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Friday, June 19, 2020

Dear Black People.. (Keeping it Really Real)

Dear black people..

Going to keep this really Real..  can you take it?  We'll see..

Pretty, pretty please.. with whipped creme and cherry on top..

Shut the Mother-Fuck up!

No one gives a God-Damn about you and your contrived problems..   That means made-up in case you people do not know the definition of 'contrivance'

A black man was killed by a white cop -- SO WHAT!

How Dare you demand I care at all about your lives when you do not care on Caucasians' lives which whether you wish to admit or not, matter more than yours

Why do white lives matter more?  

We are the thinkers, the creators, the doers..

Generally speaking, you blacks are not.

You put balls in hoops and run for touchdowns and sing and rap and commit crime..

Did you people know that only 2% of blacks hold masters degrees and only 1% of all those who hold doctorates are the color of tumors

Always exceptions to the rule but you people are academically bottom of the barrel and extremely primitive in terms of how you problem-solve

Any time you can not get your way, you fucking bitches and bastards commit violence - you assault and rape and kill and loot and burn, like the most backward mindless base animal savages from the darkest black rot soul parts of Africa

And do it with no guilt or shame or remorse

Every black who protested and rioted should have been beaten across the back with a steel chain but the reality is most got away with their ape-like commonness

You blacks.. You do not matter!  You should not matter!

Every other race, religion, ethnicity, etc who suffered prejudice and bigotry has succeeded in life..  Every group but you fucking colored people

Irish.. Italians. Jews, Muslims, Eastern European, Southern European, American Indians, Indian Indians, people from all over the Far East and Central America and South America have as a group succeeded and thrived in America

Everyone but you fucking worthless blacks

And you Never look inward.. You Never seek to fix your problems..

All you do is beg for the System to give you more money and privileges and power.. Everything completely unearned

And that is why absolutely no one should care about or respect blacks because on the totality, they have not earned any of it

You allow and welcome people, media and corporations to continually pander and patronize you with no shame or dignity on your part..  

You black people truly have no pride or genuine self-confidence in your worth..  Only those who posture and pose and 'front' lack self-worth..

155+ years since Emancipation and still culturally and intellectually backward - Christ!

So in closing, dear black people - you are deeply pathetic and while no white has the courage to tell you this to your face, we're doing it now because we do hate to see over-inflated bubbles not popped.