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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

A Super Concise Understanding of Violence, Race & Reaction

~ Whites kicking a defenseless white..  And No one cares..

We could write 12-20 paragraphs on this topic but the following is far simpler and much more concise..

Black and white-guilt cuckold reaction to violence:

White perpetrator + White victim =  Shrug~

Black perpetrator + Black victim =  Shhhh...

Black perpetrator + White victim =  Yayyy!

White perpetrator + Black victim = Burn! Loot! Destroy! Riot! Kill!!

Liberal white guilt/shame cuck media and corporate reaction:

White perpetrator + White victim =  Yawnnn..

Black perpetrator + Black victim =  Ehh..

Black perpetrator + White victim =  Zzzzz..

White perpetrator + Black victim =   (kneeling and crying) Racism! Fuck America! Black Lives Matter! We're Soooo Sorry!  We deserve to be physically hurt and our white women fucked and impregnated by you for our sins of privilege..

It is not any more complicated to figure out then that