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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

What if E.T.s Came to America & Stayed

~ "E.T...  Vote me..  Free everything...  Vote Change..."

Was thinking the other day what would happen if extra terrestrials came to Earth

I mean the friendly small E.T. kind - they came to Earth, specifically the good ol' USA, we as humans embraced them and the peaceful space aliens were allowed to live among us

First thing of course is the ETs would have to individually be identified, categorized, imprinted... perhaps some kind of tracking device attached to each like we do to wild animals

Then give out social security numbers because society isn't going to just feed them, and if these aliens ate something easily accessible like leaves or grass, we'd figure a way to convert them to carnivores so they'd be motivated to ultimately work and pay taxes
That means educating them, especially their children so they would attend the same schools via forced integration whether or not segments of human population desired it or not

These small ETs would befriend our children and ultimately date and mate and procreate to establish new life identities destroying millions of years of genetics for 'love' and it would be fashionable and 'cool' to have extra terrestrial blood flowing through one's veins

And ultimately no one could say a negative thing no matter how true for fear of being called racist or whatever clever term a marketing department came up with and be shunned and lose their job
Now if the aliens and humans could not literally make coitus, some scientist somewhere would figure out some device, contraption or drug so a human could put his penis inside the female member of their foreign race, or their male member could fuck our women and inseminate at will

And to them, it would be most beautiful

And of course lots of multi-species porn would follow
Ultimately once the multi-species family was established, you'd see Hollywood, advertising and every other aspect of pop culture push it hard upon the masses and do everything they could to promote this deviance onto the mainstream, especially the impressionable children

You'd see constant visual and print ads of ET fathers with human mothers and mutt-children all smiling and laughing as you look and made to feel miserable that you are stuck with your own human kind as you're conditioned to believe.

And of course now that ETs are working and paying taxes, they will be buying homes and the laws will be changed to force humans to live and interact among these damn entities and you the human will have no say
Don't forget elections...  The despicable Fake American Democrats will do everything possible to register them to vote and create fake problems and victimization fantasies to get these ETs to support their soulless party along with all the other academically ignorant who they successfully corral into their sheep pens

So one day there'd be an ET President with ET First Lady and ET cabinet members controlling the fate of this nation and pushing their fake 'exceptionalism' while the humans, the real people who belong here and actually created the nation these creatures have taken over, celebrate it as a good thing, happily giving away their power to inferiors

And the humans would be conquered and put into inferior secondary status without the aliens ever firing a shot

Don't worry.. this is all conjecture.. a complete fantasy

Or have we already experienced it and continue to?