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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Predicting America in 2040

Everyone likes to make predictions.. 

Who will win the 2020 Presidential race, the next Super Bowl, the next Oscars

What will life be like in 50 years.. 100 years? 

What will the new technology be like?  Will we discover we're not alone in the universe?  etc..
We're going to focus on things that matter and are more based in reality by predicting where we see this nation in 21 years i.e. 2040 based on nothing more than current social, political, economic and pop-culture trends

You may agree... You may disagree..  Whichever does not matter to us because the goal as in everything we do here at A&G is to stimulate thought in our loyal readership

So we start with the Presidency..
We predict in 2040, a Democrat will win..  Maybe its a first-termer.. maybe its a re-election, but a Democrat will win..

It will be someone black or female or homosexual or all three

This person will be one among a long, never ending line of Democrat Presidents with Democrat controlled Congresses retaining both Houses and a Democrat controlled Supreme Court

This will happen because long before 2040 the despicable soulless Democrats will succeed in letting millions of deeply ignorant, backwards undocumented bottomfeeder people come into this nation, and give them the right to vote

Republicans will not have the backbone to fight it after Trump leaves office and as result by 2040, the GOP will fracture and not be strong or united enough to fight the zealot left
Economically we predict the US to be a weaken nation but still strong compared to the rest of the world due to a massive global crash at some point in the next two decades which even by 2040 the world will not fully recover from

The governments and global banks will try all the same despicable tricks and schemes to inject liquidity into the banks and make the super wealthy even wealthier but like the Humpty Dumpty rhyme, they will not succeed

The global debt is too large.. the US debt is too large and the masses will suffer badly because of so much debt overload and credit card dependence to survive
We see by 2040 harder drugs than marijuana being legalized - heroin, coke, crack, etc for basically the same reason states, cities and municipalities weakened = the desperate need for tax revenue and save money on prison costs

If not for the 2008 crash, pot would never have become legal but many places around the country were hurting real bad financially so it was decided to legalize the gateway drug then tax it heavily to generate additional revenue instead of raising property or state sales tax

For the same reasons, we also see prostitution become more and more legalized by 2040

America will also be a nation of less personal freedom then ever before; a dark draconian existence
Gun ownership will be severely restricted and/or legislators will decide to put limits on bullet purchases with background checks and waiting periods on every aspect of a gun

The new laws will not stop gun killings but that never was the goal of any gun legislation was it?

More and more people will succumb to political correctness or lose their livelihood and prevented from finding work elsewhere

The black will be fully superior to the white, the woman completely dominant to the male and by 2040 the white male population will be so conditioned to be emotionally emasculated, it will feel second nature to take a second class subservient role in the 2040 society.

The number of interracial children to bi-sexual parents will spike to unheard of numbers but so will the number of un-wed mothers and single parent homes since some thing will never change like black men fleeing responsibility
Overall 2040 is going to be a dreary existence those for those born in 2020 and beyond they won't know it because they will be so completely brainwashed by the school system and pop culture inundation that they won't understand how close-minded we are in 2019..

'You mean back your day it was wrong to have sex with another family member or a child?  You guys back in 2019 were so messed up..'

All that is bad about 'tomorrow' starts with the actions or lack of reaction of those today
Nothing of today is incidental, accidental or disconnected from past; the rottenness of 2019 existence, especially the poison of social progressivism is due to so few in charge of molding this nation while so many chose to pretend it wasn't happening

So 2040 is 21 years away..

Some of us will be here to see it.. Others will not, but unless things start to change in the today, the tomorrow is going to be quite a bad year, especially for a conservative