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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Are We Currently Headed for Recession? In a Word, No..

Today being the last post before the end of the Labor Day weekend, we thought we'd take a couple moments to talk about the economy..

Specifically, all the fear mongering by the leftist media about impending recession, economic doom and all the other economic realities they ignored while their piece of feces Obama was in office..

So let's start with a simple question..

Is the nation heading into a recession?

Answer:  No
Officially a recession is defined as two successive quarters of negative growth and the end of a recession typically is two quarters of positive growth (a 'quarter' is a period of three months; Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, etc..)

2Q for 2019 had the US GDP at +2.1% growth so in order for there to be a recession, there would have to be negative growth for this quarter ending on Sept 30th and the last quarter ending Dec 31st..

Next question:  Is the economy slowing?

Possibly..   Possibly not..
A lot of Trump's economic success is due to him putting all his faith and chips on a soulless greed-encouraging stock market and sociopathic traders and capital-I Investors to keep pushing the market up to infinity and beyond, to borrow from Buzz Lightyear

In simple terms, Trump economic success is based on an economic bubble created and artificially manipulated since that black bastard Obama was in office because he didn't actually want to fix any of the problems that caused the 2008 crash

But all bubbles break, and the larger the bubble, the harder the 'pop' and the more everyone feels its effects..

So the economy could be slowing..  Or it could be a summertime lull.. 
Next question..  Will there be an economic crash once more between now and the election?

We believe so..  Quite surprised it hasn't happened yet

Absolutely nothing was learned by the last one and except for Bernie Madoff who really was a small potato, no one on Wall Street got sincerely punished, and the 1% and everyday folk alike are still greedy as hell and house flipping and daytrading and doing the same things as before to make a quick buck

Crashes are unpredictable, they don't take much to start investor and trader panic and they're hard to control once in free fall..
Honestly, we expect one to occur next autumn right before election in a similar manner than was done in 2008 which was no accident in terms of timing and give credit to despicable liberals in media if/when it happens who want millions to suffer bad if it means their fucking guy/gal wins, whoever that rotten Democrat ends up being

The financial powers behind the scenes wanted Obama to win because he's a globalist who believe in a one-world new order which is the ultimate goal of economic chaos- take away confidence in US dollar as reserve currency and push the world into one-currency cashless society

So if there's any realistic chance that Trump has of winning in 2020, they will tank the market again next early-mid September

Of course things can happen that are even beyond the reach of national and global financiers but our prediction stands.. if there's another crash, it will occur in 12 months right around the GOP convention as before..
So in summary, the economy is very good overall, certainly better than that Democrat prick who served before Trump

But economics like markets and weather is not constant.. It changes quick and often unexpected, though sometimes its with the underhanded dealings of power-mad liberals craving an election win

But for now just relax, drink beer and get a good tan..

Plenty of time in the future for tension.