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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Pretending To Change the World - One Tweet at a Time

For all the death and pain and sadness of what happened this past weekend, the absolute worst part - worse than the events themselves, is how the despicable left seeks to capitalize on it for their own nefarious social-political purposes

We know why Democrat politicians do it..  They want votes which means more and more power and that translates to more and more control of the populace; always seeking to stomp out the individual spirit through the manipulation of the collective

And the modern exploitation of tragedy is social media, namely Twitter and Facebook
Everyone craving to be a star, to be noticed and so desperate to be loved by complete strangers that for many events like this past weekend motivate nobody-nothings with even less going on in their lives to lead some kind of charge for change

Celebrities are the same in patheticness trying to push for some kind of social action to ban the weapons used which sounds reasonable at first glance until one actually pays attention to understand this is part of an on-going slippery slope movement to ban the acquisition and possession of all firearms

And we asked this yesterday..  What if the same lives were lost because the two evildoers got behind the wheel of their cars and sought to mow down as many people as possible or crash the vehicle into a building, or use a homemade explosive or knives or poison gas...

How disappointed all these rats would be
Because few to none of these liberal pieces of trash care about the lives lost just like they did not really give a shit about the school shootings last year; only to exploit it to expand their control and once again spit on a Constitution that deep down these Fake Americans hate

Normally we don't do this but out of curiosity we went on Twitter to read what famous people had to say - Ugh we know..

Pretty much the same shit, different ding-a-ling..  Make guns illegal, Trump is a 'fucker'. etc...
Its not people venting which bothers us - personal opinions never do

What bothers us is so many people of really minimal post-high school education speaking on serious subjects as if they actually possess academic intelligence

These are common people who make more money than they ever deserve for kicking soccer balls, putting hoops in baskets and crying on cue when a director says 'action!' speaking on things far above their intellectual pay grade but because they have large social media followings, they believe themselves more important then they really are
It amazes us how few people understand why there is a 2nd Amendment

Very brief history - after the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a small handful of states immediately ratified it but most others were very hesitant

The document lacked something i.e. protections for everyday people against the ultimately new government so that their rights and freedoms would not be trampled upon

The 2nd Amendment grants people the right to own a gun or guns not necessarily to hunt deer or prevent criminals from entering their homes during a break in; rather it was to protect the citizenry as individuals from the US Government itself so they could fight back in case a person or group was under attack through force
Democrats have always wanted to get rid of the 2nd Amendment because they've always wanted to stomp on individual autonomy preferring the power of a centralized government controlling the populace with they of course in all the positions of power

But try explaining that to the average dum-dum; they rather get their worldviews from a scum butch dyke women's soccer player or a large assed Kardashian

So many people seem to live such empty, inconsequential lives, especially millennials

And when they're not busy getting pierced, covering their bodies with gutter trash tattoos and smoking pot, they're on social media trying to affect change, one asinine hashtag at a time
So many people trying to be important and failing so miserably

A person needs to worry on themselves before getting zealous about the macro world at large

Worry on how to provide for yourself and your family and raising good kids and being a loyal friend and caring neighbor and improving one's community..

In other words, deal with one's own mess before getting worked up on messes elsewhere

But one can not be a social media star that way; doesn't feed the ego juice
It's really a shame that Trump and/or the Republicans at large are not more aggressive in stomping the left out and really putting that trouble-making rabble in their place

Never anyone really to fight for us and we're not allowed as individuals to do it ourselves

One day the Democrat vermin will win..  They will make the US into Britain and the cesspool which is Europe and the everyday US citizen will still kill one another if the intent is there but be completely powerless to fight the government

And from there one step closer to a Communist-Socialist police state
No one ever believes its possible until it happens

And the President does nothing to stomp on the left's collective throat out of arrogance, ignorance or both

Nope, it is not who we voted for..