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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Understanding that Impeachment is Meaningless

We start by paraphrasing a lyric from a 1960s Vietnam protest song:

"Impeachment.. Good God, Y'all.. What does it mean?.. Absolutely Nothin'.. Say it again.."

So much about this impeachment nonsense that amazes us and it has nothing to do with Trump or Ukraine or whatever else the pretend Americans on the left come up with
Amazing that the evil Democrats keep pushing this when they know they will not successfully remove the President

Amazing that Trump and the Republicans keeps acting like impeachment means something

And amazing, though maybe it shouldn't be, that most Americans haven't a clue what impeachment actually is, which is just the way the establishment wants it

Luckily, we're here, eh..
We are going to go through exactly what the impeachment process is to show just how absurd and waste of time the actions by those liberal bastards are..

1)  The first step is any member of the House of Representatives can introduce articles of impeachment at any time and as often as they wish, whether grounded in fact or not as long as it is based on arguing a President committed treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors.

2)  Next step is the charges go up before a House Judiciary Committee who analyze the accusations and determine whether they're valid or a complete waste of time to be thrown into the trash.  

This needs a simple 51% majority of those on the bi-partisan Committee to continue to the next step and since all committees are headed by Democrats with the sewer rats possessing majority representation, then figure in due time we'll head to step 3..
3)  Next the entire House of Representatives discuss and debate the accusations and then vote - if a simple majority find validity in the claims, then the President is impeached but that does not in itself mean he is removed from office..

Think of impeachment as what it is - a Presidential version of a grand jury.

A President is not removed because he is impeached..  He can voluntarily resign but legally he remains in office, does not lose any Presidential powers, etc..   
4)  The next step is where the Articles of Impeachment are brought to the Senate where they go through the charges formally.  

The Senate at this point writes up the bill of indictment and formally notifies the President of what he is being accused of..  It is assumed at this point if not prior, the President would obtain legal council

5)  At this step, there is a Senate trial headed by the Chief Justice and jury made up of the Senators.. They listen to the arguments pro and con and collect evidence..

6)  After the hearing is over, the Senate deliberates privately then votes publicly on whether to remove and to do so requires 2/3 majority i.e. 67 Senators must vote to remove
The House is run by despicable Democrats..  The Senate by the Republicans.

Trump will Never Ever be removed..  Never..  Ever..

So you can see how deeply stupid and gullible the average American liberal Trump-hater is to get excited over impeachment

As for the timeline, it took five full months from the time articles of impeachment were submitted against Bill Clinton to the House Impeachment vote and finally the Senate formally deciding not to remove him

So even if the President did break the law and chose not to resign, it is a lengthy process that can take many months, not a couple weeks like so many uneducated Democrats believe.
Just a complete utter waste of time

Two Presidents have been impeached in our history - Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton - Neither removed.

Johnson escaped removal by one vote in 1867 and Clinton knew he had the Senate in the bag so never even acknowledged or cared on the impeachment

So why at present do both sides make much ado about absolutely nothing?

For Democrats, its a smoke screen to distract people from the fact all the current liberal candidates to be their party's candidate in general election are absolutely unappealing to anyone outside their hardcore base
So if the focus is on Trump and not Biden's illegalities or Elizabeth Warren's wealth redistribution plan or any other candidate's socialist-Communist utopia platform, then maybe by the time the general election comes and that person presents him/herself as 'moderate', no one will remember the 12 months prior

Also the Trump hate is deep..

Some on the left, mostly the colored caucus in Congress like brillo-pad head Maxine Waters and glad he's dead Elijah Cummings wanted Trump impeached even before he was sworn into office

So many uneducated people represent those people..ugh..

Then again to be fair, white Democrats are feces too
Shame every person who hates Trump so much isn't slapped repeatedly in the face as hard and often as an open hand could stand it

For Trump, deep down he loves this because he knows he's never being removed from this and as often before can rally his base through constant whining of victimization, knowing full well most people on the Right will

Perhaps if Clinton was allowed to run for a 3rd term back when his sex scandals occurred, he'd have done the same thing but he knew he was a lame fuck..  um.. duck.. we mean duck.. and couldn't run again

So don't get caught up and sucked into to all this impeachment bullshit

Unless something is uncovered or comes out which is truly newsworthy, its all garbage to distract and both sides are using it to what they believe is their political advantage