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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Why? Why?! Why??!!!

Why is it the world is as it is?

Why are most people as they are?

Why don't they think for themselves?

Why don't they stop believing politicians and the news?

Why must they follow the pack and seek acceptance and validation from others?

Why don't people seek to break free of collective; break free from group think and the need to be 'cool'?
Why are people so afraid to be capital-I Individuals?

Why do people honestly believe getting tattoos, piercings and/or dying their hair makes them unique and special?

Why don't women with tattoos understand they're looked upon by decent people as trash and classless easy fucks?

Why is life and this nation so messed up?

Why does/did Trump make such a big deal over Impeachment when he has/had nothing to fear as to being removed?

Why does he tolerate liberals?  Why?!

Why does he allow them to exist and share the same life space?

Why does the 2020 election even matter?

Why should anyone really care since the end result isn't going to matter and liberals will never be wiped out?
Why should we care when nothing will change where political correctness and social progressivism is concerned?

Why does Trump pander so much to coloreds?

Why do we pander so much to coloreds?

Why do we treat them as exceptional and interracial love and bi-racial children as 'beautiful' instead of disgusting, putrid and bile-inducing?

Why does Trump and others bend over backwards to accommodate and patronize backwards people with the fuck-fake 'Afr Am' moniker instead of calling them 'black' which they are

Why is Trump so God Damn fucking fake?

Why are most people so disingenuous?

Why do we never say what we sincerely think and feel?

Why is truth always buried down deep?
Why do we personalize and humanize everything we have no power to combat like say cancer?

Why do we only pretend to have compassion and empathy for others at Christmastime?

Why is it so difficult for a person, especially a woman to show any friendliness or flirtation towards man in a supermarket or Target?

Why don't women hit on men?

Why do they pretend their equal yet can not ever have the courage to ask a man out?

Why do even the fat and fugly women think so highly of themselves that a man his to hit on them first?

Why is a woman incapable of making the first move?  Or refusing to go dutch unless its as 'friends'?

Why do men allow them to get away with it?
Why does life seem so much Better 100 years ago vs today?

Why can't people stop being so selfish and thoughtless and heartless on a constant basis to one another, and why do people continually get away with thinking they're the opposite?

And lastly.. 

Why can't people stop accepting and embracing the faults within themselves and others and start to demand better?

Why Why Why?!!