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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Coronavirus.. Only The Beginning of the Misery

We haven't posted in a few months because basically there was little to write about and we weren't going to pay any more attention or give any more respect to impeachment as we had to

So now we're here, the world is in a global pandemic, we're heading into a major global depression that will dwarf 1929 and economically speaking, we spent 9 years warning you of it

Thousands of posts over 9+ years and most of you refused to spread the word of A&G and help it grow so that we had the motivation to continue since we never charged or took in ads

So here we are.
Everyone is talking on the virus itself and all the health-related issues so we're going to skip that because in the long term, its not important

What is important is many of you are going to take a very deep financial hit over the decisions made by the government, corporations and private businesses and its going to be painful and lasting

We never bullshitted here or gave spin.. not once so won't start now

As everything closes from schools to sports leagues, it has a ripple effect on the economy and everyone suffers in some way
Expect massive layoffs in all sectors within the next couple months then an intense round of Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcies will very soon follow

Since most live paycheck to check with less than $1000 in savings, expect if you aren't already, to be living 100% on credit cards until they max out

And then you know the drill..  Credit cards, car and mortgage default and then the B word..

Bankruptcy for millions of people will no credit and tarnished credit cares for a decade while for some, still dealing with student loans since they can't be discharged.

The government itself will commit untold Trillions to keep the market afloat, assuming they can - the Fed thanks to Trump's arm twisting has already committed a Trillion extra dollars today to the endeavor
What happens to America happens to the world and what happens to the world happens to America..

It's all part of that lovely globalization that soulless liberal fucks and greedy profit-hungry conservatives created so we could have 'one world' composed of 50 shades of chocolate

Life is going to get very hard for a lot of people once the pandemic is over and most really have no clue because this is beyond stocking away 2 months of toilet paper and baked beans

Probably best most don't fully understand or else there'd be riots

They will come in time
Everyone is so eager on the left to get rid of Trump in November..  We'll see how it will be if senile old fart Biden is making decisions or if some nigger like Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama is VP  (it is assumed he will chose a younger colored woman as his VP nominee)

If I was Trump I don't know if I would be so pro-active..  Too many parasitic, evil to their rot-black core liberals living and thinking its their nation..

Perhaps if this virus could um.. 

But we're off-topic so back to the point..
The reason this economic calamity will be so brutal is no one was truly prepared as a contingency

The thought was terror event or some corporation would default, and it would be a mess but you know, keep plenty of cash handy and blah blah

Except no one wants to touch cash for fear of contamination so there goes that

So who will make it and who won't?
The corporations and banks always make it..

Wealthy individuals - well its like everyday ones.. depends how much money they have in various bank accounts to have immediate access to..

Homes and land investments can not sell in a day; not where you have the actual closing check in hand

Also the more people dependent upon you to survive - spouse, parents, kids, the more brutal the new normal will be, and if you have elderly parents in need of care, you better learn how to clean piss n shit because in all likelihood you wont be able to afford to throw them into long term care then drive away
Could write more but don't feel like it

Just so fuck fucking Mad! 

Over NINE God-Damn years we kept writing and writing to warn you not to trust or believe in the system and protect yourselves and we know you didn't do so, just like you refused to let people know of this blog, the Only place that spoke absolute truth about the economy, politics and social issues

So we'll write more when we feel like it, or when we see more people click here

Until then archive the thousands of posts we wrote and maybe you will find something of use