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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Slippery Slope Sliding Away Down the Drain

This past Friday though not by choice, I was watching Dr Phil and the topic was this couple who were first cousins who were in a relationship and legally wanted to marry

Not only were they determined to marry but were trying to start a drive to change the laws in their state and ultimately the nation to allow first cousin marriage.

Everyone from family to friends were expressing how disgusting it was and perverted and how their relationship made them sick
The couple argued back that at one time in our county's history, the same reactions and prejudices were held about couples of different races, religions, ethnicities and two people of the same sex legally married

How ultimately times changed, society grew to tolerate then openly accept this where at one point prior, it was the same expression of disgust, perversion and all the rest..

They even convinced some audience members they had the right to be an intimate couple who were against it when the show began..
And that first cousin couple were 100% right..

Not right to be a couple because it is disgusting, perverted and extremely harmful to the children (the woman who appeared with her first cousin lover was pregnant with his child)

They were right because society used to look at interracial and interfaith and inter-ethnic and same sex couples in the same light and frown heavily upon

Then the never ending slippery slope of social progressivism got a hold of their children who were more lax in their attitudes thanks to entertainment, pop culture and peer pressure, and then they had children who were even more slack when it came to upholding morals and ethics

Now things that were once and still vile are embraced and legalized
So now we have a nation where everything goes and no one is allowed to judge or scorn; everything is beautiful and love conquers all

Except for first cousins fucking and marrying and sex/marriage with children and with domesticated animals and inanimate objects like blow-up dolls

The majority of people still rightly frown upon that as disgusting, perverted and horrible like people of the past rightly looked at white women impregnated by black men and two males or females cohabiting with their adopted children as a 'normal' family
But the slippery slope of social progressivism never stops..

Never Ever EVER..

That's why ultimately that first cousin love couple will win..

And whether we're old n' grey when it happens or buried in a box or cremated, you better believe there will come a time when the next generation will be softened to the concept of incestual relations and expand the definition of family to even more nauseating ways then it is now
Those people of tomorrow will think we were all so backward and intolerant to not accept first cousins from marrying or daring to punish parents for having sex with their adult children

And everyone from today and years past will be judged by the social prism of that tomorrow

'George Washington - he needs to be taken off the $1 because his views on sex and marriage between family members was so archaic'

Isn't that what left-leaning white-guilt filth do today because Washington owned slaves...
Is it so absurd when we live in a world where everyone in the past is judged by a 2019 prism and if someone was not pro-gay or colored, their statue needs to be taken down and their memory tarnished

And people at some point in this fucked up nation's future will write how horrible and inhumane we treated people like Jeffery Epstein who to them, did nothing wrong... just lived in the wrong century they will say

No different then how we react today when we read or hear about how blacks 100 years ago were lynched for flirting with white women

No different at all..
It's all one big slippery slope to the social cesspool and its so far gone, there's no way to stop it or even slow it down

Even a Presidential election victory in the good guys' favor does not give impediment

In fact Trump exasperates it by spewing more politically correct hyphenated vomit from his lips then the piece of stool he replaced in '16

And whoever wins in 2020, will be the candidate who panders and patronizes the bottom feeders in our society the most often and intense

That's another horrible slippery slope but to be addressed another time
So you better believe one day it will be legal for first cousins to marry and it will have the full backing and support of your children or grandchildren..

And won't you be proud..   As proud as your grand and great grandparents are of you for embracing interracial love, the bi-racial family and gay marriage

Actually, we believe they are repulsed and shamed.

Because change is not always good or necessary and tolerance is just another way of saying one barely stomachs something..

Teach your children what is right and wrong or they will be as lost to you as you and your modern views are lost to your loved ones