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Friday, August 23, 2019

Why is Trump Against the Fed?

~ Trump with Fed Chair Jay Powell

Some people may not understand how we support the President yet at times attack him so aggressively

Simple - we don't and won't tolerate bullshit from anyone

As perfect an example as any regarded some genuinely stupid tweets Trump released regarding the Federal Reserve and China and one specific one we found most galling

"...My only question is, who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?"
It seems pretty harmless and unexceptional on the surface but that's why we're here - to dig deeper

Who is Jay Powell?   He's current Fed Chair.. 

He was nominated then approved earlier this year

Now..  Who specifically nominated Powell?

Trump - the same guy calling Powell among the biggest two enemies of our country with the only decision being is it he or Xi
As for Xi, how many times does Trump call him a friend and say he likes him and doesn't blame him one bit for the current trade war, deciding to blame our leaders instead as a cowardly diplomacy strategy move..

So the biggest enemy according to Trump is either someone he appointed or someone he calls a 'friend' and says he respects

Fuck that and Fuck him!

No communist that censors information his populace can acquire or punish for speaking freely is a 'friend'
It makes us sick to our stomachs that someone we voted for absolutely Refuses to see the true enemy for who they are (liberals) and directly call them out as the despicable people that are, yet tweets something so juvenile and imbecilic

Back during the 2016 election even up to his first year in office, Trump's tweets may have been inflammatory and blunt but they had a purpose; a strategic point

Now its just mostly endless rambling and empty fart air
But let's go back a moment..  Why would Trump attack someone he personally chose (albeit from a list provided by the Fed) to lead that evil central bank?

Because Trump wants endless Quantitative easing (QE) and interest rates for banks to borrow at zero percent and the Fed realizing it would destroy the US economy, is going the opposite route

Endless QE helps the stock market (enriches those who invest and gives false sense of economic strength to those who barely know what a commodity is

Endless QE helps corporations.. helps banks.. helps capital I Investors..  helps the 1% make more and more money
QE adds over $1 Trillion of National Debt annually because the money is borrowed from the Fed to pump into the markets which the everyday person is always on the hook to pay back

This is why Trump is mad

Also he's afraid without all that liquidity being pumped in, the markets will drop precipitously, it might cause a crash or at very least cause a recession right around the time he's running for reelection

Remember, economic bubbles do not last - doesn't matter who starts them and we've been in an economic bubble since 2009 because that black bastard Obama refused to punish all those who caused the 2008 crash

As said before, we don't care if its Democrat or Republican, if someone is expressing bullshit, we will call it out and attack the person doing it as aggressively as we can..

Today was the President's turn..