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Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Every time there's a Presidential election, the person who wins, no matter the party or whether it be a first term or re-elected President always talks about bringing the nation together, how we are all one people with shared values, dreams, etc...

Why does every President every four years push forward that Lie?

Why do our leaders continuously dupe the populace into believing that as Americans that we're a united people with common hopes and dreams when we absolutely are not, never have and never will be?

Why is the goal as a nation to heal when it should be to recognize the irreconcilable differences and divorce from one another
Half of the nation embraces the capitalist system of working hard and profiting from one's toils and half want to make the nation a socialist-Communist handout society..

Half the nation is morally ethically bankrupt and wants to have the freedom to expel life from their vaginas as one expels feces from their anus, and the other half is repulsed and values/respects the sanctity of life

Half the nation full of white shame and guilt, want to bend over backwards to pacify, patronize and placate the colored peoples, while the other half want those people to stop pretending to be a victim, stop playing the race card, and finally try to stand up on their own
Half the nation deeply hates this nation, thinks it evil and racist and want to destroy it from with much like termites into the foundation of a home; the other half love this nation - they're called Conservatives

Half the nation wants constant change, not caring who gets hurt; wanting Caucasians to suffer for their alleged historical 'crimes' while the other half is pretty content with life and how good things are

We are only one nation by force; the barrel of a gun
The US really should have split into two back in 1861 - the 10th Amendment gave individual states that right through implied consent

But the existence of a prosperous Confederacy would have decimated the economy of the north and so a long bloody, needless war had to be fought under the guise of liberty for blacks

Just a shotgun marriage for the south to forcibly rejoin the north followed by decades of school indoctrination to get southern children to betray their kind and accept the Federal way of life
Every time we hear a liberal speak, there's this intense feeling to open-hand slap his or her face; the last thing we think is that this is our fellow countrymen

And once again we put the blame on Trump for refusing to understand exactly why he was elected and what was his real domestic mandate

Creating jobs is good and if the stock market has to rise to do it, we collectively hold our noses at the stench, but by and large Trump was elected to confront, fight and Destroy the social progressive left; to declaw and disempower them

To constantly attack and hurt the left on all sides at all times; in the words of the great General Forrest, 'To keep up the scare!'
Trump?  Nope Nope

Just tweets rambling nonsense; nothing worse than a person who utters nothing of value and thinks they're more funny or clever then they really are

In spite of all the continual lies, we are not a united nation and are not a people who seeks compromise with the enemy

No sane person votes for a candidate based on certain shared values or beliefs in the hope that once elected into office, that person will concede and capitulate to the other side for a greater good or civility sake

It's so damned frustrating to watch or listen to Trump because so much is just bullshit that does not need to be uttered
Why is he supporting any kind of gun legislation?

Personally we don't care if 10,000 die in a mass shooting rampage, once you concede to gun confiscation nuts, you concede forever

Remember something called the Brady Bill back in the late 80s or early 90's where gun background checks were to be mandatory?

It passed and then what?   The gun banishment loons wanted more laws and more restrictions and delectably delighted in any shooting where children were killed so to get Congress to push even more draconian laws

It never ends..
Half the country want to tell the other half how to live and the 'live and let live' set are too cowardly or worried about their individual lives to take the fight to the fake American left.

Sometimes we wish all those despicable people with their distorted way of looking at the nation could be expelled or voluntarily leave and create their nation

Perhaps then to paraphrase Michelle Obama in 2008, America would be a country we could finally be proud of..

Right now it is an embarrassment
Those we're most embarrassed by are people who are likeminded who say and do nothing; just let the liberals keep racking up more victories

United nation we are not..

Never were..  Never gonna be..