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Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Endlessly Tiring Purposeless Gun Debate

Often when there's a mass shooting somewhere, we find ourselves so angry

Not at the shooting so much because evil is always out there and bad things happen to good people, sometimes individually... sometimes in a group

We're angry because every time there is a shooting, the whole nation gets drawn into a worthless, time-wasting debate on gun confiscation, umm, we mean 'control'

And we get most angry that for nearly 9 years that A&G has been in existence, we still get drawn into the fake discussion too
How many times and ways do we have to argue that guns do not kill people; those with anger and evil intent do

And everything..  EVERYTHING with the despicable social-progressive left is about slippery slope..

Get the other side to compromise and concede little by little until the enemy i.e. us capitulates by realizing how much freedom has been taken away slowly and methodically
You can ban all guns from the earth from handgun to semi-automatic and people will still kill people 1 on 1 and a wider swath depending on desire and derangement

Because if it was guns alone that killed, it would mean no one would ever have died at the hands of another prior to the 16th century when the the first pistols were invented

And who knows, if guns were around in biblical times, maybe Moses could have freed the Hebrews without going through 10 plagues and Jesus could have killed all the Romans way before it got to his crucifixion

Nice thoughts to daydream...
It is all so tiring, this waste of time debate that the nation is forced into because Fake Americans are so zealot-like in their determination to disarm the populace as they expand the advanced weaponry that police possess and use in their day to day

Why do we as a society place so much trust in police?

The focus on them is always how white officers are so mean to colored people and because of it, they need to be scrutinized and kept in check
Well white police can be just as much bullies and assholes to white people too

What does black or white matter when they see themselves as 'blue' and by and large are deeply insecure people who need that gun and badge and heavy Kevlar to feel like a man (women included)

And half the population want these creatures to have all the power while taking away the ability of everyday citizenry to combat them
As stated here ad nauseum, that is why there is a 2nd Amendment - its not to protect a person's right to hunt deer or quail or to defend your property or scare off some guy who wants to have sex with your underage daughter...

It is to protect you and have some means of fighting back against the State when it goes too far; gun ownership is a safeguard

And you and I if so wish have the right to a gun.. many guns.. handguns, semi-automatics, even full-automatics if so desired..  It is no one else's business or right to control that

The criminality is in its usage and there are already laws in the books stating if you brandish your weapon in public or point at another or use it, then you're going to jail as well as asinine background checks that only delay law abiding citizens from acquisition
Imagine if those fucker liberals did the same thing when it came to motor vehicles which if driven with evil intent, could maim and kill far greater lives than in El Paso and Ohio

Imagine 7 or 14 day waiting periods to buy a car or truck or even to get a drivers' license so the government can do a background and criminal check to see if you're not mentally insane

Imagine the government instituting laws saying what type of vehicle you were or were not allowed own or setting up a limit on the number of cars you could buy or some asshole asking 'why do you need an SUV?' because they see no reason you have to have a 'gas guzzler'

Why would that be middle fingered but the same controls on guns accepted?
Gun confiscation is a modern phenomenon; back in 1865 for instance when Lincoln was killed, among all the hysteria and need for revenge, there absolutely no discussion or debate on gun confiscation; any elected official then who dared to suggest it would have been heartily mocked

Even with JFK, RFK and Dr King's deaths in the 1960's it wasn't something seriously contemplated

The first time we noticed firsthand albeit through television how dangerous the government could be was during Bill Clinton's presidency when his Attorney General, the butch dyke Janet Reno ordered the attack on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX in 1993

86 members of that religion or cult were killed because the government had to be control; they could not or would not back down because the Davidians possessed firearms and the ATF were going to show who was boss

And funny how there were no gun control debates then as to taking away or limiting weapons of government agencies against its citizenry
As stated so often when we address this needlessly stupid gun confiscation debate, yours truly does not own a gun.. never have.. probably never will..  A&G has no attachments to NRA or any other organization like it

We passionately defend the 2nd Amendment without any limitations of encumbrances because it is not the right of any person to tell another how to live what to buy/own or what is acceptable based on the worldviews and beliefs of others

And if society lets those putrid rat people, those pretend Americans (liberals) to keep making more and more laws that slowly and systematically erode our freedom and take away true Individuality (tattoos and blue hair is not being 'individual') then we as a nation are supremely fucked..

If not already..