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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Understanding Vietnam & Why Liberals "Win" Even When they Lose

~ So this is what an evil now dead fuck looks like...

Been thinking a lot about Peter Fonda's passing, which happened a few days ago for those who don't know

Never met the man..  Never desired to..

In many ways though not a leader, he represented the 1960s 'flower power' generation more than most, mainly because of how so many back then gravitated toward 'Easy Rider'

Fonda like most hippies of his day were lost souls

Check that..  Non souls.
Just drug addicted cowards who were probably the first generation in the history of Man to so openly express how much they wanted to crawl back into their mothers' wombs rather than face life head on

And really that's what drug use of all kinds including pot and drinking heavily is about - killing brain cells and wanting to escape reality and responsibility back into the deepest recesses of the mind

The liberal youth of the 1960s were really a deplorable lot; much like the horrible children and even worse grandchildren they produced

They really believe they had a hand in ending Vietnam; they really believe they fought the system and won

Some believe the war lasted from 1964 until 1970 but it actually lasted from 1955 until 1975..  

When the French lost at Dien Bien Phu and pulled out, we stepped in, first with advisers sent by Eisenhower followed by more advisers and military apparatus during all of the Kennedy years (those saying the war would not have happened if JFK lived are bullshit revisionists)

And then LBJ and Nixon..

The cowardly youth of the 1960s protested for years.. and years.. and years

The songs.. the protests.. the marches.. the signs..  the draft dodging and burning of draft cards..

Did not do a single fucking thing to end Vietnam one day sooner than it ultimately ended

Not one day...
People often wonder why we lost Vietnam..  So many books and movies and TV series on the subject and most absolutely miss the real reason we were defeated

The US did not sincerely try to win.

Politically speaking, at no point did the US seek to actually win and the military lost because in the US, they take their orders ultimately by politicians

After WWII, a new foreign doctrine was applied starting with Truman where the goal was not to truly win a conflict i.e. to force the other side into a surrender because in every conflict, the other side was backed by the Soviets and/or China and the goal was to never let things get to a point where nuclear weapons were used

Instead it was and still is a foreign policy strategy of containment
The US wanted to destroy Communism in North Vietnam but LBJ didn't have the stomach to do what was militarily necessary and the entirety of Nixon's approach was to bomb the hell out of them and all surrounding countries to get the enemy to the negotiating table

You know.. 'peace with honor'...  Kissinger's Triangular diplomacy of reaching agreement not only with Vietnam but also China..  etc..etc..

So when we saw Peter Fonda was dead, all this came to mind

Amazing how he and all those filth of the 1960s could be 100% wrong on every single thing!

Every value, belief and worldview - completely wrong just like the absolute rottenness that Trump and decent Americans have to deal with today
And speaking of Trump and Fonda, we will never forget the horrible tweet he made a few years ago where Trump's son Barron should be separated from Melania, thrown into a cage and then raped by a bunch of pedophiles

Never forget the putrid tweets and comments directed at then Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

So glad Fonda is dead..  Hope it was a painful end

Sick and tired of liberals..  Sick and tired of tolerating them..
A year or so ago Anthony Bourdain was asked what he'd serve Trump and North Korea's Kim when they had their first face to face..   He responded snidely 'hemlock'

Then the pathetic fuck killed himself later

The world mourned..    We smiled.

Just a lot of evil out there and the stench always seems to emanate from the left and we the conservatives, the good guys n gals always want to play nice with those out to subjugate us.

When the other side gives us lemons, stop trying to make lemonade; stop separating the famous person's despicable beliefs and opinions from their art..

They always win, we always lose and until the mindset changes starting with the identity politics Panderer-in-Chief Trump, nothing changes for the better