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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

A Controversial but Brutally Honest Assessment of Blacks, Trump & Riots

A lot has been said and written about the black guy who was killed by the white cop and all the protests and the looting and rioting and Trump's impotence in dealing with this..

It's a topic we really didn't feel like writing on since to be honest, we don't care even to know the man's name much less anything else, but like everything else ever covered by news, they never provide alternate perspectives and so that's where we come in

So we're going to address a few points briefly that maybe you agree with or find awful but either way they have to be said

1)  Black Lives do NOT Matter!  They 100% Do NOT and they NEVER EVER will matter because they don't give a fuck about white lives like the ones that blacks rape and/or kill on a daily basis

And let's look at this man's death with an honesty so few choose to..

If the victim was white, the worthless to the core black community would not give a Shit and not use up any of their collective energies to protest it

If a black officer killed the black victim, there may be some protests and violence because of the colored people's hatred for police and authority but not to this extent.

And if a black officer murdered a white man, there'd be deafening silence

So as long as the colored community holds those biases, we and you should not give a God Damn about black lives or treat someone of that group as exceptional or special as society does every time that fake-fuck contrived hyphenated Afr-Am term is used

2) Trump is a deeply worthless President and person

Four years ago we passionately supported him for President over the closet-dyke Hillary and defended him for most of this first term

OK, we were wrong and honest enough to admit it.

The Democrats and SP liberals in particular are still donkey feces covered with maggots but doesn't change who Trump really is..  and for lack of subtlety, he is a Grade A Motherfucker

We really soured on him the past month or so when it was clear he doesn't care how many have to die from the Chinese Virus in order to win an election

But he really up that Motherfucker moniker on full display with his constant tweets about being a law & order President and threatening to call up and use the military and Refusing to actually do so!!

Yesterday's tweets are as good as any to show what an unstable mind Trump possesses and a man devoid of both character and guts

As America is burning, he's tweeting endorsement of political candidates, demanding governors call in the National Guard as if he is one of us and completely powerless do so anything to stop the protests and rioting

And when he's not doing that, he's constant tweeting to the God-Damn black community all the things he's done for them as President as if they actually matter and they actually care

Three and a half years Wasted trying to appeal to gutter people to vote for him while continually middle fingering the masses of White voters who only supported the Orange faced pig because they and we believed he'd put them back in their place and remind the bottomfeeders it wasn't Obama's world anymore

So its not 8+ days/nights of anarchy and destruction, everyone is so scared of the fucking black they bend over backward, and spread anus to appease and Trump. Mr Big Talker is among them

3)  Lastly, those people always win

Exasperating but true..blacks pretend to be victim but they always wins in this country when they riot

When all this is over, those fucking people will get everything they want - legislation specifically targeted for their benefit, a more powerful voice at the political, social and economic table, a greater chance a colored cunt will be President since Biden is now forced to select one of the ape women as his VP and everyone from corporations to Hollywood to the media will do all they collectively can to make blacks feel even more smug and important as they are

You might not have realized this but you do not live in America..  You live in Africa and just like All central and southern African nations, the black is in control and take their revenge on the white population on a daily basis and put them in inferior status

And if you don't understand this, well you will..  Even the sleepiest stupid people wake up from their slumber

This has really been a TERRIBLE year and between virus, economic depression and more power stolen by the black its just not going to ever get better

And if you have no children, be thankful to God for sparing them a bleak future