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Monday, September 16, 2019

The Pres.Tyler Experiment i.e. How Student Government is Microcosm of Congress

Today yours truly is going to tell a personal story that is 100% true about an experience in college a long time ago when I served in Student Government as a Senator and we hope you can see in it some relevance to what is going on in government and overall PC society today

They say college is a microcosm of life which means that student government is a microcosm of how Washington works

Now usually the purpose of a student government is to decide through elected Senators how to best use student fees, which often go to specific groups and clubs who come with bills seeking money for social outings, parties or trips

For instance a black sorority might seek $1,500 so they can go to some convention for the weekend or have a BBQ or a Hispanic group might request money to buy supplies to paint a mural honoring only their heritage while excluding all others
So basically it's like real life - money one puts out in fees (or real world taxes) is allocated for things that benefit the privileged few especially if you're not on the 'inside'

Now on occasion, just like in Congress, you have people with personal ideologies that feel they must waste everyone's time by seeking to pass non-binding resolutions

For instance last year at Florida International University in Miami, a bunch of despicable Muslims (fake religion) along with liberal white-guilters and even some pathetic self-hating Jews passed a resolution condemning Israel for moving the capital to Jerusalem

It had absolutely zero meaning or significance but the Senators of that school felt it was important to use their position as representatives of their student body to inject their personal belief systems where it had no place
In my case, there was a Senator who wanted to pass a resolution honoring the memory of JFK because it was an anniversary year of his assassinatin, he was a Democrat, he helped the blacks and etc..etc..

Of course believing this to be utterly idiotic and a complete waste of time, I argued against it, both in committee and on the floor of the Senate

And of course it passed
As a result I decided if my school was to honor JFK for absolutely no reason with a meaningless resolution, the Senate needed to honor another President -- one I admired

President John Tyler - Our 10th President (1841-1845)

I chose Tyler not just because of his rebellious, independent spirit and governance during his term in office but because he was the only former US President to serve in the Confederate Senate (albeit briefly) and it was my way of middle-fingering all the political correctness present even back then.
So because all this JFK silliness was taking place in early March of that year and Tyler's birthday was March 29, 1790, instead of another resolution, I proposed a bill where the Senate allocate me money to have a party at the end of the last Senate meeting in March to celebrate his birthday

Provided was an itemized list of how much a sheet cake would cost along with ice cream, soda, birthday candles, plates, utensils, napkins, etc..

At first people thought I was joking..  I was not.
So it went through committees and slowly got more and more support not because they knew or cared who Tyler was, but more because a party is a party and food is food..

Ultimately the Student Government VP who basically runs the school Senate pulled me aside, explained how embarrassing this would be if it passed and instead offered to give me the $$ for the party out of the executive fund

Because I sincerely wanted to honor Tyler and not just make a meaningless point,  I accepted the offer
So at the end of the last meeting that March we had a fun social event complete with 'Happy Birthday Tyler' on the cake, everyone singing 'Happy Birthday' and I got to blow out the candles in the late President's honor

It was quite fun and even though everyone else was oblivious they were honoring a great statesman and states-rights defender, I made a point and felt content

As stated at the beginning, college is a microcosm of life and Student Government is a microcosm of how Washington works