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Monday, July 13, 2020

It's a Rotten, Rotten, Rotten, Rotten World..

The title of this posting is taken from a 1960s unfunny comedy called 'It's a Mad Mad...' you get the idea...

Except today is beyond maddening.. its just rot rotten

You know what's going on day to day so won't regurgitate it all - basically the barnyard animals have taken over the farm and with the help of white cuck-suck liberals who hate themselves more than any colored person ever could

So now the white liberal fuck 'farmers' are on all fours going 'oink oink' in the mud and slop while the black dogs have taken over the big house

And now its to a point where conservative whites are getting on their knees and giving deep blowjobs to their new masters, the PC police out of fear of losing their livelihoods

The most recent example being Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Red Faced Scalp Cutting Animal Savages (officially 'Redskins') who swore he would never ever ever Never Ever EVER change the team name

Then sponsors like FedEx and Nike threatened to pull sponsorship and then Snyder willingly gave up the fight along with his soul

Wonder when some liberal fuck will demand the city the Colts play in a city to be newly renamed Native-Americanapolis? (Indianapolis)

Nike of course being the parasitic corporation that gives Colin Kaepernick millions upon millions to enrich his bank account as he pushes hatred for America, its history and institutions like capitalism.

So now supposedly the Redskins are thinking 'RedTails' to honor the Tuskeegee coloreds from WWII...

How Sickening is THAT!!!

And the big irony which few every talk about is most Indians do not give a shit about the Redskins name and logo.. - They're busy worrying about things like high unemployment, alcoholism and suicide as a percentage in comparison to other races, ethnicities, etc

We're really sure Nike really cares about that..

When the CEO of Nike Phil Knight one day dies, there's going to be a massive celebration at A&G much like how Brits celebrated the death of Thatcher.

We absolutely do not understand why no one fights back, and don't give us that 'there's nothing we can do' bullshit

There is plenty a person can do

For one thing, Stop using politically correct language... Stop It!!

Another thing you can do is take to Twitter, FB, etc and fight back!   Lets these soulless corporations know that whites matter more than black lives and to start being scared of You; that you will not shop at their stores or buy their products or use their services

When the feces colored NFL players knelt during the Anthem, the conservatives pretended they were going to stop watching football..    They didn't and the NFL knew it

Now MLB players will be getting in on the kneeling fun in a couple weeks..   Will you still watch games? 

Oh sure you will..  ~slap to face

Also be Defiant about it!!

These evil fucks on the left need to understand in clear, unequivocal terms that you will like, love, hate or despise Anyone or Anything you wish, that no one is going to tell you how to think or look at others and you will do what you God-Damn please!!!

Really it should be Trump conveying this but he's a fucking coward and its election year; he is taking the white vote for granted and trying to court colored people to vote for him so he won't say shit.

This is so important.. more even than the China virus..

This is war and you are under attack - Do not understand why more people do not understand this

And ultimately the end result of this will one day be a race war that truly no one wants or desires because those people..those things are provoking hatred toward them that wasn't there just a few years ago

We think the enemy.. the bowel movement known as BLM wants war in the streets because its part of their socialist-communist playbook, the same one used by radical leftists in the 1920s and '60s - the goal to destabilize and destroy the country from within

There is a certain point when the 'silent majority' can not stay silent or on the defensive but must attack because this leftist evil is everywhere..

It's among your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers..  The pretend their just like us but they are fake Americans

We can only try to shake you awake

Up to you whether to actually do so.