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Monday, August 5, 2019

Exploiting Tragedy to Woo Voters.. It's How Dems roll..

~ 'Not only would I ban guns but if anyone even thought of them or said the word 'gun' they'd go to jail forever..'  (Bernie didn't say this.. He might as well have..)

Over the weekend there were two tragedies.. In El Paso and in Ohio

All the details and particulars can be found on countless media sites so we're not going to repeat the depressing particulars here

We feel badly for those who died.. Feel even worse for those who survived, especially those whose injuries are severe

Democrats being Democrats decided to use these mass killings like all others before to exploit politically; to appeal to their rabid rabies-like voting base that if they vote for him or her, ultimately they will succeed in their zealous crusade for gun confiscation.
They don't use that term..  Confiscation

It's too blunt; too honest and the slippery slope has not slipped that far where the masses, even liberals are ready to embrace full gun confiscation and destruction of the 2nd Amendment

Gun 'control' sounds so much nicer

They always want to pass laws.. More control.. All for the benefit of rather the ruse of ensuring public safety
Could have sworn there's already laws in place where its illegal to even brandish a gun at another person much less pull the trigger; laws about waiting periods and who may/may not be allowed to carry, etc..

So what new law could be placed on the books to stop either incident from happening in the future?  Two life sentences per homicide instead of one? 

The guy in Ohio wore a bullet proof vest - going to start banning those from the public getting access?  Or will that require a 7 day waiting period as well..
And of course the rotten as hell Democrats never deal with the obvious question - how do you stop violent people with dangerous intent if/when guns are not the weapon of choice?

What if each of the killers used knives or homemade explosions or some other form to carry out the terror?

Going to then ban steak knives or ammonia?

In the UK they are trying that - banning the sale of any kind of knife because even though guns are illegal so many young people mainly in London are attacking and killing each other with knives
The sad, sickening truth is if someone wants to cause bodily harm to another and does not care about consequences, he or she will do it and nothing anyone can legally do to stop it

There's been many incidents both here, in Canada and elsewhere where a deranged person purposely ran others over with their vehicle - what if the killers in TX and OH used a car instead of a gun

Whatever would the despicable Democrats say/do then?
If a person wants to injure of kill another, anything can be used..  a plastic bag, a fork, a pen, aerosol spray or insect poison to the face..

It's a violent rotten world and we do not live in a Minority Report-like system i.e. the old Tom Cruise movie where you can see crime before it happens and act appropriately to stop it

So all gun laws do is punish those who use them responsibly in order to dupe people into believing government is working in their behalf to make it all safer
Personally, yours truly does not own a gun.. Never have.. Never desire to..  My personal choice

That does not mean I have the right to limit or restrict someone else who does or wishes to possess one

Liberals never think that way - they're such disingenuous terrible people; if they don't see the reason to own or use something, then no one should
If you want to truly stop killing, then hope and pray someone invents a pill that completely changes the human condition and alters millions of years of human base animal instinct

And criminalize warfare among nations no matter who is 'right' or 'wrong'

Why George W Bush never faced a war crimes trial, was found guilty and sentenced to a fate similar to Saddam for 19 years+ of never-ending war, needless loss of American military life and untold PTSD trauma I will never understand, and this is a conservative expressing this feeling, not a nutty liberal...

But that's a blog for another day
As stated before, so deeply sad that the tragedies had to happen - so much needless suffering

Just as horrific is how the soulless Democrats running for their nomination will exploit the carnage for their selfish, egotistical pursuit to one day be President...

And how other Democrats do not condemn them for it