distinction from black gutter trash) Miley Cyrus leaving her husband actor Liam Hemsworth to basically dyke it up with another woman
Yes- This was newsworthy and fascinating for many reasons:

1)  Few to no one cares

This shows how far far down the moral cesspool society has fallen more than anything else

Used to be a time it was a scandal for a person in a marriage to engage in an extramarital affair, breaking a covenant made with God to basically stick with one's spouse through good and bad, etc as long as both shall live

Plus isn't adultery still one of the 10 Commandments or did the secular progressives replace it with 'That shalt not make moral judgments about immoral people and acts'

Now its a shrug..
Of course up until recently a woman leaving her spouse for another woman or man for another man was vomit inducing and absolutely disgusting

Now its also a big shrug

One day a woman will leave her husband to fall into the arms of a minor or a Great Dane and society will also shrug - SP tolerance has no boundaries
2)  Miley Cyrus is somehow still newsworthy

We thought she was a revolting creature when she pretended to be wholesome on her Disney show as a teen.  It was based on her piece of shit trailer trash father Billy Ray, bless his backwoods Achy Breaky Heart

Then Miley decided to change her image, cover her small titted pretzel stick body in tattoos, stick her penis loving tongue out for photos and 'twerk' anyone within distance of her chicken ass

The youth loved it and she profited handsomely off it, laughing her way to immense wealth and continued fame
But we thought that was over with

Nope..  Career hungry cunts do not leave the spotlight quietly; attention is their oxygen

And when an egotistical career-focused pot smoking bitch is scared that settling down and starting a family i.e. doing what a woman is ultimately Supposed to be doing, will kill her career and make her boring, something snaps

Inside a kidney stone-sized mind, she freaks and the only thing to do is publicly make out with another woman for tabloids to photograph
3)  Her soon to be ex-husband is mad about many things.. Leaving him for another woman is not one of them

Can not think of a single thing more emasculating for a male than to see someone he loves and adores leave him to run into the arms of a fellow twat so she can fuck and find love in the arms of another female to satisfy her needs as he couldnt

And we thought a white woman leaving her white husband to mate with a colored man was horrible..  Jeez..

And this absolute weakling loser who is not half the actor or man of his more famous brother Chris Hemsworth (Thor) is not upset by That aspect
How does someone like that look at themselves in the mirror?

Guess he figures he's always known Miley was a lost soul attracted to women and perhaps he loved being able to join in on the fun

Not so much 'fun' now is it you Aussie idiot..
How much has this once wonderful society devolved?!

So to us, a piece of classless trash feeling more sexually satisfied by another woman then her husband while the rest of the world including the cuckold hubby shrugs off that diabolical evil of homosexuality is the real newsworthy event

It says far more (or less) about this country and world at large far more than any G-7 agreements or differences

It's a really fucked up world folks and unless you're a shrugger too,  you and we... we're losing the fight day after day

Friday, August 23, 2019

Why is Trump Against the Fed?

~ Trump with Fed Chair Jay Powell

Some people may not understand how we support the President yet at times attack him so aggressively

Simple - we don't and won't tolerate bullshit from anyone

As perfect an example as any regarded some genuinely stupid tweets Trump released regarding the Federal Reserve and China and one specific one we found most galling

"...My only question is, who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?"
It seems pretty harmless and unexceptional on the surface but that's why we're here - to dig deeper

Who is Jay Powell?   He's current Fed Chair.. 

He was nominated then approved earlier this year

Now..  Who specifically nominated Powell?

Trump - the same guy calling Powell among the biggest two enemies of our country with the only decision being is it he or Xi
As for Xi, how many times does Trump call him a friend and say he likes him and doesn't blame him one bit for the current trade war, deciding to blame our leaders instead as a cowardly diplomacy strategy move..

So the biggest enemy according to Trump is either someone he appointed or someone he calls a 'friend' and says he respects

Fuck that and Fuck him!

No communist that censors information his populace can acquire or punish for speaking freely is a 'friend'
It makes us sick to our stomachs that someone we voted for absolutely Refuses to see the true enemy for who they are (liberals) and directly call them out as the despicable people that are, yet tweets something so juvenile and imbecilic

Back during the 2016 election even up to his first year in office, Trump's tweets may have been inflammatory and blunt but they had a purpose; a strategic point

Now its just mostly endless rambling and empty fart air
But let's go back a moment..  Why would Trump attack someone he personally chose (albeit from a list provided by the Fed) to lead that evil central bank?

Because Trump wants endless Quantitative easing (QE) and interest rates for banks to borrow at zero percent and the Fed realizing it would destroy the US economy, is going the opposite route

Endless QE helps the stock market (enriches those who invest and gives false sense of economic strength to those who barely know what a commodity is

Endless QE helps corporations.. helps banks.. helps capital I Investors..  helps the 1% make more and more money
QE adds over $1 Trillion of National Debt annually because the money is borrowed from the Fed to pump into the markets which the everyday person is always on the hook to pay back

This is why Trump is mad

Also he's afraid without all that liquidity being pumped in, the markets will drop precipitously, it might cause a crash or at very least cause a recession right around the time he's running for reelection

Remember, economic bubbles do not last - doesn't matter who starts them and we've been in an economic bubble since 2009 because that black bastard Obama refused to punish all those who caused the 2008 crash

As said before, we don't care if its Democrat or Republican, if someone is expressing bullshit, we will call it out and attack the person doing it as aggressively as we can..

Today was the President's turn..

Thursday, August 22, 2019

2016 v 2019.. What's Changed: Trump or Us?

~ In Britain, this gesture is the same as the American middle finger..

We appreciate the positive response to yesterday's post..

Definitely motivated us to keep going here at A&G and we thank you..

Now onward we go..
During the 2016 Presidential election we overwhelmingly and enthusiastically supported Trump going even as far back as his announcement the year before that he would be running

And while as of this writing we still plan on voting for him in 2020,  a lot of the excitement is gone and replaced with annoyance, irritation and frustration..

So what changed..  He or We?

After a lot of thought, the answer is by and large Trump he's changed
Maybe it was all to be expected; a candidate can not stay as such once winning the big prize and all those who are able to win the Presidency regardless of party end up falling into the trap of being 'Presidential'

The fake Americans who we share this beautiful nation with do not see it as such - they see Trump as a classless, uncouth, orange faced racist prick (their sentiments, not ours) who stole the Presidency in a non-violent coup with the help of Russian saboteurs..

We see Trump as a classless, uncouth, orange faced, vomit-inducing identity politics panderer who is far too kind and complimentary towards domestic enemies of the state (liberals) and whose tweets convey a person who's mind is a rambling mess
We said it before.. Said it again..

Most Trump supporters including us did not vote for someone who would constantly kiss black asses with political correct hyphenated pander terminology or go out of his way to make the lives better for every group of people Except the ones who actually voted for him

You know.. White high school & college educated heterosexual males..

Most of his supporters loved Trump's aggressiveness and refusal to embrace social progressivism; who basically would tell liberals to fuck themselves and institute laws and Executive Orders to attack and disempower the left


Every rotten thing the despicables do or say, instead of Trump using his Presidential powers to seriously Hurt them, instead he thinks it will work to his political advantage to rally the base so he tolerates and allows to continue

Like the little brown anus squirt Congresswoman Alexandra Cortez, the colored Muslim non-American from Somalia and the other two female socialist vermin who are now a clique representing the new Democrat party

Why must every President no matter the party be such a God Damn cliche?!

Its the same pattern:  Do everything possible as a candidate to win the Presidency then once in office, focus all energies on getting re-elected and once a lame duck, concern oneself solely on legacy
Why can't this nation have one person in office with the attitude of 'Damn reelection!  I will get as much done as possible that can not be undone and create as much chaos as needed to destroy the other party, then leave~'

We call it the 'Supermarket Sweet' mindset... 

Get in.. Fill the cart i.e. do as much as humanly possible in a limited amount of time then get out

Hate politicians..
Everyone campaigns on 'change' and absolutely no one actually wants to implement any drastic policy to make it so

For instance, Trump keeps bitching in tweets that most NATO nations are not paying their fair share which should be 2% of their national budget

If yours truly was President, I'd have issued a directive two years ago that if the 2% threshold was not met by 2019, the US would pull out of NATO altogether

Most important, I would mean it..

And if Trump did that, the rest of the NATO countries would be so scared shitless that they'd have to actually defend themselves (gasp!) and it would cost more than that 2%, that it would be a done deal by now and all would comply
But Trump so often is just bluster and fart air and even as supporters, we're sick of it

Liberal politicians like the liberal American populace are absolute garbage and you can not deal with them in any civil polite way

To paraphrase from a famous quote from Teddy Roosevelt, to deal with liberals you have to carry a large stick, bash their heads into submission (figuratively of course..) and then speak softly...

Anything less and you have the continued decline and fall of a once great nation
We really hold no hope that Trump will change back to who he was as a candidate and be an absolute rotten bastard to the left (expressed as a positive)

Because of it we hold little to no hope that whoever wins in 2020 will represent so many of his base including us if the President does win.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Don't Make Us Stop..

In a few weeks will be A&G's 9th Anniversary..

Nearly 2,400 posts on politics, the economy, political correctness, social progressivism, and a dozen other topics we address that affect people's lives daily whether they realize it or not..

All with a point of view and an honest, no-holds-barred clarity no one else presents

And after nearly 9 years of writing and trying to wake people up, really nothing has changed
People are by and large as apathetic and lazy now as they were in 2010; devoid of any intellectual curiosity to question anything

People are still zealously loyal to the System; still heavily dependent on it for their personal survival with no sincere desire to change any component of it

People by and large fall into 2 camps when it comes to the Federal Reserve - those who support it and those who know nothing about it with no desire to try; no idea they are the US' primary lenders and debt holders and have more power than any President could imagine
People still support banks and corporations and rationalize and justify their existence in a free society

People are still scared to outwardly express what's on their mind; too cowardly to state something 'controversial' or make any meaningful effort to fight PC speech and the virus of secular social progressivism

People are still deeply selfish people who only care about themselves and the little rots of their daily lives, making no sincere effort to understand a bigger world outside their daily grind

Nearly 9 years have passed since we started A&G..  Sept 6th to be precise and what really has changed
People don't want to read the truth.. Don't want to know..

Want it Happy Happy with plethora of Positivity

The few out there who do, don't seem to want to share what they know with others or provide the source of their newfound knowledge..  hint hint..
We still believe people want an honest perspective of this nation, the world and where we're all headed so we keep doing what we do for free with zero advertising

If we stop believing, we will stop..

If people stop caring to read and spread the word of A&G, we will stop..

Don't make us stop..

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Understanding Vietnam & Why Liberals "Win" Even When they Lose

~ So this is what an evil now dead fuck looks like...

Been thinking a lot about Peter Fonda's passing, which happened a few days ago for those who don't know

Never met the man..  Never desired to..

In many ways though not a leader, he represented the 1960s 'flower power' generation more than most, mainly because of how so many back then gravitated toward 'Easy Rider'

Fonda like most hippies of his day were lost souls

Check that..  Non souls.
Just drug addicted cowards who were probably the first generation in the history of Man to so openly express how much they wanted to crawl back into their mothers' wombs rather than face life head on

And really that's what drug use of all kinds including pot and drinking heavily is about - killing brain cells and wanting to escape reality and responsibility back into the deepest recesses of the mind

The liberal youth of the 1960s were really a deplorable lot; much like the horrible children and even worse grandchildren they produced

They really believe they had a hand in ending Vietnam; they really believe they fought the system and won

Some believe the war lasted from 1964 until 1970 but it actually lasted from 1955 until 1975..  

When the French lost at Dien Bien Phu and pulled out, we stepped in, first with advisers sent by Eisenhower followed by more advisers and military apparatus during all of the Kennedy years (those saying the war would not have happened if JFK lived are bullshit revisionists)

And then LBJ and Nixon..

The cowardly youth of the 1960s protested for years.. and years.. and years

The songs.. the protests.. the marches.. the signs..  the draft dodging and burning of draft cards..

Did not do a single fucking thing to end Vietnam one day sooner than it ultimately ended

Not one day...
People often wonder why we lost Vietnam..  So many books and movies and TV series on the subject and most absolutely miss the real reason we were defeated

The US did not sincerely try to win.

Politically speaking, at no point did the US seek to actually win and the military lost because in the US, they take their orders ultimately by politicians

After WWII, a new foreign doctrine was applied starting with Truman where the goal was not to truly win a conflict i.e. to force the other side into a surrender because in every conflict, the other side was backed by the Soviets and/or China and the goal was to never let things get to a point where nuclear weapons were used

Instead it was and still is a foreign policy strategy of containment
The US wanted to destroy Communism in North Vietnam but LBJ didn't have the stomach to do what was militarily necessary and the entirety of Nixon's approach was to bomb the hell out of them and all surrounding countries to get the enemy to the negotiating table

You know.. 'peace with honor'...  Kissinger's Triangular diplomacy of reaching agreement not only with Vietnam but also China..  etc..etc..

So when we saw Peter Fonda was dead, all this came to mind

Amazing how he and all those filth of the 1960s could be 100% wrong on every single thing!

Every value, belief and worldview - completely wrong just like the absolute rottenness that Trump and decent Americans have to deal with today
And speaking of Trump and Fonda, we will never forget the horrible tweet he made a few years ago where Trump's son Barron should be separated from Melania, thrown into a cage and then raped by a bunch of pedophiles

Never forget the putrid tweets and comments directed at then Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

So glad Fonda is dead..  Hope it was a painful end

Sick and tired of liberals..  Sick and tired of tolerating them..
A year or so ago Anthony Bourdain was asked what he'd serve Trump and North Korea's Kim when they had their first face to face..   He responded snidely 'hemlock'

Then the pathetic fuck killed himself later

The world mourned..    We smiled.

Just a lot of evil out there and the stench always seems to emanate from the left and we the conservatives, the good guys n gals always want to play nice with those out to subjugate us.

When the other side gives us lemons, stop trying to make lemonade; stop separating the famous person's despicable beliefs and opinions from their art..

They always win, we always lose and until the mindset changes starting with the identity politics Panderer-in-Chief Trump, nothing changes for the better

Monday, August 19, 2019

Free Societies Tolerate the Intolerant

~ "I Hate you and I am OK with you hating me.. That's true tolerance"

Does an individual have the right to personal choice in a politically correct social progressive society?

It is a question no one really asks or delves into but one should..

Does a person retain the right to like or dislike something?  Or to physically distance oneself from something that might make him/her feel tense or physically ill?

What if the thing that person dislikes or wants to get away from it is something others like or wish to be in closer physical proximity to... 
Should it have any bearing whatsoever on that individual's personal decisions?

And what if instead of things, we're talking people?

Does a person retain the right in a free society to not socialize or seek to sit next to someone who is different in some way from him/her?

Does a person possess the right to not like another and does it matter if the reason(s) are socially valid or acceptable?

Because at the end of the day, that is what 'racism' is..
Everyone loves to focus on the sensational aspects such as a person of one group depriving another of civil liberties or committing violence which both are legally wrong to do

But does a black person retain the right to have no white friends, to choose to not socialize with or around them and block white people out of their minds as much as they possibly can?

Does a white person retain the same rights toward a black?

Racism is at its heart about personal preference and no matter how hard government or society tries, in a sincerely free society, individual thoughts can not be criminalized or shamed.
A black has the right to look at a white as a no good 'honky'bastard  and a white has the right to look at a black as a no good 'nigger'

The white should not give one damn what the black thinks of him/her and the black should not lose a second's sleep over what the white thinks of him/her

It absolutely does not matter and is not worth the anger which is generated from it

As long as a person is not discriminated, harassed, harmed or their forward progress through life is not being impeded, who gives a fuck what another person think of you positive or negative?

And why need to force someone who privately hates you for whatever reason no matter how valid or stupid to publicly like you for phony sake?
It amazes us that we even have to waste this time writing something that should be so obvious

But social progressive political correctness does not tolerate this; you may hate who they hate (conservatives, southerners, believers in God, Trump..) but hate anyone on their side and they will do all they can to systematically destroy you and your family

And of course its gotten this bad because over the last few decades, we passively sat back and let the Fake Americans obtain this power
People like to congregate among their own; this is completely natural - gays prefer gay friends and straight prefer straight; blacks really don't desire being all that close socially with whites and whites really don't want a black to enter their home unless to fix something then leave..

Is that 'racist'?

Does the term even hold any value when you get past the 'gotcha!' meaning the other side likes to use

Answer these questions honestly:

When was the last time you invited someone of a different race to watch TV or a movie?   Or invited someone different for dinner?  Or even afternoon tea?
When is the last time you hugged someone of a different race?  Or even a little peck on the cheek when saying hello or bye?

How many friends of a different background do you have?   Those general 'Hi, how's the weather?' type "friends" don't count.. that's just boredom killing socialization

Now, for those who struggled to answer, are you a racist?

To the far left, you are..
 One person can not truly change the world but a person can very easily change themselves and how they look at the world..

Do not let other people define or control you - understand what the difference is between true racism and that watered down 'cry wolf' accusation which the despicable left use every time they can't get their way or successfully intimidate n' control their enemies

And at best, disarm an accuser - when one ever accuses you of being one, just laugh in their face and calmly say "Yes, so.."?

Then watch the paper tigers piddle on themselves.