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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Who To Vote for in 2020. Shit or Crap?


~ Vote for me, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden this November..

I voted for Trump in 2016...

Doesn't mean I am automatically going to do so again in 2020

Oh I will never vote Biden and that colored whore Kamala (the black cunt is a literal whore - she had an longstanding affair with the then married mayor of San Francisco back in the 1990s and in exchange for her spreading her black labia lips, he gave her political favors and power...  

Nice deal for him.

And Democrats overall.. If Satan possessed an anus, that would be Ground Zero for American liberalism

And then there's Trump..  

No my vote is not to be assumed..

He's done many great things in office but there's one thing he has not done; rather many things that fall under same one 'thing' that makes me find him revolting

He will not hurt and stomp out the bowel movement BLM movement; a collection of classless mindless base animal blacks and spoiled privileged white guilt/shame cock suck cuckolds

I resent that Trump will not speak honest and say black loves DO NOT matter and should NOT matter..   EVER!!

Every other group of people on Earth matter more than blacks because every other group have achieved more on their own without charity and handouts vs those God Damn people

I know.. It's Election season..  might lose the 8-9 blacks who would plan on supporting him but I have zero confidence he would say what needs to be said

And while the subhumans getting paid by George Soros continue rioting and looting and do all the things bottomfeeders do, Trump pretty much sits back and lets the chaos ensue

I know.. I know..  People basically vote on anger or fear so he must get his base motivated to go out and vote but those cesspool blacks and white cucksucks who ally with their bullshit cause feel more empowered and emboldened by the day

He should have signed an Executive Order that all protesters committing destruction can be shot on sight even if they're weaponless

Is it too late for me to run for office?

Sick and tired of the God Damn blacks feeling exceptional when they are worthless and have not achieved a single thing in their history here in America that was not because the ignorant whites of the day gave it to them

A race of beggars and thieves and few have the courage to admit factual truth even to themselves

We know Biden is a senile old bastard and Kamala is the epitome of the word nigger but that doesn't excuse Trump's handling of the black problem in our country which is why I can't just automatically knee-jerk vote for him

There has to be at least One person in a political office somewhere who sees those fucking people as they really are and deals with them appropriately..

You'd Think?

Or should we all pray very hard for the invention of a time machine so one can travel back to 1861 and change the outcome of the Civil War..

Now that's a nice fantasy.