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Friday, August 9, 2019

Questions Questions..

For today's post, we're going to pose questions..  Nothing more

Everyone wants to give answers and think they're so clever as to solutions but no one takes the time to really ask what needs to be asked in this society?

So we are..

Really understand the questions, and sincerely try to come up with the answers on your own beyond soundbites and political correct blah blah..

We're going to pose questions in many areas but try to connect it all with appropriate segue-ways..

So let's start with Trump..
How did he win the 2016 election -  no, really.. How did he overcome all GOP challengers and a heavily funded and politically sophisticated candidate in Hillary?

What political label(s) would you attach to him?

Has he been consistent?

Why is the President so overly political correct?  Why does he constantly use a hyphenated term for blacks instead of simply calling them 'black'?

Does he believe he will be liked and appreciated for it by the enemy?

Do you believe his constant pandering is sincere?
Why is race such an important issue for many liberals?

What sufferings or injustices are blacks experiencing as we close out the second decade of the 21st century?

What would make those people happy?   

Is there anything to make them shut up and be content?

Can social progressivism survive without constant tinkering and altering of society; a never ending social engineering?

Are people who at one time treated most inequitably ever be content simply with full equality?
Why do people who proclaim pride in their race, religion, history, culture, traditions, beliefs and values constantly seek to mate, marry and create offspring with those who have no direct connection or personal feeling who can not possibly understand or preserve that identity?

Why are we such a sensitive society when it comes to words and feelings?

When did the emasculation of men begin?

Is a metrosexual man truly a male in any historical sense?
When did the dumbing down of women begin to where it is socially acceptable for females to be playing children's games like soccer into their mid 20s, stunting their adulthood while kids look up to them as role models?  (yes we're speaking of the US women's soccer team)

When did become desirable for women to drink, smoke, drug, fuck and basically conduct themselves exactly as the lower bred male stock?

Is there a correlation between women wanting to act like men and men being pushed into traditional women's social roles?

Why do we treat a man putting his penis inside another man's mouth or anus and ejaculating into it something that is 'normal', 'healthy' and 'beautiful'?

Why are we not repulsed?   

Why is the reaction not viscerally intense open disgust?
Is there any entity out there that can turn the tide or is the continued downward progression of humanity?

Why doesn't Trump do something.. anything to stem the tide?

Is he powerless, doesn't care or secretly embrace the social progressivism?

Is he a closet Democrat and if so what does it mean for the next 1 to 5 years?

We could go on but sometimes the best questions when trying to understand this deeply messed up country are ones you pose on your own.