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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Remember kids...

Some Virus Q&A's

So its been two months since we shut down the economy and prevented millions from earning a living. so let's do some basic Q&A about the past, present and future

Q:  Was it all necessary - the shutdown/lockdown?

A:  Dems say 'Absolutely & keep it all closed until after election so economy tanks and Biden wins'; Reps say 'Absolutely not..everyone back to work even if people die so economy improves by election';  A&G - Yes & No

Q:  That's a pretty weak response.. Yes or No...  Can't be both..

A:  Sure it can.  Without society closing, the virus would have spread more rapid and killed more people, especially elderly and those with pre-existing conditions BUT essential stores like WalMart, pharmacies did NOT need to close early; curfews did NOT need to be implemented.

Q:  What will happen with the country slowly opening up?

A: More people Will get the virus and more Will die needlessly because many will assume all is well; Economically there will be a bump in employment and GDP but there's one thing everyone better understand and damn fast..

Q:  What is that?

A:  America as well as rest of world is in a the beginnings of a global Depression with a D.  Not recession.. Not a blip, bleep or bloop.. Not a V shaped or even U shaped recovery..  Think the letter 'W' as in wwwww...  up/down.. up/down

Q: What exactly does that mean - all the stuff from the days of the 1930s?

A:  Yes but it won't all be so sudden...  People in the 1930s did not have credit cards so when the money was gone and nothing left to sell, then the bread lines..  People nowadays do an excellent job hiding how bad their economic lives are but it will be felt worse than 1930s

Q:  How so?

A:  As a people.. nationally.. globally, we're not tough enough and non-adaptive.  People in the 1930s..  We're a soft human race.. too much technology, entertainment and distraction..

Q:  You mentioned earlier about both Dems and Reps thinking election and wanting the economy to tank or rebound solely for their party to win..  How does A&G see it?

A:  No matter what anyone says.. no matter what is open or closed, there Will be a second wave of the virus and historically from Black Plague to Spanish Flu, wave #2 is worse than wave #1.. Then question become, will everything be re-shut down or will everything defiantly stay open and which is worse evil by autumn..

Q:  Well?!

Here's the most simple way of determining who will win in November..  If sports, concerts, Broadway shows, etc can re-open and stay open by Election Day, it means things very slowly are getting better and Trump wins;  If they re-open then close or never truly open at all, then the economy is dead, people are scared and Biden wins..

Q:  That simple huh?

A:  Yep.. its the 'canary in the coal mine'..  It represents the full normalcy which still is not even close to getting to..  Haircuts and visits to the dentist are nice but the ability to go to a show or watch a ballgame in person is the telltale sign

Q:  One last question..  Do you ever see this end.. the fear?

A:  Until there is a vaccine, everyone should be in fear because this is Not the flu..  The flu does not have the potential to take away up to 13 years of life expectancy or forever limit lung capacity or dramatically increase chances for blood clots in the feet and strokes even if you survive..  Also flu spreads on a 1 to 1 ratio; a person infected with corona can infect many

Its one thing to want the country to re-open quick if that's your belief but don't be an asshole and minimize or trivialize it to make some kind of point. 

As of this writing, over 80,000 people have died in the US in merely the last two months.. That's more fatalities than all the Americans who died in the Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War and Spanish-American war combined

So be smart.. be safe and understand both political parties have sinister motives for the positions they take and neither care a damn about you and your family..

That is Your job.