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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Nearing the Big Nine

Tomorrow, September 6th will be the 9th anniversary of A&G and back then, there wasn't much difficulty in terms of finding worthy things to write about

There was the complete daily incompetence of that fucker Obama, the evil which was (and still is) the Federal Reserve, government doing everything in their power to strengthen and financially enrich those entities that caused the 2008 crash..

Sometimes there was so much to write about which the Obama-cuck media refused to cover because it was negative toward his administration, we presented 3 posts a day, 7 days a week
Now here we are and what is really going on worth bothering to write on?

The media spewing Trump hate followed by more Trump hate with extra heaping helpings of Trump hate for good measure

Makes one wish on occasion that we lived in a 3rd world Banana Republic - as backward as those Central American and Caribbean nations were/are, at least they knew how to properly deal with the media and we're not talking stupid tweets calling them 'fake news'

The 2020 election..  Are we really going to be writing on that in 2019?

Nigger, please!
Oh, you say we're not supposed to write that?  We'll get in trouble?

To mimic a famous James Cagney movie moment, ~ taking half an orange and pushing it hard into the face of whoever thought that..

And speaking of race, its so pushed in everyone's faces that every time we have to address it or women's issues or faggot pride or pretending illegals are the same as legal immigrants that there's absolutely no joy in us covering it

But thanks to the continued strengthening of social progressivism in pop culture and the media with no sincere checks and balances to stop it, we live in a society where everyone is a racist, homophobe, mycologist and every other term to disempower and demonize straight Caucasian men and mere accusation is treated as guilt
Or you play the political correct fake-respect game of hyphenated terms and patronizing all the people who desperately need to feel more important than they really are

Personally when it comes to groups, we hate Everyone equal

As individuals, we treat people with the respect and dignity deserved upon them as unique entities but we Hate and Despise collectivism and this absolutely fucked up notion that one feels pride and strength in background rather than accomplishment.
How can a colored person feel any pride in being black?

How can a Caucasian feel greater self-respect because their eyes are blue?

Absolutely ridiculous but in the case of black it is not only tolerated but actively encouraged, while mostly successful stomped out when it comes to whites

This is the shit that dominates the fuck-liberal media; everything tainted with race, gender, sexual orientation and the myth that the cult-faith Islam is a 'beautiful' religion of peace
For example as we wrote on this before, all that excessive coverage of the worthless women playing soccer this summer had little to nothing to do with sports since no one in America gives a Shit about soccer..

Women playing it is even more Inconsequential!

But the fuck media attacked their social progressive desires for equal pay and pretending women's sports matter equal to real sports played by men (the only real sport a woman plays professionally is tennis)

Also there were some dykes on the team like that despicable cunt Megan Rapinoe, fake social justice warrior bitch dog who hates Trump and personally attacked him at every opportunity the media presented to her, so that endeared fake Americans (liberals) to the team
Everything is agenda driven

It's like when a famous person comes out as a cocksucker or lesbian it is celebrated as wonderful and encouraged that more do so..

Yet when a queer or dyke turns straight, it gets ZERO news

Case in point, the actress Amber Heard - prior to her marriage to Johnny Depp a few years back, she exclusively dated women.   Then she meets Depp and turns straight - why didn't the fuck media celebrate That?!

The two are divorced now and according to gossip mags, every person Heard has dated since has been male - wonderful.. as it should be
But back to the main topic - what in the world is being covered that is worth even listening to or reading, much less writing about?

A hurricane?  They come and go, and No, they are not the result of global warming unless its been going on since the 1480's when Columbus documented the first sighting of one off the coast of Hispanola

Should we care about the stock market?   Ha!

It is a funny and fucked up thing though..  Everyday people invested directly and indirectly through their pensions hoping it keeps rising so they make a couple hundred dollars more while the big boys and girls make millions upon millions
Personally we'd rather lose everything if it meant the millionaires and billionaires in our society lost absolutely everything too but most aren't conditioned to think that way which is why so many make $10-$30 an hour to help large faceless corporations become larger and wealthier..

Education is a powerful thing..  gotta get em' when they're young and the minds are soft n' easy to mold into shape

Once when I was little, a teacher asked what I wanted to do when I grew up and even then I understood life in a way most as adults are clueless to..

I said 'I don't want to do anything.. I just want to Be'

Should have seen the look I got..
Anyways tomorrow is the 9th Anniversary and so much has changed, and so little for the better

But we keep going because the other option is to quit and that is not part of the Ants and Grasshoppers DNA

Well maybe the grasshopper..  Never the ant