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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Trump the Legacy-Loving Loser

Trump after threatening to rightly veto the CoVid bill which was attached to a budgetary bill because there was too much wasteful pork and only gave Americans $600 instead of $2,000 showed himself once more to be yapping cowardly motherfuck of a dog

Tonight (12/27/20) he signed the bill into law with not a single change or alteration made by Congress

The assumption is in a separate bill, people will get $2000 but since Senate Republicans are so entrenched against it, we don't see it passing

We also don't see any wasteful money exorcised from the bill since the Democrats control the House and most of the pork is from them

So nice going there, you pasty orange faced Fuck!

In addition, the bill allows hundred of thousands if not millions of god damn worthless deadbeats to stay in their rentals without being rightfully evicted for non-payment and continues to give free money to many Americans who refuse to sincerely look for work 

Anyone who says we're turning into a socialist nation is clueless..  We're already there and been so for quite a while

The worst part of this bill like everything else the government ever does is it helps banks and corporations far more than any average joe

But to the common as dirt commoner, that's quite alright as long as they get their sliver of the pie  

This lesson was clearly learned during the 2008 economic downturn when people actively wanted the government to spend trillions of dollars on nothing but helping the wealthy get wealthier so to protect their couple thousand in savings and 401k

It's funny... we voted twice for the prick Trump and now we're just counting the days til the cocksucker is gone  

Four years of being constantly lied to and manipulated..

Lock her up!.. Lock her up!..   Only a few probably can recall him saying on '60 Minutes' he wasn't going to go after the closet dyke cunt Hillary

No more dealing with a bellyaching sack of shit who would constantly bitch and moan in incessant tweets how much of a victim he was and how he needed all our help..

So much whining, we had forgotten that this bloviating blow-whale was the most powerful man in the free world

The whole thing just makes us so fucking mad.. as if you can't tell  

Yours truly if President would not have budged until I got my way.. I'd be a 'lame duck' and no one could do anything to me..   Everyone gets $2k or no one gets Anything!

The real Bitch of it is that that motherfucker Trump really never wanted $2000 per person.. only pretended he did at the last moment as a way to middle-finger Senate Republicans who wouldn't support his election challenge.. You know the one where for ever $1 to his legal fund, 50 cents actually goes to re-pay campaign debts

If Trump really wanted everyone to get $2000 he would have used that during the election... 'Vote for Me and....'  

But he didn't.. To him, $600 was good enough

But Trump like every other politician is a CoVid spit to the face deserving cunt because they care too much about legacy and not enough about principle

The whole experience makes one just not want to ever vote again

Monday, December 14, 2020

Squeaky Wheels ALWAYS get the Grease.. Conservatives are Church Mice

Well just another couple weeks folks and 2020 will be over..

Not that 2021 will be much better now that the President will be a senile old fart with a corrupt to the core son and a black genuine to goodness whore who will be nothing more than an Obama puppet once she gets genuine power

Oh what fun the future will bring..

And you know the worst part?

No one will advise us what to do to fight it

Vote in 2022 Congressional races then 2024 for a new President?


Stay informed?  Stay vigilant?

What for?!

The only thing worse than the God-awful evil to the core liberal media is the God-awful evil to the core conservative media

Non-stop negativity..  You won't believe what X said..  You won't believe what Y did..

Non stop fear and panic and hyperbole about the nation being destroyed once Biden is inaugurated and YET..

They absolutely refuse to ever say what can we the real Americans do to fight back; to hurt the enemy

So all this 'info' and tension and anger with no release

No one ever says.. 'Here's Biden's home address..' or 'Here's Pelosi's personal cell or home number.. go bother her..'

Or give us info to irritate and annoy soft targets like their family or bother them in public places while they're eating dinner or spit on them or throw eggs or Something!!

Nope, shit turd suckups like Hannity and Tucker Carlson spend 60 min each night 5 nights a week making viewers feel afraid for their country and themselves, then say 'Nite' and get in their 6-figure automobiles to drive to their expensive homes and think about anything and everything But what they were talking about on their programs..

It's all a game..  They know it..  You should too

No one in any position of power or authority or influence in any realm of society wants true populism and the genuineness of Individuality taking root

It's all an extension of everyday life and law

In life, someone does you wrong and you're supposed to sue or report to authorities which when you cut to the quick is a pretty emasculating, cowardly thing to do

People in power only have power because there are people willing to give up their precious lives to allow those people to issue their dictums without fear of consequence

And those who disagree with the laws and edicts only tolerate it because of a fear of consequence which is purposely built into the cake of the system

We really don't think people understand how powerless they are because of a combination of operant conditioning of losing possessions and illusionary freedom combined with a corporate media apparatus which possesses no motivation or desire to give individuals a taste of free will

For instance, was the 2020 election stolen from Trump?

God-Damn right it was

Will anyone in any position of power including the shamefully cowardly Supreme Court do anything about it?


Now what will you do?   What can you do?

And if you wanted to do something, who out there will give you the answer?

Protest? Toss away precious money on Trump's legal fight, which 50% of that amount actually goes to repay a billionaire's campaign debts

If you want your country back, it starts with a very simple axiom:  The squeaky wheel gets the grease

Bowel movement BLM know this..  Anus Antifa know this..

Why don't you?

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Why Did Trump Lose (assuming ultimately he did)


Well its been 3 days since the election..

Who's winning or losing what state - that will get resolved one way or another but for now we are going to make the assumption that Trump will lose to Biden

OK, so the question would be 'Why?' and many people will have different opinions from personality to temperament to competence or lack of

This is our take and we're going to explain it first by using a scene from the 1978 film 'Superman'

Without going into too much plot, Lex Luthor has launched two nuclear warheads, one aimed for the San Andreas fault of Northern California and the other headed east figuring Superman can not stop both from hitting its target

Luthor's assistant Miss Tessmocker asks him where the 2nd warhead is targeted and Luthor replies it will hit Hackensack, NJ

She then exclaims with tears in her eyes that her mother lives there to which Luthor shrugs, and from that lack of concern or empathy or really anything by Luthor, Ms. Tessmocker decides to switch alliances and help Superman to escape Luthor's cluthches and stop the missiles

If you understand our meaning, then That is why Trump lost (assuming there's no dramatic change between now and January)

I voted for Trump.. did so in 2016 and once more this last Tuesday

But let me make something very clear.. Had the election been held in the spring or early summer of 2020, I would not have

I was personally appalled and disgusted by Trump's lack of caring for those suffering or dying from the virus; he saw his wonderful economy and precious stock market crumbling along with his chances for re-election and that was the ONLY thing he gave a shit about from then til now..

Did China cause the virus?  Yes..  Was it purposeful?  Yes..  It was in response to Trump forcing China into a new trade agreement that didn't exploit America to the same degree as before

But when you have CoVid or see a loved one or friend suffer/die from it or find your life completely topsy turvy including loss on income over it, you really don't give a shit the who, why and how

At the absolute very least you want to feel your leaders care about you, even if deep down they don't

Even when Trump briefly had the virus then magically was 100% in 2 days, he never expressed an emotional simpatico or 'I feel your pain' moment with the people

He just basically said he was invincible and everyone should just keep living their lives and exposing themselves with the same bullshit mindset as W Bush after 9/11 equating travelling and shopping as defeating the terrorists

So this is why Trump lost..

He wanted pre-virus normalcy when people were scared and dying by the hundreds every day..  Also refused to push for the wearing of masks and had an oddly perverse defiance to them like somehow it would make him look weak or succumb to the media

He refused to negotiate successfully a second stimulus for those desperately in need because he didn't want Pelosi and evil Democrats to have a victory before election

He forced schools to reopen even though its the youth who are the major carriers and super-spreaders, infecting their parents because by nature one's protective guard is most down in one's home with immediate family

And so enough Trump supporters like me were sick of it, and while I voted Trump because liberals are vomitous creatures, others didnt feel my Democrat contempt and voted for the senile man with Alzheimers and his colored whore VP

So in the end if Trump did lose when everything officially tallied, we believe it was his fault..

You can't take a military mentality that people are expendable and collateral damage in order to raise GDP and stock prices in a democracy where every 4 years, people have a say on their fate

Trump never got that..

Friday, October 9, 2020

The One Specific Reason Trump is Losing to Biden


Historically incumbent Presidents win re-election..  

Since 1980, the only time a President has failed to be re-elected was Bush 41 and that was mainly because Ross Perot took a lot of votes away and that moment during a 1992 Presidential Debate when Bush looked at his watch a couple times as if he had better things do

Reagan won twice.. Corrupt to the core Clinton won twice.. Baby Bush won twice..

Even the colored cocoa krispie monkey Obama won twice

So why is it looking more n' more like Trump is going to get trounced?

Simple.. he forgot what got him his victory in 2016..

He was a total complete Bastard.

Back then Trump was mean, vicious, pointed in his attacks, never let up and the left was so blindsided, they spent more time attacking Trump the person than his policy ideas

Now let's fast forward to the present..

Trump may appear to be a jerk, an asshole, conceited and infected with extreme hubris and a deep love of Self..

But he is not a capital-B Bastard for a very long time

Here is as good an example as any -- During the first debate with Biden, the President is arguing against points that Biden was making and ultimately the Donald was told by Joe, "Will you shut up, man?!"

That Should have been Trump saying it and no only was it not said by Trump, he did not utter a necessary disrespectful counter-punch like "Be quiet yourself Joe.. you're drawing flies" or "Jeez, And people think of Me as an A-hole!"

In other words the reason so many voted for Trump in 2016 is he openly disrespected the establishment without any inner-censor and put them in their place in a way most common people can only wish they could express

Now maybe because sees himself as better than that, being President n' all, its just better to utter the same tired fake-fuck refrains again n' again n' again..

Fake News..  Fake News.. Sleepy Joe.. Sleepy Joe

Ha ha..  so God Damn brilliant.. You sure showed them!

Trump is many things but he is no longer a Bastard; he no longer sincerely gets under the enemies' skins..  He no longer sincerely bothers them as an entity to fear

Whether its because he's very old or simply lacks the skill to truly put others down, he comes across as a rambling fool who repeats everything he says 2-3x in the same paragraph

Here's a little secret that Trump should understand by now - Most people do Not watch Presidential Debates to learn anything about either candidate

95% of those who will vote in elections already know who they support, often for no reason beyond the guy or gal on stage has the D or R next to their name

People watch for basically two reasons that in a way are one and the same:

1) They want to see their candidate embarrass and humiliate their opponent;

2)  They want to be entertained by zingers and one-liners and just enough meanness to have water cooler discussions the next day without feeling guilty over the verbal aggression

Trump forgot this truth

Here's some things just off the top of my head that Trump should have said in the last debate

"Biden has shown while in hiding that he likes to lead from the behind or rear which is typical since Democrats are the party of the ass"

"I understand why Biden always wears masks..  That way no one can see the constant lies coming from his mouth"

"Biden was the best apple in a rotten barrel of liberal candidates running to represent the Democrats but to eat up all his party's BS will still give you worms"

"Joe Biden is the Bob Hope of politics..  Everything he expresses is read off cue-cards"

Meanness.. Zingers..  Where are they, Trump?

Where is the Bastard we all love and miss?

Or deep down do you not wish to win this re-election?

Friday, September 11, 2020

Understanding the Modern Uppity Black Mentality in One Early 20th Century Quote


"There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public.   Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troublesthey have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays.  Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs." -- Booker T Washington

And THAT generally speaking is the modern black and the putrid liberal white guilt & shame cuckold emboldens them

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Who To Vote for in 2020. Shit or Crap?


~ Vote for me, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden this November..

I voted for Trump in 2016...

Doesn't mean I am automatically going to do so again in 2020

Oh I will never vote Biden and that colored whore Kamala (the black cunt is a literal whore - she had an longstanding affair with the then married mayor of San Francisco back in the 1990s and in exchange for her spreading her black labia lips, he gave her political favors and power...  

Nice deal for him.

And Democrats overall.. If Satan possessed an anus, that would be Ground Zero for American liberalism

And then there's Trump..  

No my vote is not to be assumed..

He's done many great things in office but there's one thing he has not done; rather many things that fall under same one 'thing' that makes me find him revolting

He will not hurt and stomp out the bowel movement BLM movement; a collection of classless mindless base animal blacks and spoiled privileged white guilt/shame cock suck cuckolds

I resent that Trump will not speak honest and say black loves DO NOT matter and should NOT matter..   EVER!!

Every other group of people on Earth matter more than blacks because every other group have achieved more on their own without charity and handouts vs those God Damn people

I know.. It's Election season..  might lose the 8-9 blacks who would plan on supporting him but I have zero confidence he would say what needs to be said

And while the subhumans getting paid by George Soros continue rioting and looting and do all the things bottomfeeders do, Trump pretty much sits back and lets the chaos ensue

I know.. I know..  People basically vote on anger or fear so he must get his base motivated to go out and vote but those cesspool blacks and white cucksucks who ally with their bullshit cause feel more empowered and emboldened by the day

He should have signed an Executive Order that all protesters committing destruction can be shot on sight even if they're weaponless

Is it too late for me to run for office?

Sick and tired of the God Damn blacks feeling exceptional when they are worthless and have not achieved a single thing in their history here in America that was not because the ignorant whites of the day gave it to them

A race of beggars and thieves and few have the courage to admit factual truth even to themselves

We know Biden is a senile old bastard and Kamala is the epitome of the word nigger but that doesn't excuse Trump's handling of the black problem in our country which is why I can't just automatically knee-jerk vote for him

There has to be at least One person in a political office somewhere who sees those fucking people as they really are and deals with them appropriately..

You'd Think?

Or should we all pray very hard for the invention of a time machine so one can travel back to 1861 and change the outcome of the Civil War..

Now that's a nice fantasy.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Democrats' Love of the Confederate Flag

 We hate Democrats..  Deeply..

We're talking wish they call get covid-19 and not recover kind of 'Deep'

Evil soulless bitches and bastards.. every single liberal 

Disingenuous and hypocritical in every way possible and deserving of the hardest, sharpest slap to the face with bloody fingernail scratch to the cheek one can induce

These soulless sub humans love to paint Trump as a racist and connect him to the beautiful Confederate flag as if its a bad thing, which of course its not..

That must mean those liberals must love colored people and feel their pain, hmm..

Let's go back in history a bit to see how much or little so..




Bill Clinton

So you see Democrats are putrid race baiters

If you see one, be sure to slap him/her in the face

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Who Really 'Matters'?

~ Only collectivists kneel like male prostitutes awaiting a penis to the mouth

To start this posting, let it be stated with absolute clarity that black lives do NOT matter..

100% Absolutely Positively Do Not Matter!

But that is not to say that a black life does not matter, and there lies the subtle truth that the despicable, deserving of a fierce beating liberals and extremists refuse to acknowledge

BLM is absolute foul-smelling diarrhea as a movement and in its political, social and economic beliefs; it is basically a slogan for anarchists

But a black life matters because Individuals Matter regardless of one's background

It is not to the Matrix-like System's benefit for you to think as a capital-I Individual or look at others as such; everything must be consolidated into groupthink because you can not achieve conformity and keep a populace docile or sell products without it.

Remember when you were in elementary school and you were asked what you wanted to be when you grew up, and it really didn't matter if you said doctor, fireman, astronaut or beekeeper as long as you said something

That's because all that was important was that your young, fertile, impressionable mind condition to plan to do something so that over time when you became a drone worker taxpayer and debt slave, it wouldn't be such a mental shock later on

I remember answering that I wanted to do absolutely nothing.. just Be.   I also remember my mother being called into the school for a talk because I was so resolute in my answer

All that matters in this world is You..

All you should give a true damn about is You.

That's not to say you shouldn't like or love others or care about the world at large, but the only person that should Matter is You because that is all that counts..  the Individual.

And in life absolutely no entity does anything or makes any decisions for you or in your behalf; they only give a damn if there's a noisy majority or minority consensus that demands something

Silent majorities are ignored as much as individual voices

This is a big reason so many gravitate to packs like wolves.. that feeling of powerlessness which is understandable but you as a person.. you mean nothing to any entity

Let's use MLB and their abridged bullshit of a 2020 season..

Personally I didn't want it to start up..  Wanted baseball and all professional sports to concede to the reality of the Chinese virus which is now over 4million cases in the US

Emailed them.. Texted.. etc

They did what they wanted.. more important to satisfy advertisers so not to pay them back for lost ad exposure and satisfy TV contracts

MLB also double downed on the amount of ads shown during a game by superimposing them digitally on everything

Didn't seem to care I thought it disgusting

MLB also didn't give a shit that I expressed what a clown show they became by pumping fake-fuck crowd noise from a video game and blaring music to compensate for no one in the stands or how pathetic it was to put cardboard cutout 'faces' in the stands

They certainly didn't feel the need to acknowledge that their honoring BLM and those god-damn parasite players who kneel for the Anthem was wrong and cowardly

Why?  Because I am only an individual

Now with the NFL, that despicable cock-suck entity known as Nike along with Fed-Ex arm twisted the owner of the Washington Redskins to abandon a team name that had been in existence nearly 90 years because they possess power and clout and money

Had I pretended to object to the name and wrote a letter, I'd have been ignored

Doesn't matter the position - an individual is shit in the eyes of corporations as well as media, politicians and every other entity

But it is really the Individual that counts which is why it is so important to rebel walk to the beat of your own drum as often as humanly possible

Black lives.. White lives..  Worthless

Only thing that matters are Individual lives

Monday, July 13, 2020

It's a Rotten, Rotten, Rotten, Rotten World..

The title of this posting is taken from a 1960s unfunny comedy called 'It's a Mad Mad...' you get the idea...

Except today is beyond maddening.. its just rot rotten

You know what's going on day to day so won't regurgitate it all - basically the barnyard animals have taken over the farm and with the help of white cuck-suck liberals who hate themselves more than any colored person ever could

So now the white liberal fuck 'farmers' are on all fours going 'oink oink' in the mud and slop while the black dogs have taken over the big house

And now its to a point where conservative whites are getting on their knees and giving deep blowjobs to their new masters, the PC police out of fear of losing their livelihoods

The most recent example being Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Red Faced Scalp Cutting Animal Savages (officially 'Redskins') who swore he would never ever ever Never Ever EVER change the team name

Then sponsors like FedEx and Nike threatened to pull sponsorship and then Snyder willingly gave up the fight along with his soul

Wonder when some liberal fuck will demand the city the Colts play in a city to be newly renamed Native-Americanapolis? (Indianapolis)

Nike of course being the parasitic corporation that gives Colin Kaepernick millions upon millions to enrich his bank account as he pushes hatred for America, its history and institutions like capitalism.

So now supposedly the Redskins are thinking 'RedTails' to honor the Tuskeegee coloreds from WWII...

How Sickening is THAT!!!

And the big irony which few every talk about is most Indians do not give a shit about the Redskins name and logo.. - They're busy worrying about things like high unemployment, alcoholism and suicide as a percentage in comparison to other races, ethnicities, etc

We're really sure Nike really cares about that..

When the CEO of Nike Phil Knight one day dies, there's going to be a massive celebration at A&G much like how Brits celebrated the death of Thatcher.

We absolutely do not understand why no one fights back, and don't give us that 'there's nothing we can do' bullshit

There is plenty a person can do

For one thing, Stop using politically correct language... Stop It!!

Another thing you can do is take to Twitter, FB, etc and fight back!   Lets these soulless corporations know that whites matter more than black lives and to start being scared of You; that you will not shop at their stores or buy their products or use their services

When the feces colored NFL players knelt during the Anthem, the conservatives pretended they were going to stop watching football..    They didn't and the NFL knew it

Now MLB players will be getting in on the kneeling fun in a couple weeks..   Will you still watch games? 

Oh sure you will..  ~slap to face

Also be Defiant about it!!

These evil fucks on the left need to understand in clear, unequivocal terms that you will like, love, hate or despise Anyone or Anything you wish, that no one is going to tell you how to think or look at others and you will do what you God-Damn please!!!

Really it should be Trump conveying this but he's a fucking coward and its election year; he is taking the white vote for granted and trying to court colored people to vote for him so he won't say shit.

This is so important.. more even than the China virus..

This is war and you are under attack - Do not understand why more people do not understand this

And ultimately the end result of this will one day be a race war that truly no one wants or desires because those people..those things are provoking hatred toward them that wasn't there just a few years ago

We think the enemy.. the bowel movement known as BLM wants war in the streets because its part of their socialist-communist playbook, the same one used by radical leftists in the 1920s and '60s - the goal to destabilize and destroy the country from within

There is a certain point when the 'silent majority' can not stay silent or on the defensive but must attack because this leftist evil is everywhere..

It's among your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers..  The pretend their just like us but they are fake Americans

We can only try to shake you awake

Up to you whether to actually do so.

Monday, June 29, 2020

White America Sleeps as Black America Burns their Beds

The biggest frustration we've experienced as a blog in existence for nearly 11 years is how does one get through to a completely indoctrinated society that with few exceptions really does not think for itself..

How is it possible to convince people who've been a prisoner to the K-12 educational system for over 2,000 days of their young lives that nearly everything they've been mind-molded to believe is actually wrong?

How do you push alternative points of view when people mostly do not want to think - they want to make money, eat, watch TV, fuck and sleep in some order

And why do we still bother to try?

The last part is simple..  We won't let others get away with being stupid; its a personal affront to see so many look at life politically, economically, socially, racially and otherwise as their masters dictate

Everything you've been taught in school was for a purpose namely to be good obedient worker bees and taxpayers who look at inferior beings as 'equal' so to maintain a social harmony so the Matrix-like System can continue without disruption

So you're taught or conditioned to be happy when you find a job where every year from Jan 1 to March 31st at minimum, 100% of everything you earns goes to the government and to cheer loudly when the same evil nation spends $1 Trillion to save the banks so you can preserve the $1,000 in your savings acct..

You are conditioned to either believe the Lie that blacks are equal and as intelligent as you and as deserving of a better education and better job and better opportunities than you because their skin is the color of shit and yours isn't, or at least to learn to keep your thoughts private as they peacock flaunt imaginary exceptionalism

Conditioned to accept powerless and lack of freedom and choice except where connected to commerce..  Oh you can choose between Coke and Pepsi; McDonalds v Burger King..  no one gives a fuck about that

You just can't choose to create a personal safe-space free of the taint of nigger unless you live as a total hermit and the only entertainment you enjoy is 1930s movies.

Used to enjoy reading news - nope, can't do that.. nigger nigger nigger.. BLM bowel movement..

Used to enjoy watching movies and TV - nope..  nigger nigger nigger..  Every show and film has token colored characters and interracial love and bi-racial beast children

Used to enjoy reading books and magazines.. nope.. nigger nigger nigger..  Fashion mags pretend black swamp rats are beautiful and push fake 'social justice' and other imaginary black contrived causes and it doesn't matter if the periodical is news, cooking, interior decorating or aimed at children..  everyone Must be contaminated

Never ends..

And Trump..  what a orange fart faced bastard

Instead of putting those black fucks back in their place and making it clear that the Obama era was forever over, he spent his entire presidency courting those monkeys...  One of the first Executive Orders was to provide additional taxpayer funding to black colleges

Did anyone vote for that asshole to do That?

Such a truly terrible country.. 

The blacks along with their mentally sick white guilt/shame cuck liberal sympathizers conjure up new ways to destroy this nation from within, the silent majority is scared of those walking tumor-colored mindless animals and the President just thinks only of re-election as it all burns around everyone but him

You better wake up and start seeing life as it is and not how you were taught.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Gotta be Thinkin, Stinkin'

Among all this black lives (do not) matter (not one bit) Bullshit, there is one thing you absolutely Must remember and to forget means you are of inferior mind:

An individual has the right to like, love, hate or loathe anyone or anything, whether it be a person, group or entity and to do so for any reason or no reason at all

That is your right.

If you think blacks are wonderful, then fine..  There are some individual blacks who actually are of high caliber

If you think blacks are shit and want nothing to do with them, that is your right as well, and neither I or anyone else has any right to manipulate you to thinking different

What a person does Not have the right to do is hurt another or impede in any way another's forward progress through life and interfere with one's pursuit of happiness

That is a specific line no one has the right to cross

But right now there is a constant deluge of Lies from corporations to media to the white-guilt liberal cock-suck cuckolds that you Must like blacks and you Must embrace their culture and history and identity and you Must treat colored people as exceptional..

Umm.. No.

No one.. Absolutely NO ONE has any power to tell you how to think or feel on anything or about anyone and NO ONE can control your private beliefs unless you willingly give up that power to another

All this sounds so obvious but this is how propaganda works and you're being hard-pushed from all sides to buy into black bullshit like an advertiser would sell toothpaste or a nation sells patriotism

You are being constantly manipulated to buy products, ideas and worldviews and this is no different;  absolutely no different than the tactics Nazis and Communists used

Gotta be thinkin', stinkin.. 

No one else is going to do it for you..  Oh wait.. yes they are

Friday, June 19, 2020

Dear Black People.. (Keeping it Really Real)

Dear black people..

Going to keep this really Real..  can you take it?  We'll see..

Pretty, pretty please.. with whipped creme and cherry on top..

Shut the Mother-Fuck up!

No one gives a God-Damn about you and your contrived problems..   That means made-up in case you people do not know the definition of 'contrivance'

A black man was killed by a white cop -- SO WHAT!

How Dare you demand I care at all about your lives when you do not care on Caucasians' lives which whether you wish to admit or not, matter more than yours

Why do white lives matter more?  

We are the thinkers, the creators, the doers..

Generally speaking, you blacks are not.

You put balls in hoops and run for touchdowns and sing and rap and commit crime..

Did you people know that only 2% of blacks hold masters degrees and only 1% of all those who hold doctorates are the color of tumors

Always exceptions to the rule but you people are academically bottom of the barrel and extremely primitive in terms of how you problem-solve

Any time you can not get your way, you fucking bitches and bastards commit violence - you assault and rape and kill and loot and burn, like the most backward mindless base animal savages from the darkest black rot soul parts of Africa

And do it with no guilt or shame or remorse

Every black who protested and rioted should have been beaten across the back with a steel chain but the reality is most got away with their ape-like commonness

You blacks.. You do not matter!  You should not matter!

Every other race, religion, ethnicity, etc who suffered prejudice and bigotry has succeeded in life..  Every group but you fucking colored people

Irish.. Italians. Jews, Muslims, Eastern European, Southern European, American Indians, Indian Indians, people from all over the Far East and Central America and South America have as a group succeeded and thrived in America

Everyone but you fucking worthless blacks

And you Never look inward.. You Never seek to fix your problems..

All you do is beg for the System to give you more money and privileges and power.. Everything completely unearned

And that is why absolutely no one should care about or respect blacks because on the totality, they have not earned any of it

You allow and welcome people, media and corporations to continually pander and patronize you with no shame or dignity on your part..  

You black people truly have no pride or genuine self-confidence in your worth..  Only those who posture and pose and 'front' lack self-worth..

155+ years since Emancipation and still culturally and intellectually backward - Christ!

So in closing, dear black people - you are deeply pathetic and while no white has the courage to tell you this to your face, we're doing it now because we do hate to see over-inflated bubbles not popped. 

Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Mantra to Defeat the Black Lives "Matter" Scourge

--  'Black lives Do NOT Matter..  Black lives Should NOT matter..'

Right now we, the sane ones are suffering through a propaganda blitzkrieg of a Nazi Germany Goebbels propaganda scale and scope

The only difference is basically this:

The Nazis back in the 1930s committed themselves 24/7 into portraying a group of people who were a successful and integral part of German society (the Jews) and brainwashing a populace into believing they were inferior and akin to rats

And today we are being bombarded by militant coloreds and white guilt/shame cuckolds with the lie that a race of inferior unexceptional black rats are exceptional to the rest of society and demand respect, deference, power and a humiliating kneeling

--  'Black lives Do NOT Matter..  Black lives Should NOT matter..'

Same tactics used then v now..

Back in the 1930s Nazi film and radio continually pushed the belief that all of Germany's failings including WWI's defeat was because of Jewish people and played upon economic hard times and economic depression and fear of the unknown to galvanize millions to buy into the bullshit of 'Seig Heil' which quickly became an automatic reflex like saying 'bless you' after another sneezes

Today the uppity negro along with the absolutely mentally fucked up white trash are stoking fear through riots and intimidation and murder to get America to buy into the bullshit that black lives 'matter' which is untrue

--  'Black lives Do NOT Matter..  Black lives Should NOT matter..'

You better get that mantra into your head if you are going to survive this avalanche of nonstop propaganda which has infested and contaminated every aspect of society like the blacks themselves...

Say it to yourself.. repeat it as often as necessary..

Every time you go on Amazon or Walmart or RedBox or AirBnB or a thousand other websites pushing that Lie since to those corporations, those people matter far more than you

Every time you see an uppity negro on TV or film or in the news or read a news article or forced to be around an angry black bitch or bastard in your day to day life..

--  'Black lives Do NOT Matter..  Black lives Should NOT matter..'

Keep repeating it in your mind.. keep softly expressing it like you would any meditation

Don't express the mantra to express anger or to try to fuel the rage

The mantra is matter of fact..

No different than expressing 'Sun is daytime and moon is night'

It is the only way you are going to survive this new normal and retain personal power where the barnyard animals have completely taken over the farm with the white farmer's acquiescence

Even Trump, the pandering prick President calls those people the fake-phony hyphenated term to make them feel more important than they are

--  'Black lives Do NOT Matter..  Black lives Should NOT matter..'

We don't care what anyone says publicly, we absolutely 100% know that most people are tired of the black and have a hatred for them that perhaps three weeks ago did not possess

The blacks secretly have hated whites for generations..

Now its OK to secretly hate them back

Just don't do anything stupid.. Don't take the law into your hands.. Do Not cross that line..  Don't even think it!  It is what they want and no one is worth the consequences

When you are tense or stressed and/or want to scream at how atrocious blacks and white guilt/shame anuses are, just recite in your mind or out loud the mantra until you are calm and at peace

Say it 10x.. 100x..  1000x if necessary

Something is only 'real' if you believe it to be real so Don't!!

That's how you defeat mindless base animals who do not value or respect the sanctity of your life

--  'Black lives Do NOT Matter..  Black lives Should NOT matter..'

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Gandhi Thought Pretty Low of Blacks Too..

This post was written around January, 2018..  We're re-posting because its interesting and relevant..
We need to choose what kind of society we wish to live in

Either one where being 'racist' is worse than being a 'rapist' and no matter how good a person you are or what you contribute(d) to society, you are only judged favorable if you have a positive view toward blacks and a 2017 worldview..  OR

We stop this nonsense and just accept the truth that a person can be wonderful and/or important to society and Not like blacks, and still be looked favorable for all the positive qualities and/or accomplishments of that person

The two are not a contradiction..
We found an interesting article written a few years back in a black newspaper called the Atlanta Black Star..

In it, they provide many specific quotations by Gandhi taken from "The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi", a collection of his writings and statements during the years he spent working as an attorney in South Africa, before he went back to India in 1915 to fight for their independence.

In the following written quotes by Ghandi, he refers to blacks as 'kaffirs' which was the South African equivalent of us in the US calling them 'niggers'..  Some argue back then that the term had a neutral meaning but you be the judge
Indians Dragged Down to the Kaffirs

Before Dec. 19, 1894: “A general belief seems to prevail in the Colony that the Indians are little better, if at all, than savages or the Natives of Africa. Even the children are taught to believe in that manner, with the result that the Indian is being dragged down to the position of a raw Kaffir.

Kaffirs Pass Their Lives in ‘Indolence and Nakedness’

Sept. 26, 1896: “Ours is one continual struggle against a degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by the Europeans, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir whose occupation is hunting, and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with and, then, pass his life in indolence and nakedness.”
Kaffirs Would Not Work

Oct. 26, 1896: “There is a bye-law in Durban which requires registration of coloured servants. This rule may be, and perhaps is, necessary for the Kaffirs who would not work, but absolutely useless with regard to the Indians. But the policy is to class the Indian with the Kaffir whenever possible.”

Indians ‘Infinitely Superior’ to the Kaffirs

Before May 27, 1899: “Your Petitioner has seen the Location intended to be used by the Indians. It would place them, who are undoubtedly infinitely superior to the Kaffirs, in close proximity to the latter.”
Indians Shouldn’t Be Taxed Like Kaffirs

May 24, 1903: “The £3 tax is merely a penalty for wearing the brown skin and it would appear that, whereas Kaffirs are taxed because they do not work at all or sufficiently, we are to be taxed evidently because we work too much, the only thing in common between the two being the absence of the white skin.”

Indians Forced to Live with Too Many Kaffirs

Feb. 11, 1904: “I venture to write you regarding the shocking state of the Indian Location. The rooms appear to be overcrowded beyond description. The sanitary service is very irregular, and many of the residents of the Location have been to my office to complain that the sanitary condition is far worse than before. There is, too, a very large Kaffir population in the Location for which really there is no warrant.”
Calamity Coming for Johannesburg

Feb. 15, 1904: “I feel convinced that every minute wasted over the matter merely hastens a calamity for Johannesburg and that through absolutely no fault of the British Indians. Why, of all places in Johannesburg, the Indian Location should be chosen for dumping down all the kaffirs of the town passes my comprehension.”

No Mixing Kaffirs With Indians

Feb. 15, 1904: “Of course, under my suggestion, the Town Council must withdraw the Kaffirs from the Location. About this mixing of the Kaffirs with the Indians, I must confess I feel most strongly. I think it is very unfair to the Indian population and it is an undue tax on even the proverbial patience of my countrymen.”
Kaffirs Less Advanced

Sept. 9, 1906: “Even the half-castes and Kaffirs, who are less advanced than we, have resisted the Government. The pass law applies to them as well, but they do not take out passes.”

Even a Kaffir Policeman Can Accost Indians?

June 4, 1907: “Are we supposed to be thieves or free-booters that even a Kaffir policeman can accost and detain us wherever we happen to be going?”

Kaffirs Can Be Pleased With Toys and Pins

Feb. 2, 1908: “The British rulers take us to be so lowly and ignorant that they assume that, like the Kaffirs who can be pleased with toys and pins, we can also be fobbed off with trinkets.”
Kaffirs Are Uncivilized Animals

July 3, 1907: “Kaffirs are as a rule uncivilised – the convicts even more so. They are troublesome, very dirty and live almost like animals. Each ward contains nearly 50 to 60 of them. They often started rows and fought among themselves. The reader can easily imagine the plight of the poor Indian thrown into such company!”

Indians Must Stay Away From Kaffir Women

Dec. 2, 1910: “Some Indians do have contacts with Kaffir women. I think such contacts are fraught with grave danger. Indians would do well to avoid them altogether.
Still think Gandhi was awesome?

We he was Awesome..  He was so before you learned he thought blacks were Shit and still is after you read this because you can not judge a person's goodness and quality of a person by how they think of blacks..   That is ignorance at its worst

A Super Concise Understanding of Violence, Race & Reaction

~ Whites kicking a defenseless white..  And No one cares..

We could write 12-20 paragraphs on this topic but the following is far simpler and much more concise..

Black and white-guilt cuckold reaction to violence:

White perpetrator + White victim =  Shrug~

Black perpetrator + Black victim =  Shhhh...

Black perpetrator + White victim =  Yayyy!

White perpetrator + Black victim = Burn! Loot! Destroy! Riot! Kill!!

Liberal white guilt/shame cuck media and corporate reaction:

White perpetrator + White victim =  Yawnnn..

Black perpetrator + Black victim =  Ehh..

Black perpetrator + White victim =  Zzzzz..

White perpetrator + Black victim =   (kneeling and crying) Racism! Fuck America! Black Lives Matter! We're Soooo Sorry!  We deserve to be physically hurt and our white women fucked and impregnated by you for our sins of privilege..

It is not any more complicated to figure out then that

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

A Controversial but Brutally Honest Assessment of Blacks, Trump & Riots

A lot has been said and written about the black guy who was killed by the white cop and all the protests and the looting and rioting and Trump's impotence in dealing with this..

It's a topic we really didn't feel like writing on since to be honest, we don't care even to know the man's name much less anything else, but like everything else ever covered by news, they never provide alternate perspectives and so that's where we come in

So we're going to address a few points briefly that maybe you agree with or find awful but either way they have to be said

1)  Black Lives do NOT Matter!  They 100% Do NOT and they NEVER EVER will matter because they don't give a fuck about white lives like the ones that blacks rape and/or kill on a daily basis

And let's look at this man's death with an honesty so few choose to..

If the victim was white, the worthless to the core black community would not give a Shit and not use up any of their collective energies to protest it

If a black officer killed the black victim, there may be some protests and violence because of the colored people's hatred for police and authority but not to this extent.

And if a black officer murdered a white man, there'd be deafening silence

So as long as the colored community holds those biases, we and you should not give a God Damn about black lives or treat someone of that group as exceptional or special as society does every time that fake-fuck contrived hyphenated Afr-Am term is used

2) Trump is a deeply worthless President and person

Four years ago we passionately supported him for President over the closet-dyke Hillary and defended him for most of this first term

OK, we were wrong and honest enough to admit it.

The Democrats and SP liberals in particular are still donkey feces covered with maggots but doesn't change who Trump really is..  and for lack of subtlety, he is a Grade A Motherfucker

We really soured on him the past month or so when it was clear he doesn't care how many have to die from the Chinese Virus in order to win an election

But he really up that Motherfucker moniker on full display with his constant tweets about being a law & order President and threatening to call up and use the military and Refusing to actually do so!!

Yesterday's tweets are as good as any to show what an unstable mind Trump possesses and a man devoid of both character and guts

As America is burning, he's tweeting endorsement of political candidates, demanding governors call in the National Guard as if he is one of us and completely powerless do so anything to stop the protests and rioting

And when he's not doing that, he's constant tweeting to the God-Damn black community all the things he's done for them as President as if they actually matter and they actually care

Three and a half years Wasted trying to appeal to gutter people to vote for him while continually middle fingering the masses of White voters who only supported the Orange faced pig because they and we believed he'd put them back in their place and remind the bottomfeeders it wasn't Obama's world anymore

So its not 8+ days/nights of anarchy and destruction, everyone is so scared of the fucking black they bend over backward, and spread anus to appease and Trump. Mr Big Talker is among them

3)  Lastly, those people always win

Exasperating but true..blacks pretend to be victim but they always wins in this country when they riot

When all this is over, those fucking people will get everything they want - legislation specifically targeted for their benefit, a more powerful voice at the political, social and economic table, a greater chance a colored cunt will be President since Biden is now forced to select one of the ape women as his VP and everyone from corporations to Hollywood to the media will do all they collectively can to make blacks feel even more smug and important as they are

You might not have realized this but you do not live in America..  You live in Africa and just like All central and southern African nations, the black is in control and take their revenge on the white population on a daily basis and put them in inferior status

And if you don't understand this, well you will..  Even the sleepiest stupid people wake up from their slumber

This has really been a TERRIBLE year and between virus, economic depression and more power stolen by the black its just not going to ever get better

And if you have no children, be thankful to God for sparing them a bleak future

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Remember kids...

Some Virus Q&A's

So its been two months since we shut down the economy and prevented millions from earning a living. so let's do some basic Q&A about the past, present and future

Q:  Was it all necessary - the shutdown/lockdown?

A:  Dems say 'Absolutely & keep it all closed until after election so economy tanks and Biden wins'; Reps say 'Absolutely not..everyone back to work even if people die so economy improves by election';  A&G - Yes & No

Q:  That's a pretty weak response.. Yes or No...  Can't be both..

A:  Sure it can.  Without society closing, the virus would have spread more rapid and killed more people, especially elderly and those with pre-existing conditions BUT essential stores like WalMart, pharmacies did NOT need to close early; curfews did NOT need to be implemented.

Q:  What will happen with the country slowly opening up?

A: More people Will get the virus and more Will die needlessly because many will assume all is well; Economically there will be a bump in employment and GDP but there's one thing everyone better understand and damn fast..

Q:  What is that?

A:  America as well as rest of world is in a the beginnings of a global Depression with a D.  Not recession.. Not a blip, bleep or bloop.. Not a V shaped or even U shaped recovery..  Think the letter 'W' as in wwwww...  up/down.. up/down

Q: What exactly does that mean - all the stuff from the days of the 1930s?

A:  Yes but it won't all be so sudden...  People in the 1930s did not have credit cards so when the money was gone and nothing left to sell, then the bread lines..  People nowadays do an excellent job hiding how bad their economic lives are but it will be felt worse than 1930s

Q:  How so?

A:  As a people.. nationally.. globally, we're not tough enough and non-adaptive.  People in the 1930s..  We're a soft human race.. too much technology, entertainment and distraction..

Q:  You mentioned earlier about both Dems and Reps thinking election and wanting the economy to tank or rebound solely for their party to win..  How does A&G see it?

A:  No matter what anyone says.. no matter what is open or closed, there Will be a second wave of the virus and historically from Black Plague to Spanish Flu, wave #2 is worse than wave #1.. Then question become, will everything be re-shut down or will everything defiantly stay open and which is worse evil by autumn..

Q:  Well?!

Here's the most simple way of determining who will win in November..  If sports, concerts, Broadway shows, etc can re-open and stay open by Election Day, it means things very slowly are getting better and Trump wins;  If they re-open then close or never truly open at all, then the economy is dead, people are scared and Biden wins..

Q:  That simple huh?

A:  Yep.. its the 'canary in the coal mine'..  It represents the full normalcy which still is not even close to getting to..  Haircuts and visits to the dentist are nice but the ability to go to a show or watch a ballgame in person is the telltale sign

Q:  One last question..  Do you ever see this end.. the fear?

A:  Until there is a vaccine, everyone should be in fear because this is Not the flu..  The flu does not have the potential to take away up to 13 years of life expectancy or forever limit lung capacity or dramatically increase chances for blood clots in the feet and strokes even if you survive..  Also flu spreads on a 1 to 1 ratio; a person infected with corona can infect many

Its one thing to want the country to re-open quick if that's your belief but don't be an asshole and minimize or trivialize it to make some kind of point. 

As of this writing, over 80,000 people have died in the US in merely the last two months.. That's more fatalities than all the Americans who died in the Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War and Spanish-American war combined

So be smart.. be safe and understand both political parties have sinister motives for the positions they take and neither care a damn about you and your family..

That is Your job.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

9 reasons why Chinese Virus is Wonderful

Everyone wants to focus on the gloom n doom of the China-origin virus (sorry but 'corona' is a Mexican beer) , namely the death & suffering..

This is true.. it has made some suffer and taken some lives..

As a statistic based on a population of 320+ million Americans, about 0.002% have died from it which equals 2 thousandth of one percent

Think about it.. 13,000 have died out of 320+ Million people and that has justified the complete man-made destruction of the US economy and cutting back of nearly every freedom and civil liberty

And who said people aren't mindless worthless sheep...

But there are positives to this China virus:

1)  Most of us are getting $1,200 for doing nothing and do not even have to pay taxes on it next year when filing...

They call it assistance..  It's really a bribe of course

'Don't start riots and try to overthrow the government and kill everyone in a position of power and authority because we the government are spending over $2 trillion to help banks, the stock market and cronies and in exchange you will get enough money to pay mortgage and electric'

But $1,200 is $1,200 and if times were normal you'd have to be a slave, um I mean employee to earn that much

2)  Everyone is or will be getting 15% off car insurance for their next 6 month renew..

I'll be saving early $100 for doing absolutely nothing and the best part is I still drive even when told not to, which leads to the next positive...

3)  Traffic is absolutely dead especially at night and it is Wonderful

Really.. it is WONDERFUL!!

I went out for a long drive at around 1a just because I felt like it.. Absolutely no one on the road..

In front of me.. behind me.. the opposite direction.. no one at intersections..  It's something out of the 1980s B-film 'Night of the Comet' and I thank God for it every night!

4)  Hollywood is being systematically Destroyed!!!

These liberal fucks can not make their social-progressive shit movies and TV shows here, abroad or anywhere else!  Thousands of people from Trump hating actors to Trump hating faggot costume designers and make up people can not make a living

Once again, thank you God for hurting liberals when it matters most

5)  It forces people to have to actually involve themselves and interact with their families

Most worthless parents are too busy to be an active part of their children's lives with the #1 excuse always being working as in 'Sorry hun, can't see your ballet recital because Mommy/Daddy has to work

Fuck that and fuck Them

Now corona has made it where many people have been furloughed or lost their jobs completely and instead of caring about their kids, its now 'Sorry but Mommy/Daddy is busy on social media'

6)  I read an article that many couples are breaking up or filing for divorce because they never realized just how much they couldn't stand the sight n' smell of one another while distracted with trivial activities like work, fitness center, etc to get their minds off homelife

I don't like fake people who are fake happy and never show genuine public emotion of vulnerability..  Maybe this trend will help burst their Id bubbles

7)  The China virus hits blacks disproportionately to their statistical representation


God damn colored people are only 15% of the population..  That's it!

They complain that 42% of the China virus' deaths are their mud color yet never complain that they are represented in 99.9% of all movies, TV shows and commercials including every judge in a courtroom scene

The only time you don't see coloreds is when its an ad for a security alarm system - then all the baddies are powder donut white

8)  Lots of freebies thanks to China virus.. 

Cable channels like are giving free months to watch movies, sports like MLB and NBA are allowing people to watch older games free, internet providers like Xfinity are giving unlimited internet downloads without fees

9)  If one has the guts and true self-honesty, its a great opportunity to create a list of all the people who did you wrong and/or who are truly rotten people you wish quietly would contract it and pay for their evil..

Thinking a specific former online friend from Tennessee among tops on the list..  If you're reading this, you know who you are..   God knows you deserve to get it

Sorry everyone, some things I don't feel like being subtle about..

Most people have certain people they knew whom they hate deeply but will never break the law to get even..  Us included.   A nice virus does let the mind wander though

Anyways it makes one wish this pandemic never end

But it will and it will follow a massive Great Depression which no one is prepared for but we here at A&G spent over 9 years warning about while few to none of our readers bothered to spread the world of our existance

Que Sera Sera

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Coronavirus.. Only The Beginning of the Misery

We haven't posted in a few months because basically there was little to write about and we weren't going to pay any more attention or give any more respect to impeachment as we had to

So now we're here, the world is in a global pandemic, we're heading into a major global depression that will dwarf 1929 and economically speaking, we spent 9 years warning you of it

Thousands of posts over 9+ years and most of you refused to spread the word of A&G and help it grow so that we had the motivation to continue since we never charged or took in ads

So here we are.
Everyone is talking on the virus itself and all the health-related issues so we're going to skip that because in the long term, its not important

What is important is many of you are going to take a very deep financial hit over the decisions made by the government, corporations and private businesses and its going to be painful and lasting

We never bullshitted here or gave spin.. not once so won't start now

As everything closes from schools to sports leagues, it has a ripple effect on the economy and everyone suffers in some way
Expect massive layoffs in all sectors within the next couple months then an intense round of Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcies will very soon follow

Since most live paycheck to check with less than $1000 in savings, expect if you aren't already, to be living 100% on credit cards until they max out

And then you know the drill..  Credit cards, car and mortgage default and then the B word..

Bankruptcy for millions of people will no credit and tarnished credit cares for a decade while for some, still dealing with student loans since they can't be discharged.

The government itself will commit untold Trillions to keep the market afloat, assuming they can - the Fed thanks to Trump's arm twisting has already committed a Trillion extra dollars today to the endeavor
What happens to America happens to the world and what happens to the world happens to America..

It's all part of that lovely globalization that soulless liberal fucks and greedy profit-hungry conservatives created so we could have 'one world' composed of 50 shades of chocolate

Life is going to get very hard for a lot of people once the pandemic is over and most really have no clue because this is beyond stocking away 2 months of toilet paper and baked beans

Probably best most don't fully understand or else there'd be riots

They will come in time
Everyone is so eager on the left to get rid of Trump in November..  We'll see how it will be if senile old fart Biden is making decisions or if some nigger like Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama is VP  (it is assumed he will chose a younger colored woman as his VP nominee)

If I was Trump I don't know if I would be so pro-active..  Too many parasitic, evil to their rot-black core liberals living and thinking its their nation..

Perhaps if this virus could um.. 

But we're off-topic so back to the point..
The reason this economic calamity will be so brutal is no one was truly prepared as a contingency

The thought was terror event or some corporation would default, and it would be a mess but you know, keep plenty of cash handy and blah blah

Except no one wants to touch cash for fear of contamination so there goes that

So who will make it and who won't?
The corporations and banks always make it..

Wealthy individuals - well its like everyday ones.. depends how much money they have in various bank accounts to have immediate access to..

Homes and land investments can not sell in a day; not where you have the actual closing check in hand

Also the more people dependent upon you to survive - spouse, parents, kids, the more brutal the new normal will be, and if you have elderly parents in need of care, you better learn how to clean piss n shit because in all likelihood you wont be able to afford to throw them into long term care then drive away
Could write more but don't feel like it

Just so fuck fucking Mad! 

Over NINE God-Damn years we kept writing and writing to warn you not to trust or believe in the system and protect yourselves and we know you didn't do so, just like you refused to let people know of this blog, the Only place that spoke absolute truth about the economy, politics and social issues

So we'll write more when we feel like it, or when we see more people click here

Until then archive the thousands of posts we wrote and maybe you will find something of use