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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Don't Make Us Stop..

In a few weeks will be A&G's 9th Anniversary..

Nearly 2,400 posts on politics, the economy, political correctness, social progressivism, and a dozen other topics we address that affect people's lives daily whether they realize it or not..

All with a point of view and an honest, no-holds-barred clarity no one else presents

And after nearly 9 years of writing and trying to wake people up, really nothing has changed
People are by and large as apathetic and lazy now as they were in 2010; devoid of any intellectual curiosity to question anything

People are still zealously loyal to the System; still heavily dependent on it for their personal survival with no sincere desire to change any component of it

People by and large fall into 2 camps when it comes to the Federal Reserve - those who support it and those who know nothing about it with no desire to try; no idea they are the US' primary lenders and debt holders and have more power than any President could imagine
People still support banks and corporations and rationalize and justify their existence in a free society

People are still scared to outwardly express what's on their mind; too cowardly to state something 'controversial' or make any meaningful effort to fight PC speech and the virus of secular social progressivism

People are still deeply selfish people who only care about themselves and the little rots of their daily lives, making no sincere effort to understand a bigger world outside their daily grind

Nearly 9 years have passed since we started A&G..  Sept 6th to be precise and what really has changed
People don't want to read the truth.. Don't want to know..

Want it Happy Happy with plethora of Positivity

The few out there who do, don't seem to want to share what they know with others or provide the source of their newfound knowledge..  hint hint..
We still believe people want an honest perspective of this nation, the world and where we're all headed so we keep doing what we do for free with zero advertising

If we stop believing, we will stop..

If people stop caring to read and spread the word of A&G, we will stop..

Don't make us stop..