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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Where Does Deep-Seeded Trump Hatred Originate

~ DeNiro once had prostate cancer.. He survived..  This is why we don't donate to prostate cancer research

It's Thanksgiving evening and we have not written in a few weeks

Sorry about that..   Then again, we're not.

We swore at the onset of A&G that we would not write just to write; just to fill space and time and earn undeserving paychecks like pretty much All written and visual media do..

That we'd write only when there is something worth writing on
And in the past few weeks, has there been anything actually important or memorable going on in the news?

The pretend Americans (liberals) in Congress have wasted a lot of time and money and energy conducting phony-fuck 'hearings' to try to justify grounds for an impeachment that many of these soulless sub-humans have wanted since before Trump's inauguration in January, 2017

With that much determination, can anyone believe the outcome will be anything other than a formal vote with the majority saying 'yes'?
Of course remember the Senate is GOP controlled and 2/3 vote is needed to actually remove a sitting President which makes all this so insanely inconsequential unless one is a news junkie who finds masturbatory pleasure watching toast dry hearings..

Absolutely nothing has happened in 3 to 4 weeks worth even a second's energy to follow or cover this big shrug of a non story

So we wanted to address something a little broader in scope - why is it so many still deeply hate Trump as a person?

Now politically speaking its sorta-kinda understandable
For instance if you truly hate this nation, want illegals to swarm in and get full rights and protections at citizens' expense and believe white straight men are evil incarnate and the reason for everything wrong about this country, sure you will find the President repugnant..

Those people wish America's destruction while he's trying to make it great again as the slogan goes so naturally there's going to be hate

But why hate Trump as a person?
Comes down to two words:  jealousy and resentment

We don't mean regarding him being so wealthy or his life of hobnobbing with the famous, powerful and influential for pretty much all his life though we're sure some out there feel it

There is a more primal jealousy and resentment in people that goes beyond what a person can afford or what is in their bank account and it involves the very child like attitude that goes 'I am not allowed to say or do X, so why should he/she?!!'

"I" am not allowed to speak my mind or offend others in my daily life, so why should 'X' get away with it?!
You see this pathetic attitude often by those who follow sports - some wealthy ball player speaks out on an issue or expresses a very blunt opinion and it doesn't even matter to most if what is expressed is agreed or not

To the commoner, its 'how dare this wealthy successful person get away with it when I can't..  just shut up and play'  or something like that

Trump is brazen.. uncensored.. doesn't hold back

Personally we don't think he is blunt, vicious or cruel enough but in terms of the general population, three years into his Presidency and he is still a shock to many a system
The media still can't handle being called fake, Democrats can not accept being called obstructionists and Hillary voters get rankled every time Trump mocks them with some harmless taunt

And all those genuinely Horrible fake Americans on the left can never accept when Trump even makes reference to what a complete corrupt Bastard that colored guy (whose backward African Muslim name escapes us) who was President in office was prior to Trump.

People are accustomed to people in the public eye, especially in positions of power watching every word closely, doing everything to not offend and allowing the rotten public some deviant pleasure in seeing successful people destroyed over something like word choice

Trump basically doesn't give a damn and millions hate him for it
Some people i.e. Trump's enemies want to see consequence..  Want to see the President set ablaze for being confident in himself and his ability and speaking truth without toning down the rhetoric in getting messages across

Liberals are pretty much parasites..  No they really Are..

All liberals are spit-on-face worthy and they are not used to anyone telling them directly to their faces how rotten and wrong they are on every believe, conviction and value system

And there are supporters of Trump's policies who hate the President as a person because he gets to tell feces they are feces without worrying about losing wages or his job in the process like so many everyday people would

Yep, jealousy and resentment are strong emotions

So we'll be back again when something is worth writing about beyond this daily deluge of complete drek non-news