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Monday, September 16, 2019

The Pres.Tyler Experiment i.e. How Student Government is Microcosm of Congress

Today yours truly is going to tell a personal story that is 100% true about an experience in college a long time ago when I served in Student Government as a Senator and we hope you can see in it some relevance to what is going on in government and overall PC society today

They say college is a microcosm of life which means that student government is a microcosm of how Washington works

Now usually the purpose of a student government is to decide through elected Senators how to best use student fees, which often go to specific groups and clubs who come with bills seeking money for social outings, parties or trips

For instance a black sorority might seek $1,500 so they can go to some convention for the weekend or have a BBQ or a Hispanic group might request money to buy supplies to paint a mural honoring only their heritage while excluding all others
So basically it's like real life - money one puts out in fees (or real world taxes) is allocated for things that benefit the privileged few especially if you're not on the 'inside'

Now on occasion, just like in Congress, you have people with personal ideologies that feel they must waste everyone's time by seeking to pass non-binding resolutions

For instance last year at Florida International University in Miami, a bunch of despicable Muslims (fake religion) along with liberal white-guilters and even some pathetic self-hating Jews passed a resolution condemning Israel for moving the capital to Jerusalem

It had absolutely zero meaning or significance but the Senators of that school felt it was important to use their position as representatives of their student body to inject their personal belief systems where it had no place
In my case, there was a Senator who wanted to pass a resolution honoring the memory of JFK because it was an anniversary year of his assassinatin, he was a Democrat, he helped the blacks and etc..etc..

Of course believing this to be utterly idiotic and a complete waste of time, I argued against it, both in committee and on the floor of the Senate

And of course it passed
As a result I decided if my school was to honor JFK for absolutely no reason with a meaningless resolution, the Senate needed to honor another President -- one I admired

President John Tyler - Our 10th President (1841-1845)

I chose Tyler not just because of his rebellious, independent spirit and governance during his term in office but because he was the only former US President to serve in the Confederate Senate (albeit briefly) and it was my way of middle-fingering all the political correctness present even back then.
So because all this JFK silliness was taking place in early March of that year and Tyler's birthday was March 29, 1790, instead of another resolution, I proposed a bill where the Senate allocate me money to have a party at the end of the last Senate meeting in March to celebrate his birthday

Provided was an itemized list of how much a sheet cake would cost along with ice cream, soda, birthday candles, plates, utensils, napkins, etc..

At first people thought I was joking..  I was not.
So it went through committees and slowly got more and more support not because they knew or cared who Tyler was, but more because a party is a party and food is food..

Ultimately the Student Government VP who basically runs the school Senate pulled me aside, explained how embarrassing this would be if it passed and instead offered to give me the $$ for the party out of the executive fund

Because I sincerely wanted to honor Tyler and not just make a meaningless point,  I accepted the offer
So at the end of the last meeting that March we had a fun social event complete with 'Happy Birthday Tyler' on the cake, everyone singing 'Happy Birthday' and I got to blow out the candles in the late President's honor

It was quite fun and even though everyone else was oblivious they were honoring a great statesman and states-rights defender, I made a point and felt content

As stated at the beginning, college is a microcosm of life and Student Government is a microcosm of how Washington works

Thursday, September 12, 2019

What Really is 'Fake News'

~ Fake news.. fake orgasm.. only difference is the orgasm is less evil

Americans have been inundated with fake or phony or pretend news for far longer than Trump calling it out during his initial 2016 Presidential bid..

Long long ago at the turn of the 20th century, it was called 'yellow journalism' and it was very common to find in most metropolitan cities to have competing newspapers with 'Democrat' or 'Republican' as their name so to have an outlet to push their daily propaganda

But let's get to the heart of it.. What exactly is 'fake' news?

Best way to describe it is through example and for this we'll use a fake one..
Let's pretend that Trump said during a press Q&A that UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not an effective leader and needs to be stronger to deal with their Parliament...

Now someone without any journalistic bias or seeped in the stench of Trump hate would report this fake/pretend comment as such:

"Today President Trump during a Q&A before leaving on Air Force One was asked how he would rate Boris Johnson's leadership thus far as Prime Minister of the UK to which he replied that in Trump's opinion, Johnson needs to be more effective as a leader and deal stronger with Parliament"

It's straight forward.. its factual (within the confines of this pretend example) and the reader has no idea how the journalist thinks or feels on the President, as it should be
Now this would be how a newspaper like the NY Times or Washington Post would report it:

"This afternoon the President took an opportunity to boorishly trash another world leader, this time an ally in Prime Minister Boris Johnson, ripping into him for not being Trump-like and once again injecting himself into the affairs of other nations.. Experts argue this classless action may adversely impact US-UK relations for many years to come.."

Do you see the difference?
Sometimes 'fake' news is a media outlet saying Trump insulted someone when the truth might be that the President said something complimentary

But what does the common liberal idiot know?   They see the biased headline, it reaffirms their Trump derangement and they are happy

And when the NY Times or other liberal outlets actually say something positive on Trump, they demand a retraction and threaten to cancel their subscription sor boycott advertisers

Shame all Trump hating liberals can't be tasered..  Just saying..
This is not about selling more papers.. There's a bigger agenda at play

Fake news is incessant because those who do it have purpose and objective which goes beyond Trump i.e. the establishment of a 1,000 year Democrat Reich of identity politics pandering, political correctness and social progressivism where America is second to the global new order and anyone Caucasian male is to be put into place of social and economic subservience

So when it ultimately happens and you're blindsided, try to remember how often we warned you here it was happening..

Monday, September 9, 2019

Political Cartoons: How FDR was treated by 1930s Media

~ Political cartoon of man yelling FDR while sitting on his knee:  "T' Heck with Packin' the Supreme Court! I Think you're All Wet! And as for Economy, how about economizing on some of Your Pet Projects!!"

On Friday, we showed through political cartoons of the day how Lincoln was truly viewed by the media vs this complete phony fabrication created after his death and still continuing to this day as some elegant, honorable statesman

We also wanted to use those cartoons to show how ultimately when all is said and done, political pundits are ignorant bastards that are quite often on the wrong side of history..
The people in power that they mock often turn out to be great leaders ultimately beloved for generations (President Trump perhaps?), and those they treat with kid gloves and fawning idolatry turn out to be pieces of feces forgotten by time i.e. garbage like Obama.

So today here is another example of a President that most including us see as a truly great President who was vilified and times severely mocked in his day through political cartoons was FDR..

Here are some examples from the 1930s and early 40's..

 ~ This cartoon depicts FDR as a sort of Johnny Appleseed tossing away billions here n' there in the hopes it would bear fruit.   Back then most Americans were not aware FDR was confined to a wheelchair so he being perceived as standing and walking by the stretch would have not stood out in any way to people..

 ~  Not sure the date of this cartoon but we're guessing WWII era..  The caption "I'm glad you dug up your Constitution, Joe; I can't find ours" refers in general to many policies FDR put in place that expanded his power and might have even been a veiled swipe at him serving a 3rd term (possibly 4th term if drawn in 1944)

The next following batch of cartoons deals mostly with opposition to what many felt was FDR trying to pack the Supreme Court with Justices that would do as he wanted so he could get his New Deal through without any obstructions or checks n' balance

~ Here the cartoon called 'The Ngenious Quarterback' has FDR saying to a referee representing Congress, "I want six substitutes at once (Supreme Court). Those fellows don't know it but they're through but I don't want to take them off the field"

~ This cartoon depicts once again a walking FDR as he climbs the steps toward ultimate dictatorship

~ Another cartoon referring to FDR as a dictator seeking to destroy the Constitution

~ Another cartoon about Supreme Court packing where FDR wants a bunch of yes-men who put his needs before the country

~  Another Supreme Court cartoon.. . FDR wants more power

~  Another reference to FDR as dictator or King as he 'cancels' the Constitution with the stroke of a pen

~ And another cartoon of similar theme..  FDR trying to control 'dummy' Democrat Senators to agreeing to his plan to pack the Court and the 'dummy' standing up and defying him with 'No!'

~ This cartoon depicts FDR as a car salesman trying to 'sell' more Federal control over a beleaguered Uncle Sam by convincing him and 'wife' representing democracy that his 'car' is much better than that ol' broken down horse, the Constitution

So you see just like how the god-awful media today tries to depict Trump as power-hungry and dictatorial, the worthless garbage back in FDR's day did the same to him.

And of course these despicable vermin alter FDR's image into something to contrast against Trump like this cartoon from 2016

And this..

Liberals are such cocksuckers aren't they?  More evil than ISIS..

Just amazing how deeply Ignorant to political history these liberal biased drenched political propagandists are

So in a truly screwed up way, if you want to know if Trump is doing a great job and destined for a head bust joining the others upon Mt Rushmore, just observe the political cartoons by all the Trump hating trash..

The more disgusting and god-awful they are, the more successful you know he is

Friday, September 6, 2019

Happy 9th Anniversary to Us & Lincoln in 1860s Political Cartoons

~ An 1860s political cartoon..  'The Democratic Platform is for the white man; the Republican Platform is for the negro'.. Imagine a 1860s Democrat teleporting to the present to see his party and platform devolve

Singing 'Happy 9th Anniversary to us.. Happy 9th Anniversary to us..'

OK, all done..

In the world of blogging though, 9 years is a very long time, even more than cat years so amazing to us and in general we're still doing what we do

But since the world seems to continually get worse specifically because of liberalism, social progressivism, fake social 'justice' and political correctness, we must continue..
We were thinking a lot on the constant Trump hate and how deranged and outright stupid it is

And as you all know, a common theme of the pathetic cabal of emotionally immature, politically ignorant spiritually impotent liberal media filth is to depict Trump as undignified and uncooth; an embarrassment to the party of Lincoln as demonstrated by the cartoon examples below

Of course whoever drew the cartoons were grade-A smug asshole fake Americans less deserving of living in this country than illegals..

They also are either Deeply ignorant on history, intentionally deceptive or both..

But the truth is this dignified view of Lincoln as elder statesman worthy of immense respect and idolatry was a post-assassination creation; a myth.

The Lincoln who was alive and presiding over the nation during Civil War was quite often vilified and degraded in looks and words at nearly every turn by a media just as Putrid then as it is today

Here are some examples:
 ~  Here is a cartoon from Lincoln's inaugural in March, 1861 where he's depicted in a woman's dress and as an angry, bloodthirsty warrior
~ This cartoon depicts Lincoln has a violent rapist about to swarm in on an innocent young woman

 ~ Here the caption reads "King Abraham before and after issuing the Emancipation Proclamation' and in the sketch, Lincoln is really Satan behind the mask

 ~  Here is another cartoon reacting to the Emancipation Proclamation with Lincoln depicted as a deviant monkey

 ~ The title of this 1864 cartoon is called 'The National Joker' and the President as you can see is wearing a jester outfit while smiling an evil grin

~ Here Columbia (the woman) is demanding 'Mr Lincoln, give me back my 500,000 sons! (the ones needlessly killed to stop the South from seceding)  Lincoln's reply is "Well the fact is -- By the way, it reminds me of a STORY!!!"

~ This caption from Harper's Ferry - April 15, 1864 reads 'From Our Special War Correspondent' and follows with "'All Seems Well with us' - A. Lincoln"..  It is a reference to 'honest Abe' using Martial Law to censor the press and basically writing his own positive spin news articles on the war effort

~ This cartoon depicts Lincoln as a beaten-up imbecile with his left foot trampling upon the US Constitution

~ Here Lincoln is depicted as a sneaky coon hiding up in a tree

~ This 1860s cartoon depicts Lincoln's America... one where free blacks and whites dance together and ultimately have sex and children diluting the blood line forever..  Unfortunately whoever drew this sketch was prophetic..   This may seem harmless in 2019 but back then it was meant as a major slam..

Then on April 15, 1865, Lincoln is killed..

And the media at the time portrays him like this:

And in modern times, like this..
 Honestly, Lincoln would have vomited his guts out at the thought of that lil cocoa krispie monkey Obama being President but myths, fables and tall tales never die especially when there's political points to be made by keeping the illusion alive

But back to Trump..

It just shows how completely worthless and meaningless all the political cartoons, venomous hate spewed on liberal news or the evil tweets by the paranoid..
Most people think Lincoln's the greatest President ever and look how he was mocked..

Guess that's a good omen that Trump could be possibly adored for countless generations as well..

Wouldn't the rotten-to-the-core fuck-liberals just love that one..
We've said it before.. Will say it often..  The real enemy to this nation is not ISIS or Iran..

The true enemy to this nation lives among us, hates America and wishes Trump serious harm while placing 'Hate has no home here' signs on their lawn like hypocritical hyenas

They are disingenuous..  They are dangerous..

They are Democrats.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Nearing the Big Nine

Tomorrow, September 6th will be the 9th anniversary of A&G and back then, there wasn't much difficulty in terms of finding worthy things to write about

There was the complete daily incompetence of that fucker Obama, the evil which was (and still is) the Federal Reserve, government doing everything in their power to strengthen and financially enrich those entities that caused the 2008 crash..

Sometimes there was so much to write about which the Obama-cuck media refused to cover because it was negative toward his administration, we presented 3 posts a day, 7 days a week
Now here we are and what is really going on worth bothering to write on?

The media spewing Trump hate followed by more Trump hate with extra heaping helpings of Trump hate for good measure

Makes one wish on occasion that we lived in a 3rd world Banana Republic - as backward as those Central American and Caribbean nations were/are, at least they knew how to properly deal with the media and we're not talking stupid tweets calling them 'fake news'

The 2020 election..  Are we really going to be writing on that in 2019?

Nigger, please!
Oh, you say we're not supposed to write that?  We'll get in trouble?

To mimic a famous James Cagney movie moment, ~ taking half an orange and pushing it hard into the face of whoever thought that..

And speaking of race, its so pushed in everyone's faces that every time we have to address it or women's issues or faggot pride or pretending illegals are the same as legal immigrants that there's absolutely no joy in us covering it

But thanks to the continued strengthening of social progressivism in pop culture and the media with no sincere checks and balances to stop it, we live in a society where everyone is a racist, homophobe, mycologist and every other term to disempower and demonize straight Caucasian men and mere accusation is treated as guilt
Or you play the political correct fake-respect game of hyphenated terms and patronizing all the people who desperately need to feel more important than they really are

Personally when it comes to groups, we hate Everyone equal

As individuals, we treat people with the respect and dignity deserved upon them as unique entities but we Hate and Despise collectivism and this absolutely fucked up notion that one feels pride and strength in background rather than accomplishment.
How can a colored person feel any pride in being black?

How can a Caucasian feel greater self-respect because their eyes are blue?

Absolutely ridiculous but in the case of black it is not only tolerated but actively encouraged, while mostly successful stomped out when it comes to whites

This is the shit that dominates the fuck-liberal media; everything tainted with race, gender, sexual orientation and the myth that the cult-faith Islam is a 'beautiful' religion of peace
For example as we wrote on this before, all that excessive coverage of the worthless women playing soccer this summer had little to nothing to do with sports since no one in America gives a Shit about soccer..

Women playing it is even more Inconsequential!

But the fuck media attacked their social progressive desires for equal pay and pretending women's sports matter equal to real sports played by men (the only real sport a woman plays professionally is tennis)

Also there were some dykes on the team like that despicable cunt Megan Rapinoe, fake social justice warrior bitch dog who hates Trump and personally attacked him at every opportunity the media presented to her, so that endeared fake Americans (liberals) to the team
Everything is agenda driven

It's like when a famous person comes out as a cocksucker or lesbian it is celebrated as wonderful and encouraged that more do so..

Yet when a queer or dyke turns straight, it gets ZERO news

Case in point, the actress Amber Heard - prior to her marriage to Johnny Depp a few years back, she exclusively dated women.   Then she meets Depp and turns straight - why didn't the fuck media celebrate That?!

The two are divorced now and according to gossip mags, every person Heard has dated since has been male - wonderful.. as it should be
But back to the main topic - what in the world is being covered that is worth even listening to or reading, much less writing about?

A hurricane?  They come and go, and No, they are not the result of global warming unless its been going on since the 1480's when Columbus documented the first sighting of one off the coast of Hispanola

Should we care about the stock market?   Ha!

It is a funny and fucked up thing though..  Everyday people invested directly and indirectly through their pensions hoping it keeps rising so they make a couple hundred dollars more while the big boys and girls make millions upon millions
Personally we'd rather lose everything if it meant the millionaires and billionaires in our society lost absolutely everything too but most aren't conditioned to think that way which is why so many make $10-$30 an hour to help large faceless corporations become larger and wealthier..

Education is a powerful thing..  gotta get em' when they're young and the minds are soft n' easy to mold into shape

Once when I was little, a teacher asked what I wanted to do when I grew up and even then I understood life in a way most as adults are clueless to..

I said 'I don't want to do anything.. I just want to Be'

Should have seen the look I got..
Anyways tomorrow is the 9th Anniversary and so much has changed, and so little for the better

But we keep going because the other option is to quit and that is not part of the Ants and Grasshoppers DNA

Well maybe the grasshopper..  Never the ant