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Monday, September 9, 2019

Political Cartoons: How FDR was treated by 1930s Media

~ Political cartoon of man yelling FDR while sitting on his knee:  "T' Heck with Packin' the Supreme Court! I Think you're All Wet! And as for Economy, how about economizing on some of Your Pet Projects!!"

On Friday, we showed through political cartoons of the day how Lincoln was truly viewed by the media vs this complete phony fabrication created after his death and still continuing to this day as some elegant, honorable statesman

We also wanted to use those cartoons to show how ultimately when all is said and done, political pundits are ignorant bastards that are quite often on the wrong side of history..
The people in power that they mock often turn out to be great leaders ultimately beloved for generations (President Trump perhaps?), and those they treat with kid gloves and fawning idolatry turn out to be pieces of feces forgotten by time i.e. garbage like Obama.

So today here is another example of a President that most including us see as a truly great President who was vilified and times severely mocked in his day through political cartoons was FDR..

Here are some examples from the 1930s and early 40's..

 ~ This cartoon depicts FDR as a sort of Johnny Appleseed tossing away billions here n' there in the hopes it would bear fruit.   Back then most Americans were not aware FDR was confined to a wheelchair so he being perceived as standing and walking by the stretch would have not stood out in any way to people..

 ~  Not sure the date of this cartoon but we're guessing WWII era..  The caption "I'm glad you dug up your Constitution, Joe; I can't find ours" refers in general to many policies FDR put in place that expanded his power and might have even been a veiled swipe at him serving a 3rd term (possibly 4th term if drawn in 1944)

The next following batch of cartoons deals mostly with opposition to what many felt was FDR trying to pack the Supreme Court with Justices that would do as he wanted so he could get his New Deal through without any obstructions or checks n' balance

~ Here the cartoon called 'The Ngenious Quarterback' has FDR saying to a referee representing Congress, "I want six substitutes at once (Supreme Court). Those fellows don't know it but they're through but I don't want to take them off the field"

~ This cartoon depicts once again a walking FDR as he climbs the steps toward ultimate dictatorship

~ Another cartoon referring to FDR as a dictator seeking to destroy the Constitution

~ Another cartoon about Supreme Court packing where FDR wants a bunch of yes-men who put his needs before the country

~  Another Supreme Court cartoon.. . FDR wants more power

~  Another reference to FDR as dictator or King as he 'cancels' the Constitution with the stroke of a pen

~ And another cartoon of similar theme..  FDR trying to control 'dummy' Democrat Senators to agreeing to his plan to pack the Court and the 'dummy' standing up and defying him with 'No!'

~ This cartoon depicts FDR as a car salesman trying to 'sell' more Federal control over a beleaguered Uncle Sam by convincing him and 'wife' representing democracy that his 'car' is much better than that ol' broken down horse, the Constitution

So you see just like how the god-awful media today tries to depict Trump as power-hungry and dictatorial, the worthless garbage back in FDR's day did the same to him.

And of course these despicable vermin alter FDR's image into something to contrast against Trump like this cartoon from 2016

And this..

Liberals are such cocksuckers aren't they?  More evil than ISIS..

Just amazing how deeply Ignorant to political history these liberal biased drenched political propagandists are

So in a truly screwed up way, if you want to know if Trump is doing a great job and destined for a head bust joining the others upon Mt Rushmore, just observe the political cartoons by all the Trump hating trash..

The more disgusting and god-awful they are, the more successful you know he is