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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Who Really 'Matters'?

~ Only collectivists kneel like male prostitutes awaiting a penis to the mouth

To start this posting, let it be stated with absolute clarity that black lives do NOT matter..

100% Absolutely Positively Do Not Matter!

But that is not to say that a black life does not matter, and there lies the subtle truth that the despicable, deserving of a fierce beating liberals and extremists refuse to acknowledge

BLM is absolute foul-smelling diarrhea as a movement and in its political, social and economic beliefs; it is basically a slogan for anarchists

But a black life matters because Individuals Matter regardless of one's background

It is not to the Matrix-like System's benefit for you to think as a capital-I Individual or look at others as such; everything must be consolidated into groupthink because you can not achieve conformity and keep a populace docile or sell products without it.

Remember when you were in elementary school and you were asked what you wanted to be when you grew up, and it really didn't matter if you said doctor, fireman, astronaut or beekeeper as long as you said something

That's because all that was important was that your young, fertile, impressionable mind condition to plan to do something so that over time when you became a drone worker taxpayer and debt slave, it wouldn't be such a mental shock later on

I remember answering that I wanted to do absolutely nothing.. just Be.   I also remember my mother being called into the school for a talk because I was so resolute in my answer

All that matters in this world is You..

All you should give a true damn about is You.

That's not to say you shouldn't like or love others or care about the world at large, but the only person that should Matter is You because that is all that counts..  the Individual.

And in life absolutely no entity does anything or makes any decisions for you or in your behalf; they only give a damn if there's a noisy majority or minority consensus that demands something

Silent majorities are ignored as much as individual voices

This is a big reason so many gravitate to packs like wolves.. that feeling of powerlessness which is understandable but you as a person.. you mean nothing to any entity

Let's use MLB and their abridged bullshit of a 2020 season..

Personally I didn't want it to start up..  Wanted baseball and all professional sports to concede to the reality of the Chinese virus which is now over 4million cases in the US

Emailed them.. Texted.. etc

They did what they wanted.. more important to satisfy advertisers so not to pay them back for lost ad exposure and satisfy TV contracts

MLB also double downed on the amount of ads shown during a game by superimposing them digitally on everything

Didn't seem to care I thought it disgusting

MLB also didn't give a shit that I expressed what a clown show they became by pumping fake-fuck crowd noise from a video game and blaring music to compensate for no one in the stands or how pathetic it was to put cardboard cutout 'faces' in the stands

They certainly didn't feel the need to acknowledge that their honoring BLM and those god-damn parasite players who kneel for the Anthem was wrong and cowardly

Why?  Because I am only an individual

Now with the NFL, that despicable cock-suck entity known as Nike along with Fed-Ex arm twisted the owner of the Washington Redskins to abandon a team name that had been in existence nearly 90 years because they possess power and clout and money

Had I pretended to object to the name and wrote a letter, I'd have been ignored

Doesn't matter the position - an individual is shit in the eyes of corporations as well as media, politicians and every other entity

But it is really the Individual that counts which is why it is so important to rebel walk to the beat of your own drum as often as humanly possible

Black lives.. White lives..  Worthless

Only thing that matters are Individual lives