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Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Mantra to Defeat the Black Lives "Matter" Scourge

--  'Black lives Do NOT Matter..  Black lives Should NOT matter..'

Right now we, the sane ones are suffering through a propaganda blitzkrieg of a Nazi Germany Goebbels propaganda scale and scope

The only difference is basically this:

The Nazis back in the 1930s committed themselves 24/7 into portraying a group of people who were a successful and integral part of German society (the Jews) and brainwashing a populace into believing they were inferior and akin to rats

And today we are being bombarded by militant coloreds and white guilt/shame cuckolds with the lie that a race of inferior unexceptional black rats are exceptional to the rest of society and demand respect, deference, power and a humiliating kneeling

--  'Black lives Do NOT Matter..  Black lives Should NOT matter..'

Same tactics used then v now..

Back in the 1930s Nazi film and radio continually pushed the belief that all of Germany's failings including WWI's defeat was because of Jewish people and played upon economic hard times and economic depression and fear of the unknown to galvanize millions to buy into the bullshit of 'Seig Heil' which quickly became an automatic reflex like saying 'bless you' after another sneezes

Today the uppity negro along with the absolutely mentally fucked up white trash are stoking fear through riots and intimidation and murder to get America to buy into the bullshit that black lives 'matter' which is untrue

--  'Black lives Do NOT Matter..  Black lives Should NOT matter..'

You better get that mantra into your head if you are going to survive this avalanche of nonstop propaganda which has infested and contaminated every aspect of society like the blacks themselves...

Say it to yourself.. repeat it as often as necessary..

Every time you go on Amazon or Walmart or RedBox or AirBnB or a thousand other websites pushing that Lie since to those corporations, those people matter far more than you

Every time you see an uppity negro on TV or film or in the news or read a news article or forced to be around an angry black bitch or bastard in your day to day life..

--  'Black lives Do NOT Matter..  Black lives Should NOT matter..'

Keep repeating it in your mind.. keep softly expressing it like you would any meditation

Don't express the mantra to express anger or to try to fuel the rage

The mantra is matter of fact..

No different than expressing 'Sun is daytime and moon is night'

It is the only way you are going to survive this new normal and retain personal power where the barnyard animals have completely taken over the farm with the white farmer's acquiescence

Even Trump, the pandering prick President calls those people the fake-phony hyphenated term to make them feel more important than they are

--  'Black lives Do NOT Matter..  Black lives Should NOT matter..'

We don't care what anyone says publicly, we absolutely 100% know that most people are tired of the black and have a hatred for them that perhaps three weeks ago did not possess

The blacks secretly have hated whites for generations..

Now its OK to secretly hate them back

Just don't do anything stupid.. Don't take the law into your hands.. Do Not cross that line..  Don't even think it!  It is what they want and no one is worth the consequences

When you are tense or stressed and/or want to scream at how atrocious blacks and white guilt/shame anuses are, just recite in your mind or out loud the mantra until you are calm and at peace

Say it 10x.. 100x..  1000x if necessary

Something is only 'real' if you believe it to be real so Don't!!

That's how you defeat mindless base animals who do not value or respect the sanctity of your life

--  'Black lives Do NOT Matter..  Black lives Should NOT matter..'