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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Democrats' Love of the Confederate Flag

 We hate Democrats..  Deeply..

We're talking wish they call get covid-19 and not recover kind of 'Deep'

Evil soulless bitches and bastards.. every single liberal 

Disingenuous and hypocritical in every way possible and deserving of the hardest, sharpest slap to the face with bloody fingernail scratch to the cheek one can induce

These soulless sub humans love to paint Trump as a racist and connect him to the beautiful Confederate flag as if its a bad thing, which of course its not..

That must mean those liberals must love colored people and feel their pain, hmm..

Let's go back in history a bit to see how much or little so..




Bill Clinton

So you see Democrats are putrid race baiters

If you see one, be sure to slap him/her in the face