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Thursday, September 12, 2019

What Really is 'Fake News'

~ Fake news.. fake orgasm.. only difference is the orgasm is less evil

Americans have been inundated with fake or phony or pretend news for far longer than Trump calling it out during his initial 2016 Presidential bid..

Long long ago at the turn of the 20th century, it was called 'yellow journalism' and it was very common to find in most metropolitan cities to have competing newspapers with 'Democrat' or 'Republican' as their name so to have an outlet to push their daily propaganda

But let's get to the heart of it.. What exactly is 'fake' news?

Best way to describe it is through example and for this we'll use a fake one..
Let's pretend that Trump said during a press Q&A that UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not an effective leader and needs to be stronger to deal with their Parliament...

Now someone without any journalistic bias or seeped in the stench of Trump hate would report this fake/pretend comment as such:

"Today President Trump during a Q&A before leaving on Air Force One was asked how he would rate Boris Johnson's leadership thus far as Prime Minister of the UK to which he replied that in Trump's opinion, Johnson needs to be more effective as a leader and deal stronger with Parliament"

It's straight forward.. its factual (within the confines of this pretend example) and the reader has no idea how the journalist thinks or feels on the President, as it should be
Now this would be how a newspaper like the NY Times or Washington Post would report it:

"This afternoon the President took an opportunity to boorishly trash another world leader, this time an ally in Prime Minister Boris Johnson, ripping into him for not being Trump-like and once again injecting himself into the affairs of other nations.. Experts argue this classless action may adversely impact US-UK relations for many years to come.."

Do you see the difference?
Sometimes 'fake' news is a media outlet saying Trump insulted someone when the truth might be that the President said something complimentary

But what does the common liberal idiot know?   They see the biased headline, it reaffirms their Trump derangement and they are happy

And when the NY Times or other liberal outlets actually say something positive on Trump, they demand a retraction and threaten to cancel their subscription sor boycott advertisers

Shame all Trump hating liberals can't be tasered..  Just saying..
This is not about selling more papers.. There's a bigger agenda at play

Fake news is incessant because those who do it have purpose and objective which goes beyond Trump i.e. the establishment of a 1,000 year Democrat Reich of identity politics pandering, political correctness and social progressivism where America is second to the global new order and anyone Caucasian male is to be put into place of social and economic subservience

So when it ultimately happens and you're blindsided, try to remember how often we warned you here it was happening..