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Sunday, December 8, 2019

President Parrot..The Repetitive Bullshitter

President Trump has been in office nearly three years and whether you like him, love him or loathe him, there is no denying he is by far the most repetitive parrot President this nation has ever had, saying the same phrases and soundbites over n over n over..

No originality or sincerity in anything he expresses; as Tucker Carlson expressed in a positive way, Trump is a total bullshit artist

We vote for him in 2016 and after three years, we are sick of it

In Trump's vernacular, everyone is a 'special person' and a 'friend' until you go against him or disagree on anything, no matter how trivial

All media is 'fake' unless its conservative news except if someone on Fox attacks him, and then they are fake as well until the next ass kissing

He expresses there was no quid pro quo with Ukraine a million-billion times and says his phone call was 'perfect', often referring to it as the best phone call ever..

What the fuck is he talking about?  A phone conversation or the figure skating at the Winter Games?  Was there judges present scoring 10's? ~eyes rolled

And most Disgusting of all, while Trump constantly trumps (clever & original, yes?) the economy and stock market going up to Infinity and beyond, he keeps trumpeting (more brilliance) the success of blacks in the job market as if only those people matter..

Which they don't..

Black lives Do Not Matter more than whites or Hispanics or Asians or Jews or Musl..   Um, well OK, they matter a wee bit more than them..

And more offensive, is the level of putrid pandering by calling blacks that absolute bullshit hyphenated term 'Afr Am' (if we typed it in full, they keyboard would be covered in vomit)

Those god damn people - how did they get to a position where they're allowed to feel superior and exceptional at every turn and why did we as a Caucasian guilt and shame ridden society allow them to basically take over every aspect of society?

Why does it matter that 14% of the population succeed and often at the detriment of the other 86% who are generally far more intelligent, hard working, law abiding and possess a higher degree of quality as people?

Afr-Am..  Afr-Am..  Afr-Am..

Everyone so conditioned and mentally programmed to spew that hyphenated term which makes the place those former slaves came from as more important than the nation they're living in today

It is kinda fucked up yet true - every black person who calls themselves an American should thank God their ancestors were taken as slaves centuries ago because the quality of life they enjoy is far more comfortable and superior to the life of a native West African living in the Dark Continent today

Saw two commercials just the other day which shows how absolutely warped and distorted this society has become; an Emperor's New Clothes society where no one has the courage to openly state its all wrong

First ad was for Audi to advertise an expensive SUV and of course it was a colored man buying it to surprise his colored family as if its commonplace that those people can commonly afford $60,000 cars as Christmas gifts

Truth is without credit cards, loans and leasing options, most blacks couldn't afford Kias

The following ad was for Mr Clean and guess who was scrubbing her bathroom like a common maid?  Yep, a white woman..

God Damn Trump for making absolutely no effort to stop this scorge and double damn him for calling those secondaries that bile inducing 'Afr Am' like the rest of this sheep society..

Everything Trump says is repetitive and the vocabulary level of an imbecile

Since he's a Wharton grad and that's a very exceptional Business School, we have to assume he says and tweets moronic things again n' again with a 5th grade vocab because he assumes his base supporters are on that intellectual level

Are they?

Only the stupidest of stupid allow the most powerful person in the free world to continually whine and bitch and moan and beg for everyone to help him out when he has many legal tools at his disposal to crush his enemies and inflict as much pain as possible

He doesn't though.. just goes 'wah wah' and expects us as everyday nobodies to protect and defend him..

Fuckin hell!

Such a piece of crap and this is the absolute best choice of everyone out there to vote for in 2020  ~sigh