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Monday, August 19, 2019

Free Societies Tolerate the Intolerant

~ "I Hate you and I am OK with you hating me.. That's true tolerance"

Does an individual have the right to personal choice in a politically correct social progressive society?

It is a question no one really asks or delves into but one should..

Does a person retain the right to like or dislike something?  Or to physically distance oneself from something that might make him/her feel tense or physically ill?

What if the thing that person dislikes or wants to get away from it is something others like or wish to be in closer physical proximity to... 
Should it have any bearing whatsoever on that individual's personal decisions?

And what if instead of things, we're talking people?

Does a person retain the right in a free society to not socialize or seek to sit next to someone who is different in some way from him/her?

Does a person possess the right to not like another and does it matter if the reason(s) are socially valid or acceptable?

Because at the end of the day, that is what 'racism' is..
Everyone loves to focus on the sensational aspects such as a person of one group depriving another of civil liberties or committing violence which both are legally wrong to do

But does a black person retain the right to have no white friends, to choose to not socialize with or around them and block white people out of their minds as much as they possibly can?

Does a white person retain the same rights toward a black?

Racism is at its heart about personal preference and no matter how hard government or society tries, in a sincerely free society, individual thoughts can not be criminalized or shamed.
A black has the right to look at a white as a no good 'honky'bastard  and a white has the right to look at a black as a no good 'nigger'

The white should not give one damn what the black thinks of him/her and the black should not lose a second's sleep over what the white thinks of him/her

It absolutely does not matter and is not worth the anger which is generated from it

As long as a person is not discriminated, harassed, harmed or their forward progress through life is not being impeded, who gives a fuck what another person think of you positive or negative?

And why need to force someone who privately hates you for whatever reason no matter how valid or stupid to publicly like you for phony sake?
It amazes us that we even have to waste this time writing something that should be so obvious

But social progressive political correctness does not tolerate this; you may hate who they hate (conservatives, southerners, believers in God, Trump..) but hate anyone on their side and they will do all they can to systematically destroy you and your family

And of course its gotten this bad because over the last few decades, we passively sat back and let the Fake Americans obtain this power
People like to congregate among their own; this is completely natural - gays prefer gay friends and straight prefer straight; blacks really don't desire being all that close socially with whites and whites really don't want a black to enter their home unless to fix something then leave..

Is that 'racist'?

Does the term even hold any value when you get past the 'gotcha!' meaning the other side likes to use

Answer these questions honestly:

When was the last time you invited someone of a different race to watch TV or a movie?   Or invited someone different for dinner?  Or even afternoon tea?
When is the last time you hugged someone of a different race?  Or even a little peck on the cheek when saying hello or bye?

How many friends of a different background do you have?   Those general 'Hi, how's the weather?' type "friends" don't count.. that's just boredom killing socialization

Now, for those who struggled to answer, are you a racist?

To the far left, you are..
 One person can not truly change the world but a person can very easily change themselves and how they look at the world..

Do not let other people define or control you - understand what the difference is between true racism and that watered down 'cry wolf' accusation which the despicable left use every time they can't get their way or successfully intimidate n' control their enemies

And at best, disarm an accuser - when one ever accuses you of being one, just laugh in their face and calmly say "Yes, so.."?

Then watch the paper tigers piddle on themselves.