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Monday, June 29, 2020

White America Sleeps as Black America Burns their Beds

The biggest frustration we've experienced as a blog in existence for nearly 11 years is how does one get through to a completely indoctrinated society that with few exceptions really does not think for itself..

How is it possible to convince people who've been a prisoner to the K-12 educational system for over 2,000 days of their young lives that nearly everything they've been mind-molded to believe is actually wrong?

How do you push alternative points of view when people mostly do not want to think - they want to make money, eat, watch TV, fuck and sleep in some order

And why do we still bother to try?

The last part is simple..  We won't let others get away with being stupid; its a personal affront to see so many look at life politically, economically, socially, racially and otherwise as their masters dictate

Everything you've been taught in school was for a purpose namely to be good obedient worker bees and taxpayers who look at inferior beings as 'equal' so to maintain a social harmony so the Matrix-like System can continue without disruption

So you're taught or conditioned to be happy when you find a job where every year from Jan 1 to March 31st at minimum, 100% of everything you earns goes to the government and to cheer loudly when the same evil nation spends $1 Trillion to save the banks so you can preserve the $1,000 in your savings acct..

You are conditioned to either believe the Lie that blacks are equal and as intelligent as you and as deserving of a better education and better job and better opportunities than you because their skin is the color of shit and yours isn't, or at least to learn to keep your thoughts private as they peacock flaunt imaginary exceptionalism

Conditioned to accept powerless and lack of freedom and choice except where connected to commerce..  Oh you can choose between Coke and Pepsi; McDonalds v Burger King..  no one gives a fuck about that

You just can't choose to create a personal safe-space free of the taint of nigger unless you live as a total hermit and the only entertainment you enjoy is 1930s movies.

Used to enjoy reading news - nope, can't do that.. nigger nigger nigger.. BLM bowel movement..

Used to enjoy watching movies and TV - nope..  nigger nigger nigger..  Every show and film has token colored characters and interracial love and bi-racial beast children

Used to enjoy reading books and magazines.. nope.. nigger nigger nigger..  Fashion mags pretend black swamp rats are beautiful and push fake 'social justice' and other imaginary black contrived causes and it doesn't matter if the periodical is news, cooking, interior decorating or aimed at children..  everyone Must be contaminated

Never ends..

And Trump..  what a orange fart faced bastard

Instead of putting those black fucks back in their place and making it clear that the Obama era was forever over, he spent his entire presidency courting those monkeys...  One of the first Executive Orders was to provide additional taxpayer funding to black colleges

Did anyone vote for that asshole to do That?

Such a truly terrible country.. 

The blacks along with their mentally sick white guilt/shame cuck liberal sympathizers conjure up new ways to destroy this nation from within, the silent majority is scared of those walking tumor-colored mindless animals and the President just thinks only of re-election as it all burns around everyone but him

You better wake up and start seeing life as it is and not how you were taught.