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Thursday, August 22, 2019

2016 v 2019.. What's Changed: Trump or Us?

~ In Britain, this gesture is the same as the American middle finger..

We appreciate the positive response to yesterday's post..

Definitely motivated us to keep going here at A&G and we thank you..

Now onward we go..
During the 2016 Presidential election we overwhelmingly and enthusiastically supported Trump going even as far back as his announcement the year before that he would be running

And while as of this writing we still plan on voting for him in 2020,  a lot of the excitement is gone and replaced with annoyance, irritation and frustration..

So what changed..  He or We?

After a lot of thought, the answer is by and large Trump he's changed
Maybe it was all to be expected; a candidate can not stay as such once winning the big prize and all those who are able to win the Presidency regardless of party end up falling into the trap of being 'Presidential'

The fake Americans who we share this beautiful nation with do not see it as such - they see Trump as a classless, uncouth, orange faced racist prick (their sentiments, not ours) who stole the Presidency in a non-violent coup with the help of Russian saboteurs..

We see Trump as a classless, uncouth, orange faced, vomit-inducing identity politics panderer who is far too kind and complimentary towards domestic enemies of the state (liberals) and whose tweets convey a person who's mind is a rambling mess
We said it before.. Said it again..

Most Trump supporters including us did not vote for someone who would constantly kiss black asses with political correct hyphenated pander terminology or go out of his way to make the lives better for every group of people Except the ones who actually voted for him

You know.. White high school & college educated heterosexual males..

Most of his supporters loved Trump's aggressiveness and refusal to embrace social progressivism; who basically would tell liberals to fuck themselves and institute laws and Executive Orders to attack and disempower the left


Every rotten thing the despicables do or say, instead of Trump using his Presidential powers to seriously Hurt them, instead he thinks it will work to his political advantage to rally the base so he tolerates and allows to continue

Like the little brown anus squirt Congresswoman Alexandra Cortez, the colored Muslim non-American from Somalia and the other two female socialist vermin who are now a clique representing the new Democrat party

Why must every President no matter the party be such a God Damn cliche?!

Its the same pattern:  Do everything possible as a candidate to win the Presidency then once in office, focus all energies on getting re-elected and once a lame duck, concern oneself solely on legacy
Why can't this nation have one person in office with the attitude of 'Damn reelection!  I will get as much done as possible that can not be undone and create as much chaos as needed to destroy the other party, then leave~'

We call it the 'Supermarket Sweet' mindset... 

Get in.. Fill the cart i.e. do as much as humanly possible in a limited amount of time then get out

Hate politicians..
Everyone campaigns on 'change' and absolutely no one actually wants to implement any drastic policy to make it so

For instance, Trump keeps bitching in tweets that most NATO nations are not paying their fair share which should be 2% of their national budget

If yours truly was President, I'd have issued a directive two years ago that if the 2% threshold was not met by 2019, the US would pull out of NATO altogether

Most important, I would mean it..

And if Trump did that, the rest of the NATO countries would be so scared shitless that they'd have to actually defend themselves (gasp!) and it would cost more than that 2%, that it would be a done deal by now and all would comply
But Trump so often is just bluster and fart air and even as supporters, we're sick of it

Liberal politicians like the liberal American populace are absolute garbage and you can not deal with them in any civil polite way

To paraphrase from a famous quote from Teddy Roosevelt, to deal with liberals you have to carry a large stick, bash their heads into submission (figuratively of course..) and then speak softly...

Anything less and you have the continued decline and fall of a once great nation
We really hold no hope that Trump will change back to who he was as a candidate and be an absolute rotten bastard to the left (expressed as a positive)

Because of it we hold little to no hope that whoever wins in 2020 will represent so many of his base including us if the President does win.