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Monday, September 2, 2019

Thinking on the Hurricane

Been thinking a bit this weekend on Hurricane Dorian..

Thinking on how people in South Florida hoped it moved north to hit other places so to avoid them and how people in other southern states hoped it direct hit the Miami area to spare them..

Thinking how many people were hoping and praying that no one would suffer from the massive storm while liberals, being the evil incarnate that they are were hoping and praying there'd be massive loss of life and devastation a la Katrina so to hurt Trump

The former PM of Canada tweeted she hoped the hurricane would directly hit Mira Lago so don't pretend liberals aren't any less despicable the sub-human creatures that they are
Thinking how some want to blame it on so-called 'global warning' and thinking how others know it isnt

Thinking how in terms of hurricane prep, everyone is as deeply selfish as can be, buying up all the water and batteries and other life saving essentials without any consideration for others who struggle to acquire those items because others gluttonously buy and hoard

Thinking how neighbors who are cold, aloof and cliquish ONLY show any kindness or common unity of purpose if their street i.e. homes has been ravished by rain and/or wind; otherwise is continual ignoring of everyone else
Thinking how much the media constantly overhypes weather events to panic attack inducing extremes yet never makes 1/1000th the effort to warn people to protect themselves in a stock market crash or other economic danger

Thinking how hurricanes basically say to people 'your life.. your pursuits.. everything you focus on in day to day means Nothing because it can all go in a finger snap' and how people absolutely Refuse to alter their lives to focus on what matters (career/job and making money being low on the totem pole) unless there's a hurricane pending..
To some, a hurricane and dealing with its aftermath brings out the best in people

We see every aspect from preparation to aftermath bringing out the worst

Some look at life and see a glass half full; others see it half empty

We look and see no glass.