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Thursday, April 9, 2020

9 reasons why Chinese Virus is Wonderful

Everyone wants to focus on the gloom n doom of the China-origin virus (sorry but 'corona' is a Mexican beer) , namely the death & suffering..

This is true.. it has made some suffer and taken some lives..

As a statistic based on a population of 320+ million Americans, about 0.002% have died from it which equals 2 thousandth of one percent

Think about it.. 13,000 have died out of 320+ Million people and that has justified the complete man-made destruction of the US economy and cutting back of nearly every freedom and civil liberty

And who said people aren't mindless worthless sheep...

But there are positives to this China virus:

1)  Most of us are getting $1,200 for doing nothing and do not even have to pay taxes on it next year when filing...

They call it assistance..  It's really a bribe of course

'Don't start riots and try to overthrow the government and kill everyone in a position of power and authority because we the government are spending over $2 trillion to help banks, the stock market and cronies and in exchange you will get enough money to pay mortgage and electric'

But $1,200 is $1,200 and if times were normal you'd have to be a slave, um I mean employee to earn that much

2)  Everyone is or will be getting 15% off car insurance for their next 6 month renew..

I'll be saving early $100 for doing absolutely nothing and the best part is I still drive even when told not to, which leads to the next positive...

3)  Traffic is absolutely dead especially at night and it is Wonderful

Really.. it is WONDERFUL!!

I went out for a long drive at around 1a just because I felt like it.. Absolutely no one on the road..

In front of me.. behind me.. the opposite direction.. no one at intersections..  It's something out of the 1980s B-film 'Night of the Comet' and I thank God for it every night!

4)  Hollywood is being systematically Destroyed!!!

These liberal fucks can not make their social-progressive shit movies and TV shows here, abroad or anywhere else!  Thousands of people from Trump hating actors to Trump hating faggot costume designers and make up people can not make a living

Once again, thank you God for hurting liberals when it matters most

5)  It forces people to have to actually involve themselves and interact with their families

Most worthless parents are too busy to be an active part of their children's lives with the #1 excuse always being working as in 'Sorry hun, can't see your ballet recital because Mommy/Daddy has to work

Fuck that and fuck Them

Now corona has made it where many people have been furloughed or lost their jobs completely and instead of caring about their kids, its now 'Sorry but Mommy/Daddy is busy on social media'

6)  I read an article that many couples are breaking up or filing for divorce because they never realized just how much they couldn't stand the sight n' smell of one another while distracted with trivial activities like work, fitness center, etc to get their minds off homelife

I don't like fake people who are fake happy and never show genuine public emotion of vulnerability..  Maybe this trend will help burst their Id bubbles

7)  The China virus hits blacks disproportionately to their statistical representation


God damn colored people are only 15% of the population..  That's it!

They complain that 42% of the China virus' deaths are their mud color yet never complain that they are represented in 99.9% of all movies, TV shows and commercials including every judge in a courtroom scene

The only time you don't see coloreds is when its an ad for a security alarm system - then all the baddies are powder donut white

8)  Lots of freebies thanks to China virus.. 

Cable channels like are giving free months to watch movies, sports like MLB and NBA are allowing people to watch older games free, internet providers like Xfinity are giving unlimited internet downloads without fees

9)  If one has the guts and true self-honesty, its a great opportunity to create a list of all the people who did you wrong and/or who are truly rotten people you wish quietly would contract it and pay for their evil..

Thinking a specific former online friend from Tennessee among tops on the list..  If you're reading this, you know who you are..   God knows you deserve to get it

Sorry everyone, some things I don't feel like being subtle about..

Most people have certain people they knew whom they hate deeply but will never break the law to get even..  Us included.   A nice virus does let the mind wander though

Anyways it makes one wish this pandemic never end

But it will and it will follow a massive Great Depression which no one is prepared for but we here at A&G spent over 9 years warning about while few to none of our readers bothered to spread the world of our existance

Que Sera Sera