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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Why Do Dems Oppose Borders? It's in Their Woodstock DNA

~ Woodstock after the festival ended..

In a couple weeks will be the 50th anniversary of Woodstock (August 16 through 19th to be precise)

Over 400,000 lost and confused hippies gathering in upstate NY for free love, free venereal diseases, free drugs, free overdoses and free music

Except the music part wasn't supposed to be free..
Originally the organizers of the event charged money for people to buy tickets to attend like one would for any concert in a capitalist society, even when those putting on the show liked to pretend they were anti profit

A fence was put up around the concert area to cordon off those who may seek to avoid paying and attending the proper way so to keep them from illegally entering

You see where this is going..
So many worthless pieces of trash hippies decided they wanted to enjoy the music festival for free and basically fuck the 'idiots' who did it the right way

They climbed over the fences or outright tore them down and parked their vehicles wherever they wished, many times on the roads themselves, blocking and locking in traffic for days

All the while, because those who wanted to cross illegally were large masses of people and the
'border security' around the parameter was so weak in number and strength, the filth rabble won and Woodstock ultimately lost a ton of money for its organizers
No wonder the left wants millions of dirty brown people from Central America and Mexico to cross into the US at will without anyone stopping their progress

It's part of their leftist counter culture roots to take from others, give nothing back and expect someone else to absorb the costs

And the funny thing is you go up to these same rotten liberals as individuals and seek to cut in front of them at the supermarket checkout line or push in front when lanes are being merged due to construction on the highway and their notions of charity and kindness for all tend to quickly vanish

It's because with the pungent illegals, liberals assume their mass influx doesn't affect them since they're born here so there's no feelings of unfairness in taking in massive amounts of 3rd world bottomfeeders'; its not them who are trying to enter legally through proper channels and dealing with red tape
They only see the millions of future Democrat votes to propel their fantasy of a 1,000 year Democrat Reich

The less educated, darker skinned, poor and dependent on the System you are, the more you are going to vote Democrat - that's a big reason among many why they pander incessantly and embrace white-guilt so fiercely

So excrement like Representative Cummings of the Baltimore district attack Trump's border control plan with such ferocity because people like him do not gain power without the dregs of society voting Democrat

And if we're not producing enough sludge, then to liberals, its best to import it from Mexico and beyond
When Trump accurately mentions Cummings and the Democrat rot like him do not care about the urban decay which is Baltimore and really every other US city where blacks are a majority and control government (not like we should care either), then the Dems reach between their donkey ass cheeks and pull out their moist brown race card..

And the whiteys often run for the hills with arms flailing as they scream 'I'm not a racist..  I have black friends!'

That's the world we live in and few have the courage to change it