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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

So Much 'News' and Only One Thing Lately That Was 'Newsworthy'

~ Isn't adulterous lesbian love just um, 'lovely'..

Everyday people are bombarded with 'news'..

On politics, finance, social issues, sports, entertainment, etc...

Ever notice how very little of it is actually newsworthy?

For instance the President has been in France for the G-7 for the past couple days, met and talked with various world leaders and agreed to a trade deal with Japan which is nice but really 99.9% have no clue what the specifics of the deal are or how everyday Americans benefit..

As if any deal ever benefits everyday people
But what about this G-7 is newsworthy?

Trump might ultimately meet with Iran with a sit-down talk..  Uh huh..  And we at A&G might have Secret Santa at this year's office Christmas party

Or we may not, just like Trump may not have that meeting

All conjecture and possibly-maybe, probably not..
Absolutely nothing newsworthy about the G-7 just like most things the putrid liberal media cover involving the President

Now they will still report then decide for you how to think/feel and manufacture 'news' to keep the eyeballs of Trump haters and lovers alike glued in long enough to see the ads for erectile dysfunction and flatulence...

Newsworthy.. nah..

The only thing that has happened in the 'news' in the last week or so that we find interesting in terms of a social-cultural bigger picture is white gutter trash (to make the distinction from black gutter trash) Miley Cyrus leaving her husband actor Liam Hemsworth to basically dyke it up with another woman
Yes- This was newsworthy and fascinating for many reasons:

1)  Few to no one cares

This shows how far far down the moral cesspool society has fallen more than anything else

Used to be a time it was a scandal for a person in a marriage to engage in an extramarital affair, breaking a covenant made with God to basically stick with one's spouse through good and bad, etc as long as both shall live

Plus isn't adultery still one of the 10 Commandments or did the secular progressives replace it with 'That shalt not make moral judgments about immoral people and acts'

Now its a shrug..
Of course up until recently a woman leaving her spouse for another woman or man for another man was vomit inducing and absolutely disgusting

Now its also a big shrug

One day a woman will leave her husband to fall into the arms of a minor or a Great Dane and society will also shrug - SP tolerance has no boundaries
2)  Miley Cyrus is somehow still newsworthy

We thought she was a revolting creature when she pretended to be wholesome on her Disney show as a teen.  It was based on her piece of shit trailer trash father Billy Ray, bless his backwoods Achy Breaky Heart

Then Miley decided to change her image, cover her small titted pretzel stick body in tattoos, stick her penis loving tongue out for photos and 'twerk' anyone within distance of her chicken ass

The youth loved it and she profited handsomely off it, laughing her way to immense wealth and continued fame
But we thought that was over with

Nope..  Career hungry cunts do not leave the spotlight quietly; attention is their oxygen

And when an egotistical career-focused pot smoking bitch is scared that settling down and starting a family i.e. doing what a woman is ultimately Supposed to be doing, will kill her career and make her boring, something snaps

Inside a kidney stone-sized mind, she freaks and the only thing to do is publicly make out with another woman for tabloids to photograph
3)  Her soon to be ex-husband is mad about many things.. Leaving him for another woman is not one of them

Can not think of a single thing more emasculating for a male than to see someone he loves and adores leave him to run into the arms of a fellow twat so she can fuck and find love in the arms of another female to satisfy her needs as he couldnt

And we thought a white woman leaving her white husband to mate with a colored man was horrible..  Jeez..

And this absolute weakling loser who is not half the actor or man of his more famous brother Chris Hemsworth (Thor) is not upset by That aspect
How does someone like that look at themselves in the mirror?

Guess he figures he's always known Miley was a lost soul attracted to women and perhaps he loved being able to join in on the fun

Not so much 'fun' now is it you Aussie idiot..
How much has this once wonderful society devolved?!

So to us, a piece of classless trash feeling more sexually satisfied by another woman then her husband while the rest of the world including the cuckold hubby shrugs off that diabolical evil of homosexuality is the real newsworthy event

It says far more (or less) about this country and world at large far more than any G-7 agreements or differences

It's a really fucked up world folks and unless you're a shrugger too,  you and we... we're losing the fight day after day